Yogurt with pepper, ginger, cinnamon for weight loss — is effective? How to cook yogurt with pepper and spices for weight loss

Girls who dream to get rid of several kilos quick and tasty, you should pay attention to the popular recipe of yogurt with spices: pepper, cinnamon and ginger. Wonderful Oriental trio, combined with traditional Russian fermented milk product capable of miracles.

The use of yogurt and spices for weight loss

About the benefits of kefir in the difficult task of weight loss known for a very long time. Simple drink upon closer inspection, turns out to be almost the best way to lose weight:

• it improves digestive processes, allowing faster food passes through the digestive tract;

• cleanses the intestines, contributing to its soft emptying;

• normalizes stools;

• has a diuretic effect on the body, reducing swelling;

• has a low calorie content;

• and most importantly, for a long time saturates

With Eastern spices, they just make the yogurt taste better. Nice flavor and spiciness is the tip of the iceberg. In fact, along with the new taste and color of spices make drink fat burning properties. This may seem like a bold statement, but in fact, spices are also known as substances that are able to beneficially affect the body, in particular, to intensify metabolic processes.

Burning chili pepper known for its ability to speed up the process of breakdown of fats. The taste is just Bang-for-the receptor language, and so the appetite after taking the cocktail with a red pepper will be back soon. Blunting appetite, Chile will contribute to a gradual reduction in the size of the portions, and accordingly, to reduce caloric intake.

If the question arises, whether it is dangerous to yogurt pepper for weight loss, in the absence of diseases of the stomach drink normally tolerated by the body. Enveloping consistency is a main component dampens the spiciness of chili, so delicate mucous membranes of the stomach does not suffer.

Sweet ginger is able to speed up the flow of the digestive processes. In addition, but has a cleansing effect on the body, it promotes release of toxins and slag deposits. Not accidentally grated root is often included in various diet plan for weight loss in an ingredient in various dishes and drinks.

Cinnamon is definitely the Queen of this mini-Kingdom of slimming products. This is a truly healing product:

• it reduces blood sugar levels (a common problem in obese and overweight people);

• improves digestive processes;

• dulls the appetite;

• contributes to saturability of oxygen (due to the normalization of blood circulation), which is important for those who want to lose weight and to get rid of cellulite.

There are several recipes for fat-burning kokala on the basis of yogurt. Those that include Oriental spices, are considered the most effective. The basic component is yogurt low in fat. It is possible to add cinnamon, pepper, ginger in any combination: cinnamon and chilli, ginger and pepper, any one component (for example, hot pepper), or all three at the same time.

In any case, the effect is guaranteed: the cocktail works and brings results already after a few days after the start of the course or regular use. The drink gives a long-lasting feeling of satiety, promotes normal and regular bowel movement, cleanses the digestive tract, stimulates metabolic processes. Every day, the weight decreases and the fat melts exactly where it is most annoying women on the thighs and abdomen.

Yogurt with pepper for weight loss

Simple and really tasty yogurt with pepper for weight loss can be easy to make and fun to drink. It will burn excess calories and help the body faster to cope with the extra pounds.

However, to get a really obvious result, you need to use a real pod of hot pepper, not ground dried chili from a bag. The benefits of fresh vitamins is as important as the ability to increase fat loss.

What will it take to prepare one serving:

• a glass of low-fat yogurt;

• pinch of salt (to put on the desire to improve the taste);

• the third pod of fresh chili.

In principle, if there is only a dried pod, you can prepare a cocktail with him. The pepper must be washed, finely chop and put in a thicket of blender. Pour in the yogurt, a little salt and mix the ingredients at the same time to saturate the beverage with oxygen.

Wonderful yogurt with pepper slimming drink on an empty stomach before the main meal. If you want to achieve rapid and radical results is to replace the glass of this cocktail one of the meals 1-3 times a week.

Yogurt with ginger and pepper for weight loss

Thanks to the ability to speed up the metabolic processes and provide a warming effect on the body ginger is a great companion to yogurt and red pepper. Substances contained in ginger, helps lower cholesterol, reduces not only hunger, but the sugar level, and thus prevents the development of diabetes.

And all thanks to the burning substance by the name gingerol: it makes our blood to run faster through the veins and reduces the ability of fat cells adipocytes capable of holding huge amount of lipids, which leads to obesity.

The pepper contains a different active ingredient – capsaicin, which increases thermogenesis (ie warms up) and accelerates the metabolic processes. Now imagine what happens in the body when the two active substances start to work simultaneously. The miraculous kefir with ginger and pepper makes the body to use the old fat reserves and leadeth them out.

To prepare the yogurt with the ginger and pepper will need the following ingredients:

• a glass of skim or low-fat yogurt;

• half a teaspoon of grated on a fine grater ginger root;

• red pepper on the tip of a knife.

The ingredients can be mixed manually or, as in the previous case, to use a blender. Very good to occasionally replace a cocktail dinner, although kefir can be used on a different scheme:

— to arrange a fasting days on yogurt, drinking during the day to one and a half liter of spicy drink. To maintain weight this can be done weekly;

— if you want to lose weight quickly, then eat yogurt with ginger and pepper for 2-3 days, then switch to eating well. Repeat this rapid diet for 3-4 months in a row.

Already the first cycle will give a decent result. If you hold yourself within, and not eat what went in the first month, the weight slowly but steadily begin to decrease.

Yogurt with cinnamon and red pepper for weight loss

Another great recipe – the effective fat burning a cocktail of yogurt with cinnamon and red pepper. It is prepared thus:

• a glass of kefir (preferably, but not necessarily fat-free);

• pivchaynoyi spoon of cinnamon powder;

• pinch of ground red pepper or 2-3 cm from the fresh pod of chili.

All components must be carefully move and beat. Fresh hot pepper or mix in a blender along with yogurt, or grate if no blender. Eat yogurt with cinnamon and red pepper, as in the previous cases, most effective at night or as an alternative to a light dinner.

The number of ingredients can be varied. If peppers seems like too much and the taste is very bitter, you can slightly reduce the amount of chili. At the same time the amount of cinnamon you need to increase. The drink perfectly satisfies hunger, makes the bowels work like a clock. In addition, the cocktail significantly improves the condition of skin and hair: the face is smooth, beautiful, hair Shine, strengthens the nail plate.

Yogurt with cinnamon and red pepper can be drunk daily. It can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, and in the evening before bedtime.

Yogurt with cinnamon, ginger and red pepper slimming

The last option involves a connection in a cocktail of all three spices. It is believed that this yogurt has the maximum fat burning properties. In addition, he not only causes the body to burn fat stores, but also improves its overall condition. Ginger and cinnamon – powerful plants-healers. A definite health effect will occur gradually.

Recipe of yogurt with cinnamon, ginger and pepper is simple:

• a glass of kefir (300-350 ml);

• one and a half teaspoons of ground cinnamon powder;

• two teaspoons ginger puree;

• quarter teaspoon hot red pepper.

All whipped in a blender or mixed in any other way. The prepared drink should drink immediately, as leave it for the future impossible.

Who can’t drink yogurt with pepper and spices for weight loss

Yogurt with the spice cannot be considered a panacea from excess weight. Without correct nutrition, reduce portion size and at least the minimum fiznagruzki drinking kefir and hope for a miracle is pointless.

The drink is contraindicated for people suffering from some ailments:

• increased acidity of gastric juice;

• the ulcer in stage of exacerbation or remission;

• chronic or acute gastritis;

• Allergy to any component of the cocktail;

• high blood pressure;

• stones in the bile ducts;

• acute inflammation of urinary organs.

It is impossible to use cinnamon in pregnancy, and ginger – along with drugs for blood thinning and prior to any upcoming surgery.

To refrain from taking a cocktail should lactating women: it is unknown how the body will react the kid on the atypical for Russian food traditions of Eastern spices.

All the other girls should take yogurt with cinnamon, pepper, ginger into service in the struggle for a slender body, beautiful skin and good health.