Medicinal properties of the plant Artemisia: the use of composition, methods of application. Dangers of home treatment wormwood: the damage to the body

Wormwood, though not like gardeners because of the difficulty of eradication, it does not prevent her to be an effective medicinal plant.

For the treatment of various diseases in the course are all parts of the plant – flowers, leaves, shoots, roots.

The unique composition of wormwood and the use of components

Being one of the oldest and most valuable medicinal plants, mugwort has a rich chemical composition, which includes mainly the bitterness and essential oils.

The composition can be detected:

• natural amino acids;

• tannins;

• potassium salts;

• organic acids: succinic, malic;

• vitamins a, b group, ascorbic acid;

• minerals: iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, molybdenum, potassium, copper, sulfur, aluminum, Nickel;

• bitter glycosides: absintin and anabsintin;

• resin;

• protein;

• flavonoids;

• volatile;

• alkaloids;

• saponins.

Part of the bitterness improves the functioning of digestive system, stimulates the production of gastric juice has on the body have choleretic effect, ensures a stable production of pancreatic enzymes. The essential oil consists mainly of terpenoids pinene, bisabolene, selinene, thujone and others, as well as enriched with vitamins. It chemical composition and determines the existence of universal therapeutic effects on the body.

Useful properties of sage and the damage to the body

The beneficial properties of herbs were found in ancient times. The ancient Greeks discovered and described the possibility of herbs to eliminate problems with digestion and treat all kinds of disorders related to the activity of the digestive tract. Today, wormwood is often the principal ingredient preparations for the treatment of gastritis, diseases of the gallbladder and liver. From the upper parts of the plant produce a substance chamazulene, which eliminates the symptoms and manifestations of rheumatism, malaria, asthma, eczema and skin diseases.

Wormwood prepared healing herbal teas for a home treatment which are effective in homeopathy. Wormwood can increase the appetite, to normalize and regulate all digestive processes.

Created based on Artemisia medicines can be used both internally and externally. Ointment of herbs, for example, can be used for healing wounds, relieving pain and inflammation with the damaged parts of the body. Compresses decoction of wormwood is effective for sprains and dislocations.

Wormwood has some useful properties for the body:

1. Increases the flow of bile to help digestion.

2. Has on the body cardio and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Normalizes the activity of the Central nervous system.

4. Saturation with hydrocarbons gives the grass a fungicidal and bactericidal effect.

Wormwood is able to affect the body with such positive aspects:

• cleanses the stomach;

• relieves pain and spasms;

• is a diuretic;

• it has antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect;

• acts as an effective antipyretic;

• tones and relieves frustration, irritation.

Application in folk medicine, wormwood: the use of plants and methods of preparation

Many rich composition of wormwood allows to use the plant to treat various diseases and solving different kinds of problems. To better revealed certain beneficial properties of plants, it is possible to prepare various means of home treatment.

1. Juice fresh is able to prevent bleeding, to provide disinfecting effect, to heal blisters. The elixir relieves pain during dislocation, damage, eliminates puffiness. Juice can effectively fight against parasites, harmful microorganisms and pathogenic microflora. You simply have raw, washing it down with water.

2. The solution from the worms helps to cleanse the stomach. To normalize the intestinal flora and to get rid of parasites. It is only necessary to prepare a decoction, filter it and perform the procedure via enema.

3. Remedy for hemorrhoids should take inside and enter with an enema. The treatment will be long. To create the infusion or decoction need to use the grass. The event will help to relieve pain, inflammation and improve General condition.

4. Infusion vs herpes – infectious diseases in the form of sores on the lips, mouth, on my face. Brewed infusion must drink 3 times a day, useful and regular intake of tea based on Artemisia.

5. Lotion of a decoction of wormwood on the front of the forehead will help to fight insomnia. The grass need to brew, strain and can be used.

6. Wormwood from fibroids – tumors of the uterus. Grass is considered an effective cure for this disease. It is necessary to prepare the tincture on the basis of the dry collection – pour the herb with the alcohol in a volume of 0.5 liters and left to stand for 1 week. Store the finished infusion should be refrigerated, and take 1 tsp funds during the meal.

7. A decoction from diarrhea. It is necessary to prepare a pint means drink at a time to quickly eliminate anxiety.

8. Impotence must be transformed seeds of the plant into powder and used in this form daily 1 tsp.

9. In combination with other herbs such as buckthorn and tansy, infusion of wormwood will effectively influence on excess weight, starting the process of weight loss.

10. For pain in the stomach must drink the cooled and filtered decoction of herbs three times a day.

11. For the treatment of alcoholism used a recipe of wormwood, water and thyme. A decoction should drink 1/3 Cup in a month.

Contraindications to the use of wormwood: the damage to the body

In addition to the use of wormwood is observed that there are some side effects from the use. Minor flaws in the plants can result in serious consequences for the organism, therefore, the approach to medication based on it, you must be careful.

First and foremost, you need to follow strict prescribed dosage in any case not to exceed the maximum rate and limit the application to such groups of people:

• women during pregnancy and lactation;

• asthma;

• people with low stomach acidity or stomach ulcer;

• those who have the disease anemia;

• the existence of Allergy to the plant or its components.

The finished drug is not recommended to use in such diseases:

• ulcer of the duodenum or stomach;

• increased secretion of the stomach.

The harmful effects of wormwood on the body can be expressed in the form of symptoms of poisoning. Due to the high content of toxic substances, having cumulative capacity, the body can easily poison wormwood.

Eating large amounts of wormwood can lead to nerve disorders, the appearance of hallucinations, which can develop into more severe forms – convulsions and cramps.

Duration of use the product should not exceed 2 weeks, otherwise the accumulating poisons lead to disorder of the nerve endings.

If treatment is wormwood takes longer, you should pause between courses, so that the body has time to relax. The optimal break can last 1-2 months.