Which contains the vitamin A? The content of retinol (vitamin A) in different foods and meals which contains the maximum number

Vitamin a has also the second name – retinol. A person needs to consume at least three-quarters of a gram of this substance per day.

Lack of retinol in the body can lead to such unpleasant consequences, such as: dry skin face and scalp, weakening tooth enamel, blurred vision and immunity, loss of appetite, diseases of different nature.

That is why it is important to know the foods that can be a source of vitamin A, to at any time to get it naturally.

Which contains the vitamin A? Vegetables and herbs

Vegetables with retinol can often be distinguished by the bright red or orange color. The most striking example – carrot: eating two pieces a day, consume daily intake of vitamin A. lack of vitamin A can be supplemented by adding to the diet of pumpkins, melons, red bell peppers, tomatoes. Vitamin A is found in herbs and spices: parsley – 950 g per 100 g of product. Exactly 10 times more (9500 ág) of vitamin A contained in 100g of an ordinary potato.

Green products are also a source of vitamin A, namely:

• spinach;

• green onion;

• dill;

• Basil;

• Beijing salad;

• nettle;

• sorrel;

• broccoli;

• celery;

• polka dot.

The vitamin a contained in vegetables and herbs, can be consumed without any harm to health, as for the overdose you need to eat a really huge amount of these products.

There are recommendations for use: salad from fresh vegetables are best to sour cream or to add cheese, as in combination with vitamin A from animal products it metabolizes much better. Improve the uptake of lettuce also add fats like olive oil.

But the carrots, oddly enough, better to send to cook: boiled carrots, in contrast to the raw, bio-available beta-carotene contained in large quantities. Here is the rule: the softer the better, so it is best to eat vegetables in soft consistency, perfect in juice or puree. We are not talking about the packaged juices, only freshly squeezed.

Meat products, which may contain vitamin a

To draw retinol can not only plant products but also of products of animal origin. Here the risk to overdo it and overdose is higher because the vitamin a is absorbed immediately. A surplus is not only not benefit, but harm the human body. What animal products contain vitamin a?

Clear leader can be called a cod liver oil: 100 g product covers the rate of vitamin a for the day to 3333% in 100g contains 30000 mcg of this useful substance. But 100 grams of cod liver not to eat just with a spoon out of the jar, because it is a very oily product, so you should use it for sandwiches.

Rich in retinol also beef liver: eating only her little piece of gold, you can get 9442 mcg of vitamin A. in Addition to the beef liver and cod liver oil, vitamin a contains:

• chicken, pork, goose and duck liver, and the kidneys;

• in any granular caviar;

• fatty meat and fish, e.g. trout;

• in sprats;

• in chicken meat, pheasant, duck, quail, Turkey, chicken;

• seafood – mussels, shrimp, anchovies.

Doesn’t matter, as all the products from the list will be prepared: vitamin a brings any method of heat treatment. A little substance content after cooking will fall, but these inevitable losses are not too significant.

Vitamin a: which contains, in addition to vegetables and meat?

To find the vitamin strengthens the immune system and gives the skin elasticity, should stay off the shelves with dairy products and eggs. Egg yolk is rich in vitamin A: 100 g of product contains 908 mg. Also contains retinol in cheese, milk, high fat cheese, sour cream, cream cheese. However, it is important to choose the right milk: only milk from cows that fed on grass and hay will provide the body with maximum amount of retinol.

Vitamin a in large quantity contain oil: butter, olive, flax. Important point: oil should be obtained by cold pressing, unrefined, not deodorized, not refined. Otherwise, the original content of vitamin A is greatly reduced.

Vitamin a supplementation of berries and fruits will provide the body with essential antioxidants that are very useful for skin beauty and overall health. Fruits and berries that contain more vitamin A:

• apples, pears, mangoes;

• apricots, peaches, persimmons;

• Rowan, guelder rose, dog rose, cherry;

• BlackBerry, sea buckthorn, black currant;

• watermelons, melons and grapes;

• tangerines;

• figs, pineapple.

Where to find vitamin a in a pharmacy? Drugs, which he definitely contains

Retinol can be found not only in the grocery store. Of course, getting vitamins from food is preferable, but sometimes it’s easier and faster to buy a vitamin complex. With caution should use other drugs: in combination with vitamin a tetracycline causes serious health problems. Do not mix vitamins and alcoholic libations, it will lead to undesirable consequences. At least the vitamins will come to naught.

Now, there are many drugs and complexes, and do not have to be frightened of the two scary words «fish oil»: the modern vitamins easy to swallow, they almost do not smell anything. Sometimes assigned to the vitamin A injections, then required oil solution called A-palmitate.

Where else contains vitamin a? Some names of medicines: Aevit, Retinol, Aquaderm.

Often you can find this vitamin in the structure of complexes: Complivit, Undevit, Pangeksavit and others.

Examples of meals that contain vitamin a

Vitamin a is not only useful but also very tasty. Here are some recipes of dishes rich in this valuable substance that can be called «retinol bomb».

Salad «Sea»

Prepared from the boiled shrimp, celery, Apple, small red pepper, dressed with sour cream or olive oil to choose from.

Salad «Orange»

The main ingredient – carrots. This simple salad comes from my childhood: carrot and Apple RUB on a grater, fill with sour cream and spoonful of sugar. If desired, you can add more product with vitamin a – parsley.

Soup-puree of spinach

Is prepared simply: boiled spinach and added fried pieces of onion and carrot, a little butter and cream, all whipped in a blender. Density can be adjusted by adding more or less flour into the roast.

Liver pate

In cooking liver pate will take much time to put out the liver that it becomes very soft. After that add boiled eggs and cooked carrots, all together, is passed through a meat grinder or crushed in a blender at the end and added the butter and seasoning, mixed.

Casserole of carrots

For this dish you will need 2 carrots, butter (teaspoon), egg, flour, milk, sugar, salt. Finely shredded carrots cooked until soft, in parallel we are preparing a sauce of flour and milk. Sauce connects with carrot puree, add egg yolk and foam from protein. All this is laid out in the form, greased with butter, baked in the oven.