Watermelon diet — a detailed description and useful tips. Reviews about watermelon diet and sample diet.

Watermelon diet — description and General principles

Watermelon is not only fun, but also a huge benefit! Pusateri striped berries, which we used to consider a vegetable, is also unique in that the juice contains almost no natural salts and acids unlike other fruits and berries. But it contains alkali. So it is amazingly helpful for the urinary system. Nephrologists recommend watermelon to people systematically tortured by kidney stones (uric acid and calcium oxalate). Also he will benefit in exacerbations of pyelonephritis, nephritis, cystitis. Popular nutritionists, with the support of doctors suggest to drink up to 2 kg per day of this medication. In order to endure the hardships of dieting, to diversify her watermelon juice (2 cups of juice and teaspoon of honey).

Watermelon diet can be safely attributed to cleansing mono-diet. Cleans excess fluid and toxins, due to the pronounced diuretic action. With its help, you can throw about 3 kg weight, and with the subsequent special watermelon diet — about 4-5 kg. Time of application — not more than 5 days, watermelon diet — 10 days. For diet it is strictly forbidden to use of early watermelons. They may contain nitrates, which can cause severe intoxication of the organism. To check a watermelon for nitrates even at home: lower the piece of pulp in water, leave for a while. The pulp containing nitrates a little will dissolve and stain the water, normal watermelon will retain its shape.

It is also advisable to pick a good watermelon, weighing about 7-8 kg. Fruits with more weight often contain chemicals, and with less — immature. Definitely need to wash a watermelon before use with warm water and soap. Watermelon diet is well tolerated and is particularly pleasant in hot weather.

Watermelon diet — what foods can be consumed

In the diet should during the day to eat only the flesh of watermelon at the rate of 1 kilogram of product per 10 pounds of weight. Still, more than 5 pounds per day to eat is not recommended. It is necessary to monitor their status. Sometimes the body can react by bloating, flatulence, and other disorders. If such a reaction is not forthcoming, then you can continue the diet for 5 days. To consolidate and continue the result after the diet recommended to stick to watermelon meals for 10 days. This will help you to lose about 5 pounds.

Watermelon diet — what foods should not be consumed

We can say that the watermelon remains to these days the only means of supply. Mono diet difficult is the fact that to deny myself almost everything — from the bread, hot dishes, and ending with drinks with sugar and milk. But it’s worth it – just a few days waist decrease, you will ease as the body begins to get rid of toxins and harmful to health excess fat. Results diet probably will make you happy – stock up with patience and empty your refrigerator the day before from the temptations. The principle of this diet is similar to such methods juice cleanse. There main role is played by liquid, and is also a diuretic effect.

Watermelon diet — sample menus

During the day to eat watermelon pulp (no more than 5 pounds per day). If you are very hungry, you can each eat a couple of slices of black bread.

Menu lax watermelon diet softer for Breakfast 3 medium slices of watermelon adds 150-250 grams of fat-free cottage cheese. On the second Breakfast – just a slice or two of watermelon in the afternoon already, you can add a plate of rice porridge. You can even just prisolit her. Next is afternoon tea with a low fat cottage cheese dinner with rice porridge. The main ingredient used in all meals.

Menu subsequent power-watermelon:

Breakfast: unsweetened oatmeal and a little cheese.

Lunch: piece of fish, poultry or meat, vegetable salad with low-fat dressing.

Dinner: serving of watermelon pulp at the rate of 1 kilogram per 30 pounds of weight.

Watermelon diet — tips and reviews

For reviews of people who passed all the stages of the diet, it can be concluded that the obtained diuretic, stronger than any other plants. This property is not only the flesh but also the peel. A decoction of the rinds get rid of edema in diseases of heart and kidneys. Dried peel in the oven, you can use them at any time of the year. For preparing broth dry crust fill with water (1:10), boil for about 5 minutes. Cooled and filtered decoction is taken 3-4 times a day half a Cup. Also used for rheumatism and gout. Watermelon no less pumpkin seeds are effective against helminths. Dried seeds ground in a coffee grinder or grinder and mix with milk (1:10). To make this natural medicine need 2 cups separately from food, 2 times a day.

And about the useful properties of Watermelon

Watermelon attractive for people wanting to lose weight. 100 grams of pulp contain just 38 calories. This product quickly saturates and reduces appetite. Folic acid, which is part of it, normalizes the metabolism of fat. Watermelon is also used in cosmetics. Mask from the pulp deposited on 20 minutes, it rejuvenates the skin.

This unusual berry is a storehouse of magnesium. A total of 150 grams of the pulp is sufficient to meet the daily requirement healthy person in this trace element. It is recommended to people with hypertension and must be included in the diet. In addition, watermelon removes cholesterol, which is important in cardiovascular diseases. Watermelon juice has the ability to dissolve and flush toxins from the liver. When chronic diseases should include watermelon in your diet. Also it is recommended to eat watermelon after taking antibiotics.

Contraindications watermelon diet

People with chronic bowel diseases better not to get involved watermelons. They can cause bloating. It is also better to refrain from watermelons in diabetes, edema in the last trimester of pregnancy. The content of iron, they are second only to spinach and lettuce.

Watermelon organic iron and is therefore very well absorbed by the body, which helps in the prevention and treatment of anemia. It is necessary to observe some caution in the use of unripe watermelons. Fluid retention in the body, produces salt, this leads to the formation of edema. Therefore, before starting a diet is not try to pre-selenaselena products, and should also give up the salted nuts, chips, roach after its use.

How to choose ripe fruit

If you knock on the rind is published the sound that determines the ripeness of a melon. Too sonorous watermelon is overripe, with a dull sound immature. You should choose something in between. In addition, the Mature melon sluggish, darkened tail, elastic skin. Natural ripening period August-September.

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