White currants: its useful properties and contraindications to the use of white currants. Differences of white currant, clarinet

Today it is difficult to see the country site, which would not grow currant bushes of various kinds. Of course, the most common form of this berry is blackcurrant, but quite often the red currant and its subspecies, white. About it and speech will go further. The berries of white currant is a dense, medium-sized, remain on the branches until late autumn and do not lose their taste and useful properties after frost. This is a very undemanding shrub. White currants are easily survives and bears fruit abundantly as in dry summers, and rainy.

White currants: calories, useful properties

Of course, the white currants are not as popular as black. But the content in it of nutrients, no less than in other types of berries. It is also rich in sugars, organic acids, various vitamins and microelements. It is useful for those who decided to lose weight, the calorie content of white currant only 42 kcal per 100 grams.

White currant – beneficial properties of pectin

White currant contains a large amount of pectin with gelling properties. Pectin is a natural attendant of the human body. In addition, pectin helps to cleanse the human body from salts of heavy metals and various toxins. This happens as follows: when ingested, toxins and heavy metal salts with pectin combine and become insoluble. In this form they are excreted from the body in a natural way in no way affecting the mucous membranes.

Pectin as well:

— helps stabilize redox processes in the body

— restores the gastrointestinal tract,

— reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood,

— absorbs harmful substances,

— has a slight anti-inflammatory effect,

— helps create a favorable environment for breeding of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Vitamin composition of white currant.

White currants contains the following vitamins: b vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B9), vitamins C, d, E, and A. Although the content of ascorbic acid in the composition of white currant 42 mcg per 100g, which is almost 5 times less than black currants.

— Vitamin C: restores a stable nervous system, is involved in hematopoiesis, promotes the absorption of iron in the body, stimulates the endocrine system. In addition, vitamin C improves the condition of the entire circulatory system. It increases the elasticity of blood vessels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, ascorbic acid is an antioxidant and helps eliminate free radicals. Vitamin C is popularly called the vitamin of youth because of its positive effects on cartilage, collagen repair in the body.

— Vitamin a: enhances cell metabolism, restores the natural level of immune system, sharpen the eyesight, and also has an antitumor effect. But remember that vitamin a is a fat soluble vitamin, and absolutely lean white currant useful properties of vitamin A negates. For the assimilation of vitamin A and currants, should be consumed with some fats. It is useful and people who are in contact with smokers – retinol reduces the effect of tobacco smoke on the body. Also, thanks to retinol slow the process of aging, bone shaped system, improves fat metabolism. A person needs about 15 thousand IU of retinol per day, and white currants it is only 0.5 mg to 100g.

— Vitamin e: works well in combination with ascorbic acid, improving the insight of the blood vessels making them more elastic. Rutin belongs to the group of flavonoids. Flavonoids help to normalize blood pressure, improve cardiovascular function, reduce intraocular pressure, improve the separation of bile and urine production, contribute to the rejuvenation of the body.

In addition, white currant contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and iron.

White currant useful properties for different diseases

Due to the substances included in the composition of white currant, it is recommended to use in diseases of the cardiovascular system to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, the systematic fatigue and lack of energy, problems with blood. Also, this is one of the few berries that can be safely consumed by allergies.

It is difficult to describe all the useful properties of white currants, too many of them.

White currants are recommended cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels and just under cholesterol in the blood due to routine and ascorbic acid, a couple working a lot harder. Contained in currant pectin as well, like a sponge that absorbs cholesterol and removes it from the body.

In cardiovascular diseases, besides strengthening blood vessels and improve their elasticity, and minerals contained in its composition strengthen the heart muscle.

White currant is useful for intestinal infections organic acids in its composition, destroying some bacteria and viruses.

Among all the other useful properties of white currant – restorative effect on the body and increase immunity. Tablespoon of these berries a day can significantly improve immunity.

It is impossible to ignore the contents in the white currant b vitamins for depression with nervousness, problems with memory, it is recommended to eat its berries. In this case the human mind becomes more stable and it is easier to carry the emotional load.

Also, the white currant has a beneficial effect on male potency.

Colds, and diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, sore throat, decoction of leaves of white currant lowers the temperature, has expectorant effect, increases local immunity, has antibacterial and antiviral properties. However, antiviral properties of white currant significantly lower compared to black.

White currant is necessary for people suffering from lack of vitamin E. It improves reproductive function and prevents aging of the skin.

White currants beneficial properties for children, nursing mothers

The main useful property of white currant for children and lactating mothers is a low chance of allergies. Because of the white color of the berries can be consumed in food to children with food allergies, are allergic to red foods, as well with caution it can add to your diet of lactating mothers.

White currants can be added in baby foods with 5-6 months of one of the first fruits with regard to its easy digestibility. Contraindications to the use of white currant in children there except food and hypersensitive. The best harvesting of the berries for kids is a compotes, jellies, fruit drinks and jellies.

Use white currant for children is also in the beneficial effects on vision, which is undoubtedly important in the modern world.

In nursing mothers eating white currant reduces the risk of vitamin a deficiency and iron deficiency anemia.

White currant: contraindications

White currant has many useful properties, it rarely causes allergies, but she, like any other product, there are certain contraindications.

White currants can not be used in various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis with hyperacidity, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, due to the high content of ascorbic acid it may cause exacerbation of these diseases.