How to use use the leaves of the cherry, should know every woman. The beneficial properties of the leaf of cherry health and beauty

Since prehistoric times it is known that cherry is one of the most delicious and healthy berries.

The fruits of the cherries are useful in inflammatory diseases, and cherry leaves have tonic, antioxidant and diuretic action.

Hepatitis, jaundice, and kidney disease is the first folk remedy. How to use cherry leaves to help their health?

And what useful properties of the leaves of the cherry so relevant at any time of the year?

Useful properties of the leaves of cherry

Cherry leaves are very rich in vitamins and minerals. They have everything else and the anti-inflammatory effect, which is especially important in the cold season. Decoction, a tea made from the leaves of the cherry helps to restore breathing, tone our body and excrete all the excess fluid and normalize the pressure.

Unlike berries, cherry leaves do not cause allergic reactions, and therefore they can be safely used in the preparation of decoctions. A useful decoction of the leaves of cherry in the kidney stones, rheumatism, diseases of the cardiovascular system, cellulite, physical and psychological exhaustion, bleeding.

Recent studies have shown that cherry leaves are rich in coumarin and tannins, which prevent the probability of developing cancer.

Fresh leaves can be cooked useful facial masks, besides cherry leaves can be useful for the preparation of compresses, which help wounds to heal faster.

Chemical composition of cherry leaves is quite diverse. They are a storehouse of vitamins A, C, E,K, N, B9,PP.

Folic acid contained in cherry leaves in large quantity, it has certain benefits for pregnant women. Many mums doctors prescribe decoction of the cherry leaves, which helps the child to be born healthy.

The composition of existing pieces of cherry minerals include calcium, magnesium, Nickel, iodine, boron, potassium, phosphorus, cobalt and others.

Cherry leaves for consumption is recommended not only gynecologists, but also nutritionists. Tea from the leaves of the cherry is your vitamins, it accelerates metabolism, does not accumulate in the body, cholesterol and helps to establish the gastro-intestinal tract.

Actual cherry leaves and in the treatment of jaundice.

Since ancient times it was believed that substances that are available in cherry leaves help the brain.

A decoction of the leaves is used in the treatment of colds and flu, it promotes expectoration in bronchitis and pneumonia, can act as a febrifuge.

A decoction of the leaves of cherry used by physicians in the treatment of many mental and psychological illnesses, even epilepsie.

Who should not use cherry leaves

If you are hypotensive, then you definitely shouldn’t drink tea from the leaves of the cherry, because it lowers pressure. Besides teas and tea from cherry leaves have a holding action, so that it can have a negative impact on your bowel.

Don’t forget that the cherry leaves will help you to improve your figure together with proper diet and exercise.

After you used the cherry leaves or the cherry in food, rinse your mouth, as it can in some cases hurt the enamel of the teeth.

How to use cherry leaves: folk recipes for treatment and beauty

From the leaves of the cherry are very often prepared in a variety of decoctions, teas, tinctures.

For example, for the treatment of jaundice it is possible to prepare a decoction. A couple of tablespoons of leaves pour half a glass of milk and cook for 10 minutes on a mild fire. During the day in small portions, you need to make a decoction.

The cherry leaves will help and nasal bleeding. A dozen leaves pour boiling water and leave to infuse. When the broth has cooled, wetted them with a cotton swab and insert it into the nostril that is bleeding.

Tea from cherry leaves is indicated for sore throat, cystitis, kidney diseases and colds. A few leaves pour a glass of boiling water, insist, filter and drink during the day.

If the pain in your joints, you can also use a decoction of the cherry leaves and branches. The leaves and twigs of cherry fill with water and boil in saucepan for 20 minutes, after insisting a couple of hours and drink.

Such a decoction helps with fibroids and endometriosis. Only need to drink it every day throughout the year.

From the leaves of the cherry are made face masks and hair. Cherry leaves and berries to mash these in a mortar, add a spoonful of starch, mix well and apply on face for half an hour, after rinse with water. This mask tightens pores, has a peeling effect and makes the face fresh.

Help cherry leaves and our hair, relieve them of this unpleasant fat. RUB the leaves of cherry and some grapes, squeeze the juice. Mix it with lemon juice and a couple of spoons of starch, mix thoroughly and apply on hair. Keep them under heat for half an hour, after wash off with water and washed with shampoo, opolaskivaniem cool water with lemon juice.

Useful properties of the leaves of cherries in cooking

The leaves of cherry are often used to pickle cucumbers and tomatoes. They go perfectly with the leaves of the currant leaves, horseradish and dill. Many Housewives pile for cherry leaves along with other products, it is believed that they help keep them longer.

Kulinarka use of cherry leaves to make tea. He copes well with thirst, nourishes our body with vitamins and improves immunity. Brew a pinch of black tea and put a few leaves of cherry, add a spoonful of honey and a small lemon wedge. This vitamin tea is tasty and healthy.

High demand recipe cherry liqueur. To prepare it you’ll need about fifty berries and two hundred cherry leaves. Boil all together for 25 minutes, add back one and a half kg of sugar and a half spoon of lemon. After our mixture has cooled, pour in a liter of vodka.

Such a liqueur can be prepared with the berries of mountain ash. A quarter kg of cherry leaves mixed with one kg of black chokeberry, boil for 30 minutes, after cool down and through a sieve to drain. Add one kg of sugar and again boil for 20 minutes. Cool and pour half a liter of vodka.

The most notable recipes from cherry leaves belongs the Royal jam. A little green gooseberries cleaned and filled with walnuts. Cherry leaves fill with water and a little boil. After boiling, the decoction of the leaves is put in the cold for ten hours. Strain it, remove the leaves in the broth, omit the gooseberry and boil for 20 minutes. Decorate a few pieces of cherry and mint.

How to use cherry leaves: need to know

Collect the cherry leaves necessary at the beginning of may, preferably before the moment the cherry blossom.

Dry leaves not worse than fresh by the presence of useful properties.

Leaves and twigs of cherry blossoms decorated the Bridal bed, it is believed that it brings happiness to our house.

To properly dry the leaves of the cherry, you need to collect and place them on bright paper, are left open for a few days. After dry in the oven at the minimal temperature for 30 minutes and put in the rag bag in a dry place.

Cherry leaves along with the nutrients contain a harmful toxin, so try not to abuse the decoctions and teas from cherry leaves.

Use the cherries need regular, not the felt sort. Then all the recommendations and tips will not lose its strength.