What is the Adam’s Apple (McClure) and how to use it. Application in folk medicine, the Adam’s Apple

Unusual fruit with a lumpy green-skinned people called the Adam’s Apple, McClure, the gift of God wood, liebelson, Indian (or inedible) oranges. Folk medicine knows many ways to use this strange plants for healing from various ailments. Official medicine is hard not to notice the Adam’s Apple, but the healers used it successfully.

What’s the use of the Adam’s Apple

Lumpy balls of McClure vaguely resemble an orange, but have orange and green, close to light green color. The tree itself is considered a source of wood, but not edible fruits. Meanwhile, Adam’s Apple, similar in composition to the mulberry contains a lot of useful substances:

• lots of healthy antioxidants (flavonoid compounds);

• powerful natural adjuvants;

• valuable substances (fatty acids, sterols, saponins);

• pectin;

• citric acid.

For all values of juice Adam’s Apple used in folk medicine, this fruit must be very careful. The fact that the tree was poisonous enough, so it should be hard to dispense any medicinal product prepared on the basis of McClure. To combine treatment and antibiotics or alcohol it is impossible.

Allergies it is better not to risk and to turn to other means of treatment. To abandon the use of inside tinctures Adam’s Apple will have those who have diagnosed diabetes mellitus.

Any disease heals the Adam’s Apple

Application in folk medicine, of McClure are very wide. Medicinal home remedies, prepared on its basis, have anti-sclerotic, anti-cancer, antiviral properties.

The list of ailments that can be treated with rastirok, tinctures, ointments, oils from the Adam’s Apple, includes the following diseases:

• arthritis, polyarthritis, gout, sciatica, rheumatism;

• varicose veins;

• hemorrhagic pathology;

• immunodeficiency States;

• metabolic disorders;

• hernia, including intervertebral;

• skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, deep injuries of the skin),

• intoxication.

Known to use in folk medicine, the Adam’s Apple for strengthening the nervous and cardiovascular systems, normalization of liver and spleen. But the most valuable feature of medicines from McClure – the ability to stop the development of cancer (including metastasis) and benign tumors. Anticancer application in folk medicine, of McClure suggests the use of the bitters inside. It is important strictly to dose them, as the drink will have for a long time.

How to make a rubbing, ointment and tincture of the Adam’s Apple

From Adam’s Apple is mostly prepared by external funds: rubbing, ointment, oil. In rare cases, McClure used in folk medicine as a tincture for ingestion.

The healing fruit of the tree of God is so great that after the preparation of any medicinal drug in the cake is enough nutrients, which can be successfully used. Poet, releasing the infused vodka, alcohol, oil, fat slices of fruit should be disposed of. They should grind in a meat grinder, to connect in a small amount of any oil. Mass to use as a compress, applying on the sore spot.


For the preparation of rubbing you will need:

• one Mature fruit of maclura;

• alcohol or moonshine fortress 70% (about half a Cup).

To prepare the masses need to really pick the Mature fruit, of medium size. It must grate on medium side of grater and mix with the same volume amount of alcohol. Billet pour into glass jar with screw top lid, close tightly and put it in two weeks in the closet, to rubbing be drawn. Rubbing of the Adam’s Apple is used in folk medicine for the treatment of diseased joints, because it perfectly regulates water-salt balance.


Effective healing ointment from the Adam’s Apple can be cooked in several ways. The first is quite complicated to prepare. Need interior pork fat (about 150-200 grams) and the Mature fruit of the tree of God. Fat need to put on a dry frying pan and is heated to a plastic state. Adam’s Apple, finely chop. Then, in a convenient glass container to shift the two components in layers and keep in a water bath during the day. The resulting liquid is drained and used after hardening.

The second method of preparation of ointment involves the use of a ready-made basis for ointments. It may be zinc or salicylic ointment, glycerine, spermaceti, lanolin (it is sold in the pharmacy). In an extreme case like melted butter. The right amount of Foundation mixed with a ready-made tincture of the Adam’s Apple and used to treat skin inflammations, ulcers, long pojivaesh wounds and systemic diseases.


To prepare the oil from the Adam’s Apple, you need to take two Mature fruit and cut them into sticks. The prepared mixture is placed in a glass jar, pour any vegetable oil that you have on hand (cooking oil sunflower, corn, olive, etc.). McClure leave to infuse under cover for weeks. On the eighth day, drain the oil and store it in a dark glass container. Application in folk medicine, the Adam’s Apple found in the form of oil for healing of dermatitis, lichen, psoriasis, eczema.


Preparation of tincture for ingestion is a long process. You need to select ripe fruits, removing them from the branch at the end of September – early October (the fruit should be orange). Slice 2-3 of fruit (depending on the volume of glass containers) into pieces and filled the bottle. Pour the contents of a good vodka or diluted up to 40 degrees alcohol tightly sealed and leave for insisting for six months. The finished product should have a rich brown-red colour, resembling strong tea. To insist it can be up to one year inclusive. Once the color of the tincture will change and become pale orange, you can begin treatment.

Internal use is permissible for the treatment of cancer. The infusion has a complex effect on the entire body. To enhance the effect, you can combine the treatment with tincture about juicing using fresh carrot juice and cabbage.

Externally the infusion of maclura used in folk medicine in the form of lotions, turundae, compresses for gout, mastitis, heel spur, low back pain, hernia. Tincture for external use can be prepared faster. To do this, four chopped pieces of the Adam’s apples need to be folded in three-liter jar, pour vodka or diluted alcohol and leave for one month.

How to apply the McClure and medicines from her

To treat the most common diseases the Adam’s Apple used in folk medicine externally.

Joint disease, trauma

Particularly effective alcohol tincture as a compress in the treatment of inflamed joints, back pain, sprains and contusions. On sore or injured place it is necessary to impose a cloth moistened with tincture of McClure. Cover with a piece of cling film, cellophane bag, oilcloth, then close with something warm to extra warm. Suitable shawl, a blanket, heavy towel.

If it is impossible to make a compress, you need to RUB the sore spot with a small amount of alcohol tincture, put cabbage leaves, mother and stepmother, burdock and cover with a warm blanket.


Breast disease can be treated with fresh juice of the fruit, by cutting it in half and rubbing the breast with slices. Another option is to make compresses of alcohol tinctures of McClure and hold for two to three hours.

If the treatment is used ointment to keep her skin during the night. To make the procedure more effective, you need to prepare herbal (oregano, black locust, wild rose, sage) and drink it at the same time compresses.

Disease of the nasopharynx

Common cold and threat sinusitis can be cured, laying in the nose turundeki with a medicinal solution. So as not to burn the mucous tablespoon of the tincture should be diluted in five tablespoons of cooled boiled water, soaked turundy gauze or cotton wool and lay for 20 minutes twice a day (morning-evening). The course of treatment is one week.

The same method can be used to treat polyps. The exposure time is increased to half an hour.

Diseases of the rectum

If concerned about the cracks or diagnosed cancer of this organ will help the water infusion of the Adam’s Apple. Used in folk medicine involves klezmania. For water tincture you will need the following components:

• tablespoon of sliced fruit;

• Cup of boiling water.

The fruit should be put in a thermos, pour a water and infuse for at least 12 hours. Before using drugs to do normal cleansing enema, and then mikroklizmy infusion of McClure.


Malignant and benign tumors are treated with ethanol solution of McClure, using her method of «bunching». Treatment will be long, but the process can at least be stopped. Alcoholate is used inside first by increasing the number of drops in a single daily reception, and then in descending order. The scheme can be as follows:

• in the first week, take three drops a day;

• during the second week the dose is increased: you need to drink the same three drops, but twice a day;

• from the third week the medicine should be taken three times a day, and drinking should not be one-time three drops, and four on the first day, five the second, six the third, and so on every day to add drop by drop until the dosage is 30 drops at a time;

• now we need to reduce the dose once a week, in reverse order, until one time will not work again only three drops once a day.

The full course of this treatment will be for one year. Moreover, the above scheme is proposed for a 30-year-old and the people older than this age. If we are talking about younger people, the maximum dose calculated according to age (how many years, so many drops maximum doses).

Adam’s Apple can get rid of many health problems. However, we must always remember the potential danger of self-treatment and resort to it only after weighing the pros and cons.