Tea with honey: the health benefits of a familiar combination of products. Cautions for using tea with honey, the damage home treatment

Tea with honey to treat a beginning cold or cough, many are accustomed to, because this method had experienced more than one generation of people.

But not everyone knows that this beneficial quality of the drink is not the end, its potential is much more than a banal treatment of a cold or improve immunity.

The healing properties of tea with honey: beverage use for the body

If honey is used correctly when brewing tea, even in hot liquids, the product will retain all its useful properties. Its main benefit is these effects on the body:

• immunostimulant;

• anti-inflammatory;

• antimicrobial;

• diaphoretic;

• antioxidant;

• anti-stress;

• a tonic.

Tea with honey has a pronounced tonic properties and is an antioxidant. The drink includes essential for the body micro and macro elements, vitamins, a substance that actively eliminates germs and bacteria – tannin. The combination of these elements enhances the health benefits of each individual, the drink is quite tasty and has a rich pleasant aroma.

Use tea with honey in different directions:

1. Drink for colds. Carefully collected by the worker bees pollen from flowers and transformed them later in the honey has a composition rich in numerous biologically active substances, which are needed by the human body. A product of extraction of bees stimulates the immune system, increases vitality and strengthens the body in General. Therefore, it is often used honey tea for prevention of colds. And give even more utility, taste and the magic aroma of the elixir rose hips, lemon slices, leaves of currant.

2. Honey tea to combat insomnia. Many are accustomed to drink at night Cup of tea or a glass of warm milk to get to sleep. In some cases this helps, but from a scientific point of view, the effectiveness of this method is very small. Rather, there is a placebo effect, more importantly, what harm to the body there.

3. Saving honey elixir from a hangover. With the appearance of characteristic symptoms of a hangover, you can brew a morning Cup of tea and add the liquid a spoonful of honey. After a few minutes after drinking, the condition should improve. This happens due to the content of caffeine in tea, which improves the functioning of the kidneys, tones the body and the more it derives from breakdown products of alcohol. In the honey contains glucose, whose role in this process – acceleration of metabolic processes.

4. Tea and honey for the relief of excess weight. By itself, the honey contributes to weight loss, but on the contrary, adds extra pounds. But using it as an ingredient of the beverage, it is possible to vary the flow of the diet. Intake of honey with tea, in moderation, will not affect the figure.

5. Tea against stress. For those who have a new day begins with stress or feelings accompany everywhere during the day, a good option would be a soothing Cup of tea in the morning. Flavored liquid quickly removes the irritation and aggression, will look at the world from a positive perspective.

6. Honey liquid and vision. It’s amazing, but regular drinking of tea with honey increases the sharpness of vision and concentration. So this tasty drink is recommended for people spending a lot of time driving or working at the computer. You need to drink at least three cups of tea with honey daily.

How to drink tea with honey, the benefits and features of elixir

One of the common misconceptions is the fact that drinking hot tea is supposedly able to increase the usefulness of the drink. In fact, when heated honey more than 60 °C not only begin to volatilize nutrients, but also emit harmful element – hydroxymethylfurfural, which is toxic to the human body. Under its influence in the body begin actively growing cancer cells. So too hot tea additional ingredient honey turns from a useful product in poison.

Right drink, you have to following these recommendations:

1. Boiling water and honey – incompatible components of the tea. The optimum temperature of the drink should be in the range of 40 °C, the tea became a source of carcinogens.

2. Drinking tea is best before eating in the morning, but always need half an hour to eat Breakfast, so as not to harm the stomach due to the active production of food enzymes.

3. After this tea, it is desirable to rinse your mouth, not to provoke the appearance of caries.

4. Abuse honey elixir leads to the accumulation of excess weight on the sides, thighs, belly and other parts of the body.

5. No need to treat colds in children under 3 years tea with honey. The immature body of a child can be completely different to respond to receipt of strong allergen.

Green tea with honey: harm if the health benefits of slimming body?

All described useful properties of honey drink are black teas. But in the case of green the situation is slightly different. Green tea leaves include a lot more vitamins and various mineral elements, rather than black, and therefore benefit their health significantly higher. When you add honey a number of useful properties will only increase you have green tea while respecting the common rules of admission for all kinds of tea. Useful properties of green tea:

• effective quenching thirst;

• accelerating the excretion of harmful substances and toxins;

• improve digestive function;

• normalization of cardiac activity;

• increased hemoglobin in the blood.

Of special note is the ability of green tea with honey to satisfy hunger quickly. No wonder this drink is often included in the menu of different diets. Usually many of them include protein foods, fruits and vegetables, green tea with addition of honey. When comparing the black and green varieties of welding, the last, and honey just strongly reinforces this victory.

Possible contraindications: can the tea with honey to bring harm

Harmfulness of honey tea can be found in the first place in case of incorrect use. Also has a negative impact on the body’s consumption of low-quality products. To buy real good honey, better to go for these purposes in the apiary.

It is not recommended to drink tea with honey:

• people who are overweight;

• diabetics;

• young children under 3 years;

• those who have problems with the stomach and pancreas.

• people with individual intolerance to the product.

Care should be taken to treat your honey to people with allergies. It is advisable to test for an allergic reaction, because the product acts as a strong allergen and can, if the incompatibility issue is not only external signs, but also affect the internal state

The rest of the people, it is desirable simply to monitor the dosage of honey to avoid the appearance of excess weight.