Estragon: useful properties of perennial plants and its application. Estragon (tarragon) contraindications

Many in the pronunciation of the second name tarragon – tarragon is associated with a refreshing drink.

But not all know how high the use of this plant in folk medicine.

The herb tarragon is widely used in cooking as a spice, as a remedy at home treatments, in cosmetics to eliminate skin problems.

Characteristics of the composition of tarragon, the beneficial properties of plants

Tarragon is better known to people as tarragon. The presence of a strong characteristic aroma of the plant makes a unique condiment with a subtle but clear flavor. The main characteristics of the plant due to its peculiar composition, which includes:

• carotene;

• vitamin C;

• alkaloids;

• coumarins;

• flavonoids.

These components are in above-ground parts of the plant. The roots of tarragon are alkaloids.

Greens tarragon contain about 0.4% essential oil, dried mass to 0.8% of this substance. Essential oil, in turn, is rich with myrcenol, phellandrene, ocimene, methylchavicol and other substances. In addition, fresh feed contains vitamins a, B1, B2, and C, minerals, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium.

Spicy tarragon: useful properties

Beneficial effects on the body of tarragon quite versatile. With the help of herbaceous plants, you can get rid of many diseases and symptoms.

1. The biggest benefit of the plant is evident in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system. Thanks to estragon significantly increased appetite. The plant is able to positively influence the processes of digestion and metabolism.

2. Tarragon reduces the likelihood of anorexia, and also reduces the effects of diseases, eliminates constipation, hiccups, flatulence and prevents indigestion.

3. The plant in its pure form is a potent vermifuge. It is able to rid the human body even from a belt and round pests, thereby maintaining nutrients that destroy worms. General physiology is supported at the proper level.

4. In the case of cardiovascular diseases regular consumption of natural honey reduces the likelihood of blood clots, onset of strokes, heart failure or seizures.

5. The composition of tarragon is rich in special compounds that reduce the level of sugar in the body.

6. Vitamin C in the composition of tarragon strengthens the immune system, increases the body’s defenses and helps him to resist viral and infectious diseases, especially during periods of exacerbation. Suitable tarragon as a remedy for the treatment of scurvy and the prevention of this disease.

7. Applied the tarragon in dentistry. The plant can be used when problems with the tooth enamel, namely, when it is softening, with loosening of the teeth or gums, inflammation of the oral cavity. Tarragon has long been used as an anesthetic with antiseptic impact in dentistry.

8. People suffering from insomnia, tarragon helps to calm the nervous system and attain a healthy sleep. The herb relieves stress, nervous tension and anxiety.

9. Trapped in the body estragon is able to participate in the blood circulation, normalizing the process. As a result, nutrients together with oxygen not only correctly distributed throughout the body, but also do it faster.

10. Tarragon prevents the body deficiency of red blood cells, thus preventing anemia.

11. The infusion of the plant removes from the body harmful and toxic substances that may serve as a fertile basis for the proliferation of cancer cells.

12. Mask based on the ingredient tarragon prevent skin aging and age-related changes, the withdrawal of toxins, reduce wrinkles and prevent their appearance, evens the skin tone.

13. Benefits for the skin tarragon does not end there. The plant is able to reduce by several times the speed of propagation of bacteria on the skin thanks to being composed of essential oils and a special smell. These qualities allow the use of tarragon as a natural deodorant.

14. It has a positive impact tarragon urinary organs and kidneys. As a result of receiving funds on the basis of plants you can feel the diuretic effect with a mild effect, reducing swelling and inflammation.

15. Thanks to estragon the walls of vessels become stronger, and their elasticity is increased.

16. Spicy herb is involved in regulating the menstrual cycle in women, relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. A tool so powerful that is able to provoke menstruation.

17. As an antibacterial agent, tarragon, you can use the appearance of wounds, cuts, suppuration and other injuries.

18. Due to the high content of calcium tarragon supports the health of bones and tendons. And as a source of copper, it normalizes functioning of the thyroid gland, protecting the nervous system.

The use of tarragon: useful properties found out

Herb tarragon has found its application in several industries.

1. In cooking in this branch of tarragon, the most popular than the others. The plant is harvested as soon as flowering begins, and dry in the draft, and then used as seasoning for dishes. This spice increases the production of gastric juice and wakes up the appetite. The functioning of all the internal glands in the body with normal.

2. In medicine, tarragon is also found widespread. Part of the ground is most often used to relieve swelling, removing worms and getting rid of scurvy. Over time, a detailed study of the plant and its properties allowed the use of tarragon for the treatment of a variety of diseases and is very effective.

3. In cosmetology tarragon is perfect for skin prone to age changes. You can use the compress on the basis of plants, lotions, freeze the ice and make masks.

What is tarragon contraindications

In General terms, from tarragon contraindications can not be. But there are still cases when it is better to abandon the use of tarragon.

1. Individual intolerance is possible for any product, and tarragon is no exception. Therefore, people with allergies about this to forget, no matter how attracted to its useful properties.

2. Pregnant women tarragon is contraindicated due to the possibility of the plant to promote menstruation. Also tarragon may cause miscarriage. In this period of life women need to give up drinks with tarragon.

3. Should minimize or limit all consumption of tarragon for people with diseases of the digestive tract. It could be an ulcer, gastritis, increased acidity in any of the cases has tarragon contraindications.

The use of tarragon in large quantities is harmful even for a healthy body. So it is strictly metered consumption and to allow the use of tarragon only in small quantities.