Sea buckthorn: useful properties and application in cosmetic purposes. Sea buckthorn: contraindications to the use of the fruit

One of the most useful berry is sea buckthorn.

The beneficial properties of the fruit are widely used for medicinal purposes and in cosmetics.

This is not surprising, in the composition of sea buckthorn contains huge amount of vitamins and important minerals that strengthen the immune system, nourish the skin and even restore hair structure. However, their nuances too.

Sea buckthorn contraindications has one too. Not so much, but knowing these details is very important in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Vitamin composition of the berries

1. Pro-vitamins of group A, which are important for normal endocrine processes, combating diseases fungal and bacterial origin. Also A-provitamin a positive effect on vision.

2. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, And B9. In sea buckthorn, they are contained in sufficient quantities to maintain the health of all internal organs, enhance immunity and accelerate metabolism.

3. Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant, the formation of bone tissue it is indispensable.

4. Vitamin K – takes care of normal renal function and the proper metabolism.

5. Vitamin P reduces capillary fragility of blood vessels, reduces blood clotting.

6. The berry is high in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus. All of these trace elements beneficial to the overall health of the person.

Sea buckthorn: useful properties for the treatment of diseases of different origin

Very tasty and useful berry – sea buckthorn. The beneficial properties of fruit are endless, few people know that their consumption can reduce inflammation of different origin and even repair the liver after alcohol intoxication.

1. Fruits are recommended to include in the diet of those who have elevated blood cholesterol levels.

2. Sea buckthorn is beneficial to children and adults. During viral infections, care must be taken to strengthen the immune system. Eating daily 100 grams of the fruit, the person will compensate for a deficiency of vitamins of your body.

3. A decoction of the berries and oil on the basis of their often prescribed by doctors for the treatment of ulcers of the duodenum and stomach.

Not always allowed, sea buckthorn, contraindications to the use should consult a doctor individually. Might have previously been noted are allergic to the product.

Sea buckthorn oil: why we need it and how to cook your own at home

It is known that oil from fresh fruit is able to effectively heal various cracks and wounds. Also it is used for burns and frostbite.

It is also helpful to apply a compress for inflammation of the gums or the formation of fissures. Oil relieves pain and accelerates the regeneration process.

This family doctor will not hurt to have a home to everyone, especially what to cook oil is not difficult.

Recipe No. 1

1. The berries are washed, then they should be dried well in the oven to become solid.

2. The cooled fruit is ground into flour using a coffee grinder.

3. The resulting mass is filled in a small glass jar, filled with oil (refined vegetable) and mixed thoroughly.

4. The Bank serves a tight lid and removed 7 days in a warm place. Every day it will need a little shake up.

5. The processed oil is filtered and used as needed.

Recipe No. 2

1. Fresh berries put through a meat grinder.

2. The juice to the last drop drained into a small glass jar.

3. After 1.5-2 days on the surface, you will see the oil. It is going carefully with a wooden spoon and set aside in a separate container.

The remaining cake can be prepared in the first recipe, but the butter will get lighter, it will be less useful properties.

How useful is sea buckthorn leaves

Since ancient times it was known that healthy not only sea buckthorn berry, but the leaves of the plant. Modern doctors conducted several studies that confirmed this information.

Sea buckthorn: useful properties of the leaves

1. Added to animal feed – improves coat quality normal metabolism.

2. Brewed with the leaves of sea buckthorn tea improves intestinal peristalsis, vitamin C regulates vascular tone, invigorates.

3. If 1 large spoonful of crushed leaves of sea buckthorn pour 1 Cup of boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes in a water bath – get a decoction. This beverage is useful to each person once a week for overall strengthening of the immune system.

4. The leaves of the plant can be seen in the composition of many pharmaceutical drugs. For example, tablets Giporamin. They are appointed with SARS and influenza are considered effective for fighting colds.

Sea buckthorn: useful properties and application in cosmetics

1. Often the oil based on the berries and used by professional therapists during their work. It absorbs perfectly removes dead skin and will prevent dehydration (moisture loss).

2. Cook at home the oil from the berries can be applied to the skin 2 times a week. As a result, the person becomes fresh, looking younger, smoothes wrinkles, disappear acne.

3. Sea buckthorn oil is also very useful for hair and nails. If a woman wants to have lush and gorgeous hair, it is recommended to apply oil on the curls once a week for 2-3 hours, then rinse shampoo. As for the nails, to strengthen them you just need to RUB the plate or product to make the bath with fresh berries.

4. Vitamin composition of fruit will help to quickly and effectively get rid of acne. For making funds will have to be steamed leaves of the plant, then apply them on the face in a thin layer and cover with a towel. After 15 minutes, the skin is wiped with a piece of ice or frozen milk. This procedure is recommended to repeat 1 time per week, will improve the overall condition of the epidermis, acne will completely disappear.

5. Buckthorn leaves crushed and 6 tablespoons of the flour steamed 1 Cup boiling water. The mixture needs to stand for 7-10 days, then apply the mask on hair for 2 hours, rinse with shampoo. Two such procedures a month will significantly reduce the risk of premature hair loss.

Sea buckthorn: contraindications and harm from the use of berries

As with any berries, sea buckthorn has its contraindications, which you should know. If they do not consider the abuse of benefits will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Sea buckthorn: contraindications to the use of berries and cautions

1. Gastritis and tendency to diarrhea fruit not recommended. If you plan to use them to treat disease, it is better to consult with your doctor.

2. If you have individual intolerance to berries is it better to put them on a ban for yourself for cosmetic purposes and for medicinal.

3. For upset stomach or diseases associated with the gall bladder, buckthorn is strictly prohibited.

4. Urolithiasis berries is strictly prohibited, as their use increases the acidity of urine.

Sea buckthorn is a very useful berry, but in order to protect themselves from negative consequences, it is necessary to know the measure in its use and not to abuse the quantity.