How to make tea of raspberry leaves, what diseases they treat? The benefits and harms of tea based on the leaves of raspberry, contraindications

Traditional medicine today is quite popular as many people realize that she, alone or along with traditional, can work wonders.

With the right recipes you can nourish the body with essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins to treat many diseases.

It is important to use this or that only after a full diagnosis and consultation with a specialist.

Tea from raspberry leaves

Many well-known sweet and delicious berry – raspberry. Everyone knows its main use is the treatment of the common cold. But not everyone knows that tea made from fresh or dried raspberry leaf has many beneficial to the human body. But this part of the plant has brought the maximum benefit, you need to know when and how to pick raspberry leaves for making tea. Fresh greens squeeze out the juice and use it as a lotion. In addition, it is very important to know how to brew fresh or dried raspberry leaves to make the nutrients fully put in our body. But about all under the order. To begin to understand what the benefits and harms from the leaves of the raspberry.

Each leaf of the shrub raspberry is a rich composition of biochemical components:

• ascorbic acid;

• organic acid;

• flavonoids;

• salicylates;

• tannic and astringent substances;

• mineral salts.

Tea from fresh or dried raspberry leaf is used for the same purpose, and its berries: for relief of the condition, as well as the treatment of colds, flu. The infusion of this raw material has the ability to remove inflammation, clear the airway of accumulated phlegm. This tea can be used for oral administration, and for gargling or mouth of the patient.

The composition of the leaves of this shrub include flavonoids that give them the ability to stop bleeding. That is why this plant is recommended for the treatment of diseases that cause internal bleeding. Raspberry leaves are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, bleeding in the digestive tract, enterocolitis.

Its astringent property is raw shows in the treatment of diarrhea and upset stomach. In addition, this tea can cleanse the body and remove from it the toxins.

Another plus of raspberry and tea leaves from it is a stimulation of work and the recuperation of our immune system. If in a drugstore to look at the structure of vitamin tea, then it necessarily leaves of this shrub.

For women, this tea has its positive properties. It is used for the treatment of inflammation of the appendages. For beauty and youthful skin, this ingredient is used as a cleanser. Use it to treat psoriasis, acne and other skin rashes.

But even, it would seem that such a useful product has its contraindications, which should be considered when beginning a therapy of this drink. Starting to take raspberry leaf, its useful properties and contraindications should be considered mandatory. Doctors call such cases in which it is better to refrain from drinking beverage:

• women situation in the early stages;

• history of asthma;

• chronic constipation;

• allergic reactions to berries or flowering shrub.

Again recall that the raspberry leaf useful properties and contraindications must be carefully considered before use, and better if it will be done by a doctor. He will be able to determine all the advantages and disadvantages of the use of this plant in a specific clinical case.

Tea from dried or fresh raspberry leaves to treat various diseases

A set of useful and necessary substances contained in the leaves of the raspberries, helps to solve a lot of health problems. Consider cooking recipes and how to brew the leaves from the raspberry for the treatment of various ailments.

1. Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. For the treatment of such ailments can only take raspberry leaf and make him fat, or make a kind of a cocktail of vitamins, by supplementing it with raspberry, currant leaf. To one Cup of boiling water is taken approximately 2 tablespoons of each product. Infused tea can be drunk with honey or to gargle the throat (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis) or the mouth (stomatitis).

2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Prepared a very simple broth by pouring boiling water over 1 teaspoon of raspberry raw in fresh or dry form. This drink will help to solve not only the pathological condition of the gastrointestinal tract, but also to remove the discomfort in the stomach, improve metabolism, and increase appetite. With care taken in gastritis.

How to brew raspberry leaf to support the immune system

Enhanced immunity is an issue of concern to everyone. Raspberry tea (leaves) can easily cope with this task, because it has some of the most precious vitamin C, which helps our body to resist colds.

For this purpose, tea from raspberry leaves is prepared according to several recipes.

1. 3 servings of green tea, 2 cups raspberries, 1 Cup blackberries, 5 g of leaves of raspberry and currant. To start in 1 Cup of boiling water brew dry ingredients (leaves of shrubs and tea). Infused for no more than 5 minutes. Then add another 250 ml of boiling water and berries and insist about 3 minutes. The infusion is poured and decanted. To strengthen the immune drink 3 times a day 200 ml.

2. For the next drink shall be applied in equal amounts of ingredients such as the leaves of three shrubs (raspberry, BlackBerry, black currant). The finished mixture is poured boiling water and put on fire for 10 minutes. Then insist 2 hours and decanted. This tea improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body, restoring its systems.

3. Another recipe to strengthen the immune forces. It is especially useful in the increase of colds. Daily fix of equal parts of raspberry (leaves), rosehips and Rowan. It is taken twice a day in small portions on an empty stomach.

The benefits and harms from raspberry leaf to treat women’s problems

Women’s diseases are treated with the collecting of roots, stems and leaves of the shrub. Each raw material we take in equal proportions and fill with water. Cook on heat for 10 minutes. Filter and take in as douches or baths for the treatment of candidiasis of the genital organs, in complex therapy of inflammatory processes.

In the national recipes of our grandmothers meet and slips of the tongue about the treatment of the leaves of this shrub combined with clover and problems with infertility. The infusion of these ingredients take in a few months for 250 ml daily.

Three parts of raspberry leaf and one part smorodinovoe green brewed 500 ml of boiling water. This fee helps with reduced ovarian function. The resulting broth is separated into three parts and take in these diseases.

For the treatment of inflammation of the appendages are used not only greens, but also the color of raspberries.

Such are raspberry leaf and its useful properties and contraindications it should not be forgotten, applying them to women. So, during pregnancy they are not recommended, as they have the ability to toning. This can cause the tone of the uterus and problems with the preservation of pregnancy. Especially not recommended the infusion of raspberry during pregnancy until 35 weeks.

How to collect raspberry leaves to make tea and how to brew raspberry leaf

For brewing can be used as dried leaves of a shrub, and fresh parts of the plant. Should be taken strictly on prescription for the treatment of certain diseases. If the recipe specified that the raspberry leaves should be added other ingredients, they must necessarily be present in the preparation of the infusion. This will help to achieve the desired result.

Remember, that many diseases are treated by long use of infusion and tea. Often to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to drink daily for a month or even more.

The benefits and harms from raspberry leaf depends largely on not only how to brew, but as has been assembled product. For anybody not a secret that the maximum amount of nutrients any plant gets to a certain point in their growth. For raspberry – this is the end of may and beginning of June. In this period you can derive from all the nutrients in full measure.

How to collect raspberry leaves to make tea? Find shrubs that grow in the maximum of remoteness from highways or industrial areas. What materials will be most useful and there will be no accumulation of heavier compounds to the body.

For drying, choose whole leaves. They should not be damaged by diseases, nibbled by caterpillars, yellowed. Should not be cut too young or, on the contrary, the old greens. Be guided in the choice for the average size sheet.

Assembled sheet spread on a flat surface and dry at room temperature in conditions of moderate humidity and good ventilation. Avoid direct sunlight.

To understand what the product is dried, you need to take one of the leaves and grind in the hand. If it is crumbly and fragile, the workpiece is ready. To the collected leaves were stored for a long time, wrap them in fabric bags.

Just following the rules, how to brew raspberry leaf, than to combine them, how to collect raspberry leaves to make tea, you will be able to improve their health. But do not forget that there is a benefit, but there is also harm raspberry leaf, therefore, before the use of completely eliminate all the contraindications and start the therapy. If there is any doubt, it is better to consult your doctor about the advisability of such treatment in your case.