Peanut butter: use fragrant dessert recipe. Peanut butter: dangers of the product, contraindications

Peanut butter is incredibly flavorful and juicy dessert. Its main ingredient is fried, pre-dried peanuts. Numerous studies have proven the fact that the product has a beneficial effect on health. If you make your own peanut butter, use will increase significantly. Nutritious, high-calorie dessert is perfect for Breakfast. Fragrant sandwich in the morning will raise your spirits and saturate the body with vitamins, energy.

Caloric content and composition of the product

Regularly introducing in the diet of peanut butter, a person supplying your body with fats, fiber and protein. Energy value of the product per 100 grams is 576 Calories. The numbers are quite impressive, but, if properly dispose of them, the figure is not affected.

The composition of peanut paste is a Niacin is a water soluble vitamin. The body needs this substance for the reason that it improves performance of the digestive system, improves skin condition. Nicotinic acid contained in the product accelerates blood circulation, converts food into energy. As part of peanut butter include vitamins, acids:

• vitamin E;

• Pantothenic acid;

• folate;

• pyridoxine;

• thiamine;

• Riboflavin.

Minerals composition:

• potassium;

• sodium;

• iron;

• magnesium;

• calcium.

Peanut butter might be wrong with the body if you use it too much. The rich composition of the product it is important to «steer». Eating pasta in moderation will be helpful for the body.

Peanut butter: use of the product and its healing properties

Many people mistakenly believe that peanut is a regular nut. In fact, this plant belonging to the legume family. For this reason, the products main ingredient is peanuts, it is extremely beneficial to the human body.

Introduction in a diet of peanut butter will allow you to:

• to reduce the risk of diseases associated with cardiac muscle;

• to prevent diabetes;

• normalize the nervous system;

• lower blood levels of «bad» cholesterol;

• strengthen the immune system, whereby the risk of viral infection is minimized;

• appetite control eliminating the risk of overeating;

• to normalize the digestive processes and accelerate metabolism.

Composed of peanut butter contains very high amounts of protein. For this reason, it is recommended to use for Breakfast. The body has enough energy, will get a «portion» of vitamins and amino acids for the whole day. In addition, the protein speeds up the recovery process of muscle tissue.

Fiber, which are also contained in the composition in large quantities, establishes the organs of digestion, promotes bowel movement. It also allows other products better and faster absorbed by the body.

Peanut butter for weight loss

Peanut butter is a favorite among athletes and those who want to lose weight. Its balanced composition allows to maintain the body in tone, while feelings of hunger experience is not necessary.

Diet peanut pasta will not bring harm, as the diet is balanced. In addition, not necessarily every day to spend the evening in the gym. In order to lose weight, you need to follow two basic rules.

1. To count calories. The daily rate for women, 1500 Kcal for men – 2000 Calories.

2. 5-6 times a week should definitely take the time to physical exercise. It can be jumping rope, workouts, exercises, morning exercises, push-UPS and sit-UPS, Jogging on the street.

Diet peanut pasta is good because the body will lack of nutrients, exhaustion and hunger will not. In addition, the pounds go away, not sharply, but gradually. After the diet the lost weight doesn’t return.

How to make peanut butter

Peanut butter, the use of which is beyond doubt, is sold in almost every store. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers include in its composition a lot of chemical compounds, dyes, reducing the utility of the product.

To be satisfied in full in vitamins and minerals present in peanut pasta you need to cook it at home by yourself. Process lot of time is not taken away, but the product is a natural, delicious and aromatic.

Ingredients for dessert:

• honey (2 tablespoons);

• 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil;

• 200 grams of peanuts;

• pinch of salt (about 0.5 grams).

Step-by-step description of the process of making peanut butter dessert

1. Peanuts should be well washed under warm water, peel it from the skin and dry it. He then laid out on a baking sheet (in one layer), goes in 7-10 minutes in the oven.

2. The peanuts need to give a well to cool, then using a blender it is crushed until it’s time, until they become a fine powder.

3. Now are added the other ingredients. Blender is switched on again, you must promolot all a few minutes to a paste.

In that case, if the dessert is too thick, you could add a small amount of water, mix well.

Important nuances of the use, stockpiling peanut butter

1. The product is ideal for Breakfast. Dessert you can smear on bread. If you want a change – the peanut butter blends well with other fruits like pears, apples, bananas.

2. Permitted daily norm of dessert – 2 tablespoons. Too much to not eat it, because you can trigger allergies. In addition, the product is very high in calories.

3. Store-bought peanut butter is not so useful as home. It is recommended to spend a little time to make dessert on their own. It will turn out tastier, healthier, more aromatic.

4. Store peanut butter should be refrigerated, in a tightly closed glass jar. The maximum period to 14 days. After this period, eat dessert is not recommended.

Peanut butter: dangers of the product, important contraindications

There are two main harmful properties of peanut paste.

1. The peanut is a strong allergen. The abuse of peanut butter may develop hypersensitivity to the product, even if before it was not.

2. A large energy value, fat content. Those who are watching their weight, you need to be careful with the product, don’t overeat.

Peanut butter is not recommended for use in the presence of diseases such as:

• acute intestinal diseases;

• disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (including stomach ulcers);

• arthritis, gout.

If you have previously had noted the peanut Allergy, it is strictly forbidden to consume any food prepared with it.

Peanut butter, the benefits and harms of which has been described is a nutritious, valuable product for a person. The main thing – to eat dessert right, do not overdo with the amount. In this case, the peanut butter gives the body everything you need to maintain normal functioning.