Mint: useful properties, application in cosmetology, cooking and alternative medicine. Mint: contraindications

Fragrant, delicate and refreshing aroma of mint is familiar to all.

The plant is perfectly relaxed, it is added to tea to calm the nervous system.

Mint, useful properties of which were known in antiquity, has unique properties.

It is used in cooking, folk medicine and even cosmetology. However, mint contraindications there are some, they need to know in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Composition of peppermint

The question often arises about why the person you want to include in your diet the mint. Part of the plant contains components of natural origin, which saturate its healing properties.

In the composition of mint includes the following components:

• menthol;

• rutin;

• tannins;

• carotene;

• ascorbic acid;

• fitosteroli.

Mint: useful properties of plants

Mint is included in not only traditional medicine, but is often used in formal pharmacology. The application range of plants is truly global. At the mint there are practically no contraindications, making it a versatile «family doctor».

Mint: useful properties

1. Helps to normalize the pressure, it dilates the blood vessels and even stabilizes the heart rhythm.

2. Quickly relieves any cough, soothes sore throat.

3. Helps to cope with insomnia, peppermint tea calms the nervous system and tones.

4. Relieves headaches.

5. Relieves inflammation of the gums, disinfects the mouth a long lasting fresh breath.

6. If you regularly Supplement their diet with mint, you can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

7. Mint is recommended to women during menopause and menstrual cycle, as it relieves pain and soothes.

8. Strengthens the immune system, improves the body’s resistance to bacteria.

9. Weak mint rescues a woman from morning sickness during the early pregnancy.

However, we must remember that mint contraindications. Before using medicinal properties of plants, it is necessary to study carefully all the «pros» and «cons».

Mint: useful properties and recipes of alternative medicine

1. A fragrant tea to enhance immunity. Drink with menthol grass calms the nervous system, is especially recommended before sleep and in the cold. Tea need to finely chop 4-5 leaves of fresh mint and pour boiling water (200 ml). This drink should drink no more than 2 times a day.

2. Medical infusion. 1 tablespoon dried minced plants pour boiling water (250 ml). The capacity is removed in a dark place until cool. Drink filtered and consumed 2 times a day before meals. It is believed that this is an excellent prevention of gastritis. Also peppermint infusion will help stop the vomiting, give the mouth a pleasant freshness for a long time.

3. Mint, useful properties which in traditional medicine are highly valued, used for making women’s home therapeutic broth. Need 2 tablespoons dry grass pour plain water (500 ml), boil for 10 minutes and half an hour to insist. The strained drink is used for 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals. The tool facilitates the menopause, and relieves pain during menstruation.

4. Alcohol tincture. Teaspoon dry menthol herbs is poured 100 ml of alcohol. The capacity of the tool removed for a week in a dark place. The infusion drug is intended for external use. When the headache he rubbed the temples.

5. Essential oil of peppermint, contraindications who are almost there, perfectly cures coughs and colds. Also it can reduce bloating and relieve heartburn. Enough to drip one drop of oil in 50 ml of water, dissolve a bit of sugar and use as needed.

Used in home cosmetology

At home mint can be used not only for treatment but also to maintain their outer beauty. The unique composition of the plant tones up and disinfects the skin.

Recipes «pet beautician»

1. Lotion tonic effect. 1 tablespoon dry mint is poured into 250 ml of water, boiled on low heat for 15-20 minutes. When the medium has cooled, it must be filtered and lotion ready. They are encouraged to clean the face 3-4 times a day.

2. Against hair loss great help alcoholate menthol herb. It must be rubbed 1 time per week in the scalp and distribute along the length of the curls. This mask is kept for 20 minutes, then washed off with shampoo.

3. Refreshing mask for the face. Fresh mint should be grinded using a blender, mix with yogurt until it forms a paste. The resulting mixture apply on face for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Have a mint contraindication for external use only one thing – the presence of individual intolerance to the plant.

Use in cooking

Peppermint is often added to salads, enriches their special taste and aroma. Also the herb is used for making sauces and refreshing drinks. Applications in cooking mint, useful properties which doubts did not cause, a lot, just need to show imagination.

1. Refreshing drink. In a glass of sparkling water and added 1 wedge of lime, a little sugar and 2 small sprigs of fresh mint. The drink should be allowed to stand 15 minutes in refrigerator, then can be used. It perfectly tones and refreshes the skin.

2. Recipe peppermint jam hardly anyone uses, but in vain, it turns out incredibly tasty and prepared is not difficult. 300 grams of fresh herbs need to pour water (450 ml) and boil for 10 minutes. After that, the day you have to push the mixture the next day again boil it with the sugar (800 grams). That jam turned out more fragrant there you can add the lemon zest.

3. Greek sauce. The cucumber is cleared from the skin and rubbed on a fine grater and mixed with natural yoghurt. There also added chopped garlic (5-6 cloves), mint (approximately 50 grams), salt to taste. Stir everything thoroughly until you get a paste. The sauce should be allowed to stand in the fridge for 2-3 hours to «saturate», then use it. The Greek sauce is perfect for any meat.

Peppermint: contra-indications to use

Mint have useful properties much more than contraindications, however, some precautions need to know in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1. If allergic to menthol the grass it is forbidden to use in any form.

2. Children up to 3 years of mint is not recommended.

3. The plant reduces the tone of blood vessels, so people with varicose veins it is not recommended.

4. Menthol herb lowers blood pressure, with care it is necessary to use hypotensive.

5. Men are forbidden to use peppermint often in large quantities, it leads to a decrease in potency.

Despite the use of mint is impossible to abuse, since there may be a gag reflex, and weakness. Everything should be in moderation. If you strictly follow recipes, menthol grass will saturate the body beneficial trace elements, strengthen the immune system and will help to forget about what insomnia.