Ginger in the Sahara: the benefits and harms of unusual delicacies. How to make ginger lemon in sugar: candied ginger recipe

Can sweet be? Can.

Fans of healthy cuisine has long mastered the recipe is extremely healthy and wonderfully delicious ginger in the Sahara. Burning taste, fresh aroma and spicy bitterness on the tongue or anything like that in the list of conventional store-bought treats to find.

The composition of ginger

The best part is that ginger treat – not just a new flavor, but also a great benefit. Ginger root contains many chemical elements (scientists have counted more than 400) that are beneficial to the body, strengthen the immune system, fight various ailments.

What is included in the composition of ginger:

• ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – to give courage, beauty, supports the immune power of the body;

• choline (vitamin B4) – regulates the processes of fat burning, soothes, normalizes metabolic processes, supports brain active;

• other b vitamins responsible for essential life processes, essential to maintain the beauty of skin and hair;

• nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) – promotes active growth of the cells, providing oxygen to the tissues, profilaktirujut hypertension, and thrombosis;

• magnesium – calms the nerves, protects bones from leaching calcium, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, cleans them;

• potassium – strengthens the heart, prevents and reduces swelling and protects the brain.

In addition, burning taste and fresh flavor that gives ginger root essential oil. The plant contains essential fatty acids, and various trace elements: phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium.

So what about the benefits and harms of ginger in the Sahara can speak primarily from the point of view of its huge and undoubted benefits. Can usual sweets like sponge cookies, caramel or chocolate to match with a slice of candied slice of ginger root? No, especially since candied ginger has many medicinal properties that need to be used.

The healing properties of ginger in the Sahara

Traditional healers have learned to use the amazing properties of ginger for the treatment of various diseases. Ginger in sugar retains virtually all of the beneficial properties of the fresh root in the first place – antibacterial and tonic. That is why it is often used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases, especially bronchopulmonary.

Sweet the natural remedy used in healing the following ailments:

• chronic bronchitis;

• asthma;

• colds dry cough;

• SARS in the first, acute stage;

• heartburn, indigestion, nausea, including toxico in the early stages of pregnancy;

• reduced immunity during colds and flu;

• pain in joints and muscles;

• tendency to the formation of cholesterol;

• bleeding and inflammation of gums.

Residents of large cities, especially megacities, ginger delicacy helps excrete heavy metals, toxins, and therefore, extend life and improve health.

Essential oils, which are rich in ginger, turn it into an aphrodisiac. Candied ginger increases libido in women and potency in men. If you regularly eat candied slices, there are no problems with sexuality will not. In addition, if there are concerns for fresh breath, before a date is to chew one or two ginger slices. They are perfectly refreshing, and eliminates unpleasant odor.

There is evidence that ginger slows tumor processes. Of course, to treat Oncology candied ginger is not necessary but use them as an additional means of combating the growth of pathogenic cells.

In General, knowing how to make a ginger in the Sahara, it is possible to obtain an effective cure some diseases. And with a Cup of tea candied ginger – delicious treat with a spicy, pungent taste.

The benefits and harms of ginger in the Sahara

The ability to strengthen brain cells to help people is mental labor, as well as pupils and students. Vigor that fresh ginger taste, is invaluable in the period of delivery of annual reports, exams and sessions. When you consider that slices of ginger stimulate blood circulation, along with brain activity aktiviziruyutsya energy of the body as a whole:

• increased creativity;

• regulates the digestion;

• accelerated metabolism.

The last property of ginger helps to accelerate the process of weight loss and to prevent the formation of new fat depot. Even candied slices of ginger root, despite the relatively high calorie (about 250 kcal), act in a similar way. And in any case they are more useful than candy, which is almost twice calorie. Besides hardly anyone will be able to eat one hundred grams of the baking Goodies.

And yet the benefits and harms of ginger in the Sahara is a subject for discussion from the point of view of health benefits. There are certain categories of people, who will have to abandon the use of useful Goodies. You can’t eat ginger if diagnosed with the following illnesses:

• kidney damage of moderate to severe severity;

• stones in the bile ducts, and kidney;

• acute heart failure;

• aggravation of stomach ulcers;

• sugar type 2 diabetes.

You can’t eat ginger in the later stages of pregnancy if there is the slightest risk of miscarriage.

Direct contraindications to the use of ginger is individual intolerance of this product.

A classic recipe of ginger in the Sahara

Candied ginger can be bought in the supermarket. However, the more useful it will be, if you prepare homemade candied. How to make a ginger in the Sahara? Here is a simple basic recipe. You will need all three ingredients:

• a piece of ginger root (200-300 grams);

• a Cup of sugar (amount of sugar can be varied to your taste);

• half Cup water (for sugar syrup).

Method of preparation

Carefully use a knife to peel off the root ginger skin.

Cut the ginger into thin slices about half a millimeter thick.

Cover with water, bring to boil and cook on slow heat for hours.

To prepare sugar syrup by dissolving the sugar in normal rate of water. While stirring, bring to a simmer.

Future drained candied fruits in a colander. The water in which neither cooked, not to pour out, and enjoy how wonderful ginger broth. If it seems too hot, you can add a little broth to the regular tea.

To shift slices of ginger in boiling sugar syrup and cook, stirring, until the moment when ginger becomes transparent.

Remove the slices from the syrup, dip them in sugar and lay on parchment paper.

When fruits dry, they need to shift in a plastic container for food or a glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

If serving cooked Goodies is not large, it is possible in one week to keep candied fruit in a kitchen cupboard.

Recipes of ginger with lemon in the Sahara

If to unite in one treat the use of lemon and ginger, it turns out even tastier. You can simply add squeezed from one lemon juice while cooking ginger, and the grated zest to mix with sugar for dusting the finished candied fruit.

However, there is another recipe of ginger with lemon in the sugar. The recipe is also very simple and resembles the recipe of an ordinary jam.

• tramatramahuy a piece of ginger root;

• a large lemon with a thin skin;

• a pound of white sugar;

• three hundred milliliters of clean drinking water.

Cook the sugar syrup so that the sugar dissolved in portions of water. the amount of sugar can vary

Peeled fresh ginger cut into cubes small size.

Lemon thoroughly wash the brush, wipe the peel to remove her wax coating and possible chemicals. They treated the rind of the fruit before a long transport and storage.

Chop the lemon with peel in the same small cubes, and ginger.

Throw the lemon and ginger slices in the syrup and boil until transparent and soft.

Recipe ginger with lemon in the Sahara have hot to shift into a glass jar. After cooling store in the refrigerator as berries or fruit jam.

And pieces of candied ginger, and ginger jam – a wonderful treat for a winter tea party. Ginger desserts you can offer even for small children after two years. If you have a cough, cold, instead of pharmacy lozenges can be taken somewhat with a slice of ginger a day, and the disease quickly retreat.