Cranberries: useful properties of berries. What are cranberries contraindications to the use

Cranberries have long been called «the fruit of immortality.» It’s absolutely no wonder, because the nutrients of its composition constantly replenish the body’s lack of the required for the normal functioning of micronutrients.

The berry has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. In addition, it is very pleasant to the taste – nice acidity coats the mouth with freshness.

Cranberries useful properties are not in doubt – this berry is recommended for both adults and children.

Caloric content and composition of the berries

The composition of cranberries is really a lot of valuable substances and vitamins:

• vitamins – A, b, C, E;

• tannins;

• carotene;

• acids – malic, salicylic, citric;

• minerals – phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese.

The cranberries are not many contraindications, so its use in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes it is possible for almost everyone. In addition, berry it is recommended to include in the menu of losing weight. 100 grams of product have 46 Calories. It has been proven that the active components of the composition can accelerate the metabolism and normalize the digestive tract and thereby stimulates the breakdown of fat.

Cranberries: useful properties for the body of the leaves and berries

For therapeutic purposes can be used not only the fruits of cranberries, but the leaves of the plant. Today, there are a lot of drugs, made on the basis of these components, which have choleretic, diuretic and disinfectant properties.

Cranberries: useful properties of the leaves

1. The antimicrobial effect.

2. Used to treat inflammation of the kidneys and rheumatism.

3. At the lowered acidity of a stomach.

4. A large number of vitamins allows to increase the body’s resistance to infection, decoction of leaves of bilberry – an excellent prevention of colds.

5. Excrete stagnation of toxins.

6. A decoction of leaves of bilberry normalizes the stool, and improves digestive processes.

7. An excellent diuretic.

Cranberries: the beneficial properties of berries

1. Apply for uterine bleeding, replenish the nutrient deficiency in the body.

2. To quench thirst.

3. Ease the condition of man with cold and fever.

4. Tannins cleanse the body of salts of heavy metals.

5. Normalize vision.

6. Relieve swelling.

7. Perfect diaphoretic – clears heat in the cold.

8. Used for the treatment of urological diseases of inflammatory nature.

The use of bilberry during pregnancy

Berry is a valuable source of useful vitamins and other nutrients, so it is recommended to include in the diet of a pregnant woman.

1. Berry is particularly relevant in winter time. Nutrient composition enriches body with vitamins that reduces the risk of Contracting a cold.

2. The composition also has vitamin E, which normalizes the nervous system and relieves symptoms of depression is very important for the expectant mother.

3. Vitamin e helps to normalize pressure and relieve swelling.

4. Saturates the body with iron, while regulates the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

5. Calcium in the composition, is useful not only for the mother but for her unborn child. This trace mineral has a part in the formation of the fetal skeleton, strengthens tooth enamel woman and her skeletal system.

Before pregnancy eat cranberries, contraindications need to be discussed with your doctor to avoid negative consequences for the fetus and the expectant mother.

Cranberries: useful properties cystitis

Many women in the winter time are faced with this disease, such as cystitis. Inflammation of the bladder causes discomfort, it is very dangerous, it is very important to start a timely treatment. Cranberries – an excellent prevention of cystitis and the first assistant for women in the event of illness.

Recipe No. 1

Crushed leaves cranberries (1 tablespoon), pour a glass of boiling water and insist 1 hour in a dark place. The resulting drink is filtered and is used in over 3 doses during the day. Be sure before eating.

Recipe No. 2

Mix the following ingredients – leaves, cranberries (3 parts), sage, violet and dandelion (2 parts), chamomile and peppermint (1 part). The dry mixture is mixed, it is taken 1 tablespoon and zaparivat a thermos 0.5 liters of boiling water. Drink you need 8 times a day for ¼ Cup for 3 days, then 4 times a day for ¼ Cup (3 more days).

The home treatment cranberries, useful properties which are not in doubt, lasts no more than 7 days. This is necessary to consult with your doctor, adding to the rate of other medical drugs.

Recipes of traditional medicine with cranberries

Recipe No. 1: Vitamin tea

Shredded leaves, cranberries steamed 0.5 Cup of boiling water – capacity is removed in a dark place until cool. This drink is recommended to drink 2 times a day before meals. It retains a lot of useful vitamins and substances that strengthen the immune system.

Recipe No. 2: cranberry water

Effective laxative – normalizes the entire gastrointestinal tract, not addictive. Glass jar is filled to the brim with berries, and then there poured cold boiled water. To insist means you need 3-4 days, then take 1 Cup before bedtime. Cranberry water cleanses the intestines, removes toxins and wastes.

Recipe No. 3: Infusion of berries

200 grams of fruit is washed with boiling water through a colander, then pour cold water (400 ml) and the mixture for not less than 7-8 hours. The resulting tool is taken 4 times a day before meals for 150 ml. the Drink is effective for gastritis, constipation, diseases of the liver.

Recipe No. 4: Decoction in stomatitis and gingivitis rinse

Dried leaves pour boiling water and 10 grams 200 ml of water. Then need to put everything on water bath for half an hour. The broth is filtered and added to warm water (half a glass). The tool perfectly removes inflammation of gums. For best results, the rinse procedure is repeated every 3-4 hours.

Recipe No. 5: a Tool for improving metabolism

Dried cowberry leaves (3 tablespoons) pour 500 ml of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes in a water bath. The tool should allow to cool in a dark place, then strain it. The decoction is drunk before meals 3 times a day for ¼ Cup.

Cranberries: contraindications to the use

Despite the fact that the berries and leaves of bilberry contains many useful substances to the body, there are several «but», which in certain instances prohibit the prevention, treatment and remedies, and infusions of the product.

Cranberries: contraindications

1. Consumption of berries helps to lower blood pressure, so people with hypotonia to eat cranberries is permitted strictly on medical advice.

2. In the presence of individual intolerance to the berry.

3. The composition is tannins, which can adversely affect human health, if he has kidney disease.

Cranberries – this is very useful berry, recommended for both adults and children. Light sour will complement a culinary masterpiece with a special aroma. Loved ones will not be able to resist this delicacy.