What is the soluble chicory, which he has beneficial properties? The secret of useful properties of chicory whom it is contraindicated

Chicory is a product of plant origin on the market in the form of syrup, powder or granule, is an excellent substitute for coffee and tea.

Despite the natural origin, chicory has not only useful properties and contraindications.

And it is necessary to understand, in some cases, the drink will affect the body positively and when it should not be used at all.

What is chicory?

People blue dandelion or roadside cornflower, officially the chicory. It is a plant of the family Asteraceae with a rigid vertical stem and long enough (up to five feet) taproot. The leaves are oblong, can be tapered or slightly rounded end. The flowers of chicory for about 3 to 4 cm in diameter, from light blue to a pinkish hue, located odinochno or double, triple buds, both at the side and on the Central stem. The petals are ligulate form. Seeds irregular Pentagon shape.

Occurs the plant is from the Mediterranean. Today chicory can be found in many post-Soviet countries.

The plant is grown for industrial purposes. For this is cultivated two species – the common and salad. From the first is «coffee» drink, for this is the root of the plant, the second is an addition to the side dishes and salads.

Chicory instant: useful properties and calorie

The calorie content of chicory in different parts of a plant is much different.

• 100 g of fresh root contains about 380 kcal, 57 grams of carbohydrates and about 10g protein.

• Processed raw materials at the changes: almost 265 kcal, 63 g of carbohydrates and 2 g of protein.

• In the leaves of salad-type plants only 24 kcal, carbohydrates – 4.7 g, fiber – 4, water – 91, and 0.3 g fat.

Chicory is rich in the whole vitamin complex: A, K, C, group B vitamins, E, nicotinic acid. From minerals it contains:

• potassium,

• calcium,

• phosphorus,

• magnesium,

• zinc,

• sodium,

• manganese,

• iron,

• copper,

• selenium.

In addition to the root contain tannins, organic acids, resins, pectin, phenol, coumarins, inulin. Part of the latter in the dried product is almost half.

Chicory instant: useful properties in medical practice

At observance of technology of raw materials and in the preparation of soluble chicory, its useful properties will have a positive impact in the following areas of the body:

• The immune system. Inulin contained in chicory is a plant prebiotic, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and maintains the balance of intestinal microflora, which affects the General state of the immune system.

• Protection against cancer. Substances that prevent and fight cancer – phenolic resin. They actively excrete free radicals.

• Cardio-vascular system. Used as a prophylactic agent for hypertension, atherosclerosis – because of the drink reduces the amount of lipoproteins. Phenols also reduce symptoms of aritmii.

• Joints and muscle tissue. Useful properties of chicory soluble manifested in pain relief, and combating inflammatory processes in the joints for arthritis or into muscles.

• Problems with the gall bladder. Chicory is useful in the initial stages of gallstone disease, it is able to dissolve small stones, and does not stagnate bile.

• Sugar in the blood. The inulin contained in the plant, is a kind of sweetener, so the drink was originally sweetened already and requires no additional sugar, which can be consumed people with diabetes of the second type.

• Against edema. Diuretic properties of chicory remove excess fluid from the body.

• Diseases of the oral cavity. Tannins excellent antiseptic, which helps in the treatment of diseases of the throat and gums.

• No constipation. The plant has a mild laxative effect, which sposobstvuet natural and smooth removal of feces.

• Chicory against stress. A Cup of drink for the night will help to relax the nervous system and eliminate anxiety. That, in turn, will affect the normalization of the hormonal system and will be protected from premature old age.

• Vitality. Chicory in the morning is the cheerfulness, positive mood, and eliminate headaches.

• Fight against overweight. Used in combination with other influencing weight loss remedies helps to reduce weight by reducing hunger. This is facilitated by components such as inulin and oligofructose.

• Chicory during pregnancy. This is a great substitute for coffee lovers. Unlike the latter, it has a beneficial effect on the body not only mother but also the child. Chicory removes toxins, reduces symptoms of toxicity, eliminate bowel problems, particularly constipation of pregnant women. When severe heartburn drink from this plant will also help eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

But women in the position you need to be careful with the amount of drink, excessive consumption can cause miscarriage or premature birth.

It is worth remembering. Chicory is a plant rather than a drug. To use it in order to cure any disease is impossible, but it is an excellent preventative measure. It can be found in pharmacies as an additive in teas, and stores in various forms in the departments of healthy eating.

Chicory instant: contraindications

As with any drug of plant origin, soluble chicory has a number of contraindications. From eating plants in any form should be discontinued under the following health problems:

• Varicose veins;

• For large stones in the gall bag, receiving plants could trigger their elimination;

• Chronic cough, bronchitis;

• Allergic manifestations. Chicory soluble is contraindicated, even if there is an adverse reaction to daisies, marigolds, or ragweed.

• Children up to 3 years old is also contraindicated chicory soluble.

Should not be allowed unsupervised use of the drink, the benefit will bring only a moderate amount of it.

Consumption and method of preparation

During the day it is recommended to drink more than 3 cups of beverage, preferably not immediately after a meal. The number that is used for single reception is indicated on the package.

The preparation of the drink is similar to making instant coffee. For a difference of one – chicory dissolves well in hot or warm water or in milk, but not in boiling water. In a Cup of drink, you can add the cream. We must remember that the chicory has a sweet taste, so sugar can be put less than in coffee or tea.

For lovers of cooking natural foods with his own hands the following statement:

• Take 5 – 6 chicory roots

• Wash, clean

• To dry in oven at 100 degrees, or in a natural way in fresh air, protected from direct sunlight. In the first case required 5 hours, the second may take a week.

• Dried roots are finely chopped

• Fry without adding fat in the pan to obtain a Golden brown

• Grind in any convenient way

• Store the powder in a dark place in a tightly sealed container for no longer than 6 months.

Some of the offered types of chicory to choose?

It would not have tried to promise the producers that on the table you will get the best product, you should be careful in his choice.

There are three types of raw materials for the preparation of the drink:

• in powder or granular,

• freeze-dried,

• in the form of syrup.

First, when storage is treated with hot air at temperatures up to 220 degrees and roasting, to give a taste of coffee. With this method a large part of nutrients, especially vitamin ingredients, indestructible, accordingly lose their properties. The result is, it seems to be a tasty product, but with a minimum number of useful components.

Freeze-dried product of a healthy diet. In its production are used special technology without exposure to high temperatures that allows to preserve the vitamins and minerals from destruction.

The syrup obtained when the compound powder of chicory, dried by hot drying, and sugar. This method also reduces the beneficial value of the product.

But in any case, the use of any of the options presented is much higher than traditional coffee. The main thing to remember that excessive consumption of any healthy food can cause a reaction.