Sea capelin: the benefits and harms fish-baby. What useful properties has the capelin and could cause harm

Small fish capelin – the champion annual production. Bole half a million tons are annually produced in the cold seas and sent to store shelves around the world.

Cheap capelin is considered one of the most delicious and healthy inhabitant of marine waters.

Composition of capelin

Chemical composition of capelin can without exaggeration be called unique. It contains indispensable to human body nutrients:

• omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which ensure normal brain function, the cardiovascular system, strengthen vision and blood vessels;

• large amounts of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D) that are particularly important for the female body with regard to its physiology;

• essential amino acids including lysine, threonine, cysteine, methionine. Each amino acid has a set of individual properties, and the content of these substances in capelin is higher than in plant foods;

• useful minerals, including potassium, sodium, fluorine, bromine, and phosphorus, helping calcium absorption, preventing osteoporosis, tooth decay and dissolution of kidney stones;

• the high content of unique natural substances of selenium that strengthens the immune forces of an organism, participates in the formation of the skeleton;

• a large amount of iodine to prevent problems with the thyroid gland.

Health and beauty body essential amino acids contained in the meat of capelin. So, at the expense of lysine formed collagen to ensure the normal operation of the joints. But cysteine is not only involved in the production of collagen, but also stimulates the removal from the body of toxic substances, reduction of radiation load, normalize digestion, rapid tissue regeneration. That’s why doctors recommend capelin for the nutrition of postoperative patients, as well as those who suffered from burns and skin injuries.

Capelin almost a quarter consists of proteins, and this means that it can be eaten with obesity and for weight loss. Moreover, 100 g of raw and cooked capelin contains just 116 calories. It is very small, considering the great saturating capacity of the meat of capelin.

Useful properties of capelin

The use of capelin invaluable for people with diabetes, as the meat of this fish reduces blood sugar and stimulates insulin production.

Capelin are encouraged to eat and those suffering from disorders of metabolic processes in the body. If the metabolism is slowed down or disrupted by poor diet and lifestyle, that capelin will help restore the process fat metabolism back to normal.

The list of diseases for which shows the consumption of capelin include:

• cardiovascular disease, including ischemia and myocardial infarction;

• diseases of the respiratory system;

• decreased libido;

• bone fragility due to lack of calcium;

• caries, tooth decay;

• inflammation of the thyroid gland;

• reduced brain activity, dementia;

• reduced immunity.

Scientists have noted a direct correlation between the consumption of capelin by normalization of heart rate, decrease blood sugar, increase the number of female or male hormones. If you are experiencing reduced libido, you can include capelin in the diet and to get rid of sexual dysfunction.

People who regularly consume capelin, keep brain activity to a great age, do not suffer from age-related dementia, different physical activity. Their joints retain flexibility and bone teeth – healthy fortress. Useful properties of capelin in this case was attributed to the high content of phosphorus.

Little fish has other important human qualities. So, regular consumption of capelin in the prevention of cancer tumors and benign tumors. In addition, the use of capelin in the fact that it strengthens the nervous system. And all because it contained the flesh of this fish selenium and Riboflavin (vitamin B2).

Just one serving of capelin contains weekly rate of iodine. This means that with regular use graves disease the person is not in danger. However, for the same reason, the harm of capelin may be an excess of iodine. Therefore, it is important to observe moderation.

Contraindications to the use of capelin

Despite the fact that the useful properties of capelin is very high, there is a certain category of people who cannot eat this fish. Contraindication for capelin is allergic to fish protein. People who have this disease, you cannot include any of fish products in your diet. Will have to replace fish with other types of protein.

It is important that in some cases the consumption of capelin can cause indigestion and even poisoning. Harm capelin in this case, due to the polluted waters in which the fish was caught. Environmental problems negatively affect the composition of fish meat. In particular, it can accumulate fairly large amounts of mercury – the most dangerous for health and life chemical element. So buy the product from reliable suppliers, not to become a victim of severe poisoning.

In addition, you can get poisoned, and missing, damaged capelin. Buying a product, pay attention to the appearance of the fish. If she’s got bleary eyes, a yellowish color, the mucus on the gills, from the purchase should be abandoned. The typical signs of a fresh fish are bright red Gill net.

The last thing you should pay attention to is the harm of smoked fish and all meats. Have them very rarely, but it is better to refuse such food, despite the pleasant spicy flavor. The fact is that when Smoking meat-formed carcinogens. Their ingestion is one of the causes of cancer. In addition, when Smoking is part of potentially harmful bacteria and intestinal parasites in the fish meat can be maintained, which is also very dangerous for health.

How to store capelin and how to cook it

If contraindications for capelin and you’re not sure about the freshness and safety of the product, marine fish, be sure to include in your diet. It is important to observe the rules of storage, not to spoil the product.

Vacuum packing is a great way to preserve fresh fish. Pre-capelin should be washed with ice water and dried, and then Packed in vacuum. As such, the fish stored in the freezer for 3-4 months, in the chamber of the refrigerator – not more than two weeks.

To defrost capelin, it should be easy to send on a shelf of a refrigerator or leave at room temperature for 1.5-2 hours. What not to do in any case is to immerse the frozen carcass in hot water or defrosted in a microwave oven.

The number of meals of capelin is very high. Most useful capelin baked, steamed and boiled. It can also be filled fish cakes and pies, served cold and hot. Capelin salted, pickled and fried. Delicious fried capelin, but this method of cooking fish is more caloric and harmful due to the formation of a crust.

Delicate and very tasty capelin can cook many healthy meals. As a side dish to her good fries, rice, grilled vegetables.