Avocado: useful properties, caloric value and composition. Where used avocado, useful properties of the product to the skin and human health

Avocado is a very healthy fruit.

Like it is not for everyone, but it cannot be denied that the composition of alligatoridae pear contains many useful substances to the body.

The product is used in cooking and in cosmetics (in the manufacture of shampoos, face masks and other tools).

Moreover, the fruit diet, so its use is recommended for people suffering from overweight.

Caloric content and composition of alligatoridae pear

Per 100 grams of the product has 208 Calories. The fruit is quite a fat – 22%. However, no need to worry, figure it can’t hurt, as more of these fats are unsaturated.

It is composed of the following nutrients:

• macronutrients – potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium;

• trace minerals – selenium, iron, copper, manganese, fluoride;

• vitamins – A, E, C, b, folic acid, C.

Avocado: beneficial properties of fruit

Alligator pear not only replenishes the body’s nutrient deficiency, but also has healing properties.

Avocado: useful properties

1. To include in the diet fruit recommended skinny people and athletes. It has been proven that eating fruit promotes more effective muscle building.

2. The composition has vitamin B6, which is useful for those who suffer from atherosclerosis. This vitamin allows to rid the body of cholesterol, so that the vessels do not accumulate extra fat.

3. Alligator pear is beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the consumption of fruit will help to normalize the acidity of the stomach.

4. If during menstruation the woman has a very sore stomach, it is recommended to start to eat the fruit for 2-3 days before the start of the cycle. Surprisingly, it helps to relieve the discomfort of usbtest and pain.

5. Eating avocados, useful properties of which many recommended in the prevention of cancer. The composition contains a substance glutathione, which neutralizes the body of carcinogens.

6. Fruit prevents cataract formation and has a General beneficial effect on vision.

7. Mask based on avocado can be applied on the affected areas of skin with diathesis and psoriasis adults and children.

8. Eat avocados need after the course of medication. Surprisingly, the composition of the fruit contains substances which protect the human liver from the damaging effects of drugs.

Avocado: benefits for beauty applications

The complex of vitamins a, C and E in combination with unsaturated fatty acids in avocados make an ideal product for skin care body and face hair. It has been proven that the oil of the fruit stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. These substances can effectively nourish skin, replenish nutrient deficiency.

It is also recommended to add the shampoo with a little avocado oil. Useful properties of fruit and a rich composition strengthen the structure of hair, will return them a healthy Shine.

Use alligatoridae pear to care for face and body

1. Mask for dry skin. From the pulp of one avocado puree is prepared, there is added a teaspoon of honey. All is well mixed, the resulting mass in a thin layer is applied to the face for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure is recommended 2 times a week.

2. Mask for oily skin. As in the first case, you need to prepare the avocado puree, but now there is added a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. The mixture is applied on face for 20 minutes.

3. Exfoliating face and body. The pulp of the fruit mixed with lemon juice (1 tablespoon), oatmeal (2 spoons). All mixed, poured egg white. The resulting mass is applied to the face, décolleté and neck. After 20 minutes the skin is massaged, then the mixture is washed off with warm water.

Avocado: beneficial properties for the hair, methods of application

1. Nourishing mask. 30 minutes before bathing the pulp is rubbed into the scalp and distributed throughout the length of the hair on the top, put on a shower cap.

2. Moisturizing mask. The flesh of the avocado mixed with natural yoghurt, there you can add a few drops of essential jojoba oil. The mixture is distributed through the hair, massaged into the scalp. After 40 minutes all you need to cleanse with shampoo.

3. Firming mask. The pulp of the fruit mixed with egg yolk, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Everything is stirred until a homogeneous consistency. The resulting mass is applied to the hair, preferably overnight, head wraps shower cap. In the morning, hair washed with shampoo.

Avocado: useful properties and application in therapeutic purposes

Avocado is used for the treatment and prevention of many ailments. It was also shown that the use of fruit pulp helps to improve the digestive system, causing not have any problems with bowel movement (constipation).

Health jam: a recipe «note»

Will need the following ingredients:

in figs;

• dried apricots;

• prunes;

• honey;

• avocados.

All the ingredients are prepared in the same proportion. The first time you can take 1 tablespoon and cook the jam on a sample.


1. Fruits 10-15 razmeshivatsya in warm water, then thoroughly crushed in a blender.

2. With avocado using the knife remove the peel, the pulp is removed and softened with a spoon or fork.

3. The ingredients are mixed together until a homogeneous mass and shifted to a convenient storage container.

Therapeutic jam is ready! This vitamin mixture is recommended to eat for both adults and children to prevent 1 tablespoon before bedtime. Jam is excellent strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to infections of various origins.

The main contraindications to the use

Despite the fact that avocados have beneficial properties a lot, you need to remember about contraindications.

1. The only strict contraindication is the presence of individual intolerance to the product.

2. In the bone of the fruit contain toxins, so drink it is allowed in small quantities.

3. Avocado oil is not recommended to use on scratches and open wounds, to prevent irritation.

Avocado is a hypoallergenic fruit. It is allowed to include in the diet of nursing mothers because of the harm to the child no.

Useful tips

1. When you select the fruit you need to carefully browse the rind – it should not be stains.

2. To ensure the ripeness of the fruit, you need to slightly put pressure on it with your finger. If avocado is soft, then he is ripe.

3. If the fruit is green, it must be put in 2-3 in the fridge, that he matured and was ready to eat.

Avocado, useful properties of which were listed above – is the fruit that you want to include in the diet of adults and children. Vitamin rich composition restores the balance of nutrients. In addition, alligatora bag can be used for making homemade masks for hair care and skin. This fruit will be useful in the kitchen each hostess.