Mustard oil: useful properties, contraindications and composition. Health and beauty the use of mustard oil

Mustard is one of the most famous condiments.

It is widely used in different areas of cooking, but that its application is not limited.

From the mustard seed produces a mustard oil, which, thanks to its composition, is able to overcome many ailments of the human body.

Mustard oil: chemical composition and useful properties

Mustard oil called vegetarian fish oil. This is due to the high concentration of healthy fatty acids omega–3 and 6. This feature makes this oil the best nutritional Supplement for healthy cardiovascular system. These components also normalize fat metabolism and hormonal balance, improves the digestive, reproductive and endocrine systems.

To useful substances, which contain mustard oil also includes:

• vitamins (a, group b, D, E, R and K);

• phytosterols;

• glycosides;

• pintaldi;

• chlorophyll;

• essential oil of mustard.

Vitamin a is an antioxidant. This is one of the most important vitamins involved in the proper development of the organism, so useful for children. Also, this vitamin helps to cleanse the skin and supports the vision.

Fat-soluble vitamin E is called anti-aging vitamin. It plays a major role in the normal functioning of the reproductive system, and helps to cleanse vessels of cholesterol, preventing cholesterol plaques.

Extremely important for the human body, especially in the period of active growth, vitamin d, Providing the normal amount of calcium and phosphorus vitamin maintains the proper condition of bone tissue.

B vitamins are beneficial to all body systems because they are the main actors in brain processes governing the function of all organs. For example, B3 is a regulator of processes in the brain that stimulate the digestive system and the production of sex hormones. B4 is an integral part of nerve fibers. It improves mental ability, and is also involved in the synthesis of substances that prevent fatty liver.

Mustard oil is not only rich in vitamin B6, but also promotes its synthesis in the intestine. This vitamin regulates almost all metabolic processes in the body, and supports the balance of female hormones.

Vitamin K is the main vitamin for blood. IT regulates clotting and is essential for the absorption of calcium by bone tissue of the skeleton.

Phytosterols are hormones of vegetable origin. These plant hormones involved in the metabolic processes of the entire endocrine system of humans and adversely affect the development of cancer.

Bactericidal, healing and anti-tumor properties of mustard oil also due to the presence of phytocides, chlorophyll and essential oil of mustard.

Mustard oil: useful properties for various diseases

Mustard oil is an effective assistant in the treatment of virtually all cardiac diseases. With regular use of this oil clears the blood vessels of cholesterol. It does not develop atherosclerosis. Also components of the oil increase the elasticity of the blood vessels and good blood clots, preventing strokes. Oil mustard take when there is a risk of heart attack as it helps to strengthen the heart muscles and walls of blood vessels.

Mustard oil is used as a stimulant of the motor and secretory functions of the digestive system. Bactericidal and healing effect helps repair the stomach wall after suffering gastritis. Providing a choleretic effect, oil is struggling with the cholecystitis. Also it is useful for hepatitis, and tsiroz liver.

Beneficially, the oil acts on the skin. Improving the function of the epithelium of the skin, it cleanses pores and heals the damaged areas. This property is very useful for teenage acne, seborrhea and dermtech.

Rinse and momentarily compresses with mustard oil is used for colds and infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Gargling, oral cavity and instillation of the nose a solution of their oil coats the mucous membranes killing bacteria.

The oil effectively works in the treatment of diseases of muscles and joints inflammatory. Providing a warming and moderately irritating when applied topically, mustard oil stimulates the circulation at the site of inflammation. It also stops the pain and reduces swelling. These properties of mustard oil is useful in such diseases:

• rheumatism;

• lumbago;

• gout;

• polyarthritis;

• arthrosis;

• sciatica;

• myositis.

Due to the large amount of vitamin D, oil of mustard is an excellent tool to prevent rickets.

The mustard oil is prescribed as an adjuvant in the treatment of disorders of female reproductive function. It normalizes the balance of female hormones, which is the most important indicator in the treatment of infertility. Also it is useful in the treatment of diseases of the ovaries and fibroids. For the male reproductive system the oil is also useful. Its components are essential for the formation of healthy seminal fluid. The use of oil increases the movement speed of sperm.

Mustard oil: beneficial properties in cosmetics

Mustard oil is used for care of face, body and hair. In addition to the vitamin cocktail it is appreciated by more and warming effect.

Oil is often included in cleansing and tonic lotions for the face. They are used as a preliminary tool before applying the mask, as it opens the pores, improves blood circulation under the skin. This effect maximizes the absorbed components of the mask.

Sprays with the addition of mustard oil enriches the skin with vitamins, equalize its color, and also have a firming effect. This is an important property in the care of Mature skin.

The stimulating properties of mustard useful in the care of the scalp. Regular rubbing of oil marked the cessation of hair loss and hair growth from dormant hair follicles.

To eliminate cellulite mustard oil added to massage oil. Warming up the skin, it improves skin’s blood circulation, and as a result go is subcutaneous fat.

Mustard oil: contraindications

Mustard oil can not be used if the sealed packaging has been opened more than six months ago, as it oxidizes and becomes toxic.

The daily consumption rate of oil – 3 to 4 tablespoons.

Children under 3 years of age should not take oil of mustard, as it can damage the membrane of the digestive tract.

When mixed with dairy products, fruits and some vegetables oil can cause diarrhea. Better to take it 2 hours after eating these products.

Mustard oil is contraindicated for people suffering from thyroid gland diseases associated with its hypofunction (e.g., hypothyroidism).

Allergies to products mustard and any nuts, is also a contraindication to the use of mustard oil.