Oat bran: the benefits and harms of coarse oat fiber. As is oat bran with health benefits and can they be harmful?

About the benefits of oat bran supporters of a healthy diet learned diet French Dukan.

Now this product in stores and pharmacies can be found as easily as usual Russians bran from wheat or rye.

What a great husk of oat grain?

What is oat bran

Indeed, bran is peeled off the hard shell of the grain. In milling production for a long time was considered almost a waste, although our ancestors branny bread complained. Today bran is considered one of the components of a healthy diet, and nutritionists explained why branny bread healthier baking from flour.

Oat bran is a by – product of processing of oat grains. The grain itself is used for cooking porridges, oat teas or the manufacture of flakes. It’s delicious, vysokouglerodistoy product. It is not always useful, unlike oat bran. They are useful because in the shell of the grain contains almost 90 percent of all the valuable active substances of oats.

The composition of oat bran, scientists have discovered:

• the rough is not digestible fiber;

• materials that reinforce the vision – lute, lycopene, zeaxanthin;

• antioxidants;

• amino acids;

• beta-gluten, is required for withdrawal from the body of fatty acids;

• vitamins of group b, PP, N, as well as vitamins a, C, K, T, D;

• mineral substances in the form of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

Eating oat bran is good for health. That’s only important to do it right, as this product has its own characteristics.

Useful properties of oat bran

Nutritionists with admiration talking about the cleansing property of oat bran. The dangers of fatty, high calorie food is known to all who are interested in healthy eating. So bran – any, not necessarily oat – able to clean from the gastrointestinal tract is not only harmful fats and the remains of undigested food and toxic lymphatic system of toxins. The result is normalized work of the most important organs: the pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys and liver.

Work bran in this sense is taken to compare with the brush, which sweeps the body of waste. This is due not digested in the stomach coarse fibers – they clean the gastrointestinal tract. Once in the stomach, fiber swells, absorbs cholesterol, bile acids and toxins, and then evacuated in a natural way. In addition, swollen otrubanie weight perfectly solve the problem of constipation by stimulating healthy bowel function.

The benefit of oat bran is appreciated by those who suffer from severe hormonal and immune diseases. Shell shelled oats to be included in the diet in the following ailments:

• atherosclerosis;

• diabetes mellitus;

• hypertension;

• reduced immunity;

• obesity.

Fibers reduce the harm of fatty foods, maintaining the permeability and elasticity of blood vessels. It reduces the rate of absorption of the starch contained in food, and lowers the glycemic index of food, which is very important in diabetes. Consumption of bran quickly improves health, reduces swelling and hypertension. Active substances-antioxidants, vitamins and minerals contained in oat bran, useful with reduced immunity.

Oat bran for weight loss

Obesity is a disease of modern civilization. Excessive use of sugar, fat, simple carbohydrates leads to a catastrophic growth in the number of people whose weight exceeds the norm. This, in turn, is a direct path to heart disease and diabetes.

Thanks to the oat bran to struggle with excess weight easier and more enjoyable.

• First, eating bran, you will not feel hunger on a diet. In the water they will immediately swell, increasing in volume by almost a third. This means that the satiety will be felt for a long time and will not overeat.

In addition, the bran is a slow carbohydrates, which means that they reduce the feeling of hunger and reduce sugar cravings.

• Establishing the bowels, eliminating constipation, bran restore normal metabolism. A clean colon works like a clock, not allowing food to be fat.

Formula quick weight loss the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fats plus a clean colon. Oat bran is the perfect fit in this formula, despite a decent calorie – 130 calories. However, in comparison with cereals (300 kcal), this figure is two times less. So when used correctly harm from oat bran would not be at all, but use whatever you want.

Harm oat bran

Any food can be potentially dangerous or undesirable for a chronically sick person. Direct harm to oat bran will bring in the following cases:

• acute gastritis;

• gastritis with low acidity;

• exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease;

• adhesions and erosion of the mucosa of the stomach wall.

The fact that bran is digested with difficulty, and inflamed, weak stomach, this food is too heavy. When mucosa is damaged coarse fiber can cause inflammation and increase the pain.

You can not eat bran, if one takes the medication. They’ll just absorb the active ingredients of drugs, and a positive result, the treatment will not.

If the ulcer and gastritis are in the stage of compensation, without the expressed inflammatory process, the bran is possible. But only after consultation with physician and in very small amounts, to determine which needs a doctor too.

How to use oat bran

For a healthy person the norm of bran per day is 30 grams. It is about four tablespoons with a slide. An important caveat: to bran started to work in the intestine, they should swell. Otherwise, no sense in their use there. It is therefore imperative bran drink plenty of fluids: water, broth, juice.

How to use bran:

• add to soups, salads, pancakes, omelettes and porridge;

• mix in ground beef when baking or frying cutlets;

• fill rate of bran yogurt, leave, and then is as a light dessert or main menu in discharge day;

• add in your baking, including dough for pies or biscuits.

Bran can even cook porridge when mixed with hot milk and to insist. In this dish you can add dried fruit, butter, nuts. In General, to turn trubnoy mess in a very similar it is traditionally a morning meal.

To lose weight bran can be steamed and eat them just like that. You need to take a third of the daily value, pour boiling water and dates the product to swell. After 20-30 minutes the excess water is drained, and the swollen weight to eat. Not everyone is a «dish» for the soul, so do not heroically overcome difficulties: just add steamed bran in my food.

To start eating oat bran need a little. The fact that the body can react to them at first too rapidly. For starters, you can stop at one or two teaspoons a day. If no unpleasant consequences in the form of heartburn or disorders of the chair is not observed, then during the week you can gradually reach the recommended dose. Do not forget to drink water after taking bran.