Unknown about salt. She is our friend or foe?

For some reason, always thought that salt does more harm than good and even was a common opinion that salt is the enemy of man. But if the salt becomes an enemy, then blame only ourselves when we violate all sense of proportion, which is very important in nature.

If you do not use salt in excess of physiological need (a lot of pickles, adzhika, smoked sausages) salt is your friend. The lack of salt, too, may end badly, may have serious metabolic disorders. Way — to keep a sense of proportion.

So after all let’s think about the Sol: friend or foe?

We all know that it is absolutely harmful or useful in nature. In all plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits – in everything that a person can eat than cured, in all that surrounds us in nature, there are both beneficial and harmful. The hard part is to guess or understand how much and what can each individual. One is strictly contraindicated what other can raise to his feet. And here, too, each because of its understanding uses traditional recipes.

And traditional medicine can be prescribed different medications by different people, although the diagnosis is the same. Probably just need to keep a sense of proportion when using the recipes of traditional medicine, to listen to your own body. I will now recommend you some really useful recipes that will help you in difficult cases.

A sea salt consume only in the form of aromatic additives to the bathroom. And it can consume (of course without additives) in a pure form. It is present in almost all elements of the periodic table. Academician V. Bolotov argues that the salt rejuvenates our body at the cellular level. For this there is a very easy way you need to put on the tip of the tongue a little table or sea salt (1-2 grams), salt to dissolve and then swallow with saliva. The amount of salt is minimal and will not bring harm, but will cause additional release of gastric juices. This should be done after a meal in 20-25 minutes. Ie, with the help of salt we stimulate the secretion of stomach juices, which helps to replace the old cells of the body for young.

And who knows how beneficial the salt masses on those who have low blood pressure, diabetes, lowered immunity, frequent colds? In addition to the therapeutic effect and cosmetic. Ions of salt penetrate the skin and have a stimulating effect on the entire body. Before a bath or shower, RUB a dry rock salt, RUB the palm of your hand, photopsias feet on salt. Do this regularly and the effect is not to make you wait. probably everyone knows that if you have open wounds, cuts, diathesis, eczema, i.e. any skin diseases, this is not recommended.

But if you suffer from acne and boils, salt the first assistant. And the recipe is very simple. To make salt an absorbent pellet, secure it with a bandage for about an hour, then rinse with warm water and a few hours again.

A simple cold to drink a little bit of salt with vodka, better sea, the same recipe can be used in cases of poisoning. But if vodka is unacceptable for you, you need to make several glasses of salt water and after a while «give» it back. The pressure – in the absence of drugs, you can drink salt water.

Recipes with salt in traditional medicine a lot and before to sit on a salt-free diet well think, whether correctly you arrive.