Baths for weight loss

Any girl and woman want to be slim and attractive. In the pursuit of a beautiful figure has been tried many ways to get rid of excess weight. Not the last place in this list are homemade bath slimming, which is gaining number of fans. In addition to getting rid of excess weight, baths for weight loss contribute to the prevention of cellulite and rejuvenate the skin. After a course of such procedures the skin becomes more smooth and delicate.

In addition, stretch marks become less noticeable or disappear altogether. That is why the baths are one of the favorite ways to care for your figure. The full course of baths for weight loss gives you good result weight loss up to 10 kg in a month. However, to achieve this effect, you should limit your intake of fatty and sweet foods, spices and baking. To eat balanced and small portions.

Baths for weight loss how to take

First, baths for weight loss should be taken while sitting, with water level about waist-high. If you experience any discomfort, palpitations need to stop taking baths. An hour before the procedure is recommended to stop eating and not eating an hour after. To improve the effect of will help use the tub of body scrub. You can use your homemade coffee or butter and salt.

Take baths for weight loss can only be fully healthy people. The water temperature should be around 35-37 degrees. Remember that cold baths tone and relax the hot. To enhance the effectiveness of the baths need to lead an active way of life, to walk, to play sports. Integrated the use of baths, limitations in food and physical activity will give a noticeable effect.

Massage to improve the effect of the bath for weight loss

The purpose of the procedure is bathing for weight loss is that heats the subcutaneous tissue, dilate blood vessels, resulting in mobilization of fat. A light massage together with taking a bath will make this process more actively.

Massage techniques: massage the body with special sponge, brush, anti cellulite glove or just your hands. Massage should be performed in precise sequence: neck, then arms, chest, back, next, belly, legs, buttocks and pelvic region. You can also use the method of circular massage. Need to move in a clockwise direction. Hand massage from the hands to the shoulders, neck, from top to bottom and belly in a circle, feet — from toes and up. Thus, the body need to go 2-3 times.

Tubs for weight loss — types

Salt baths for weight loss

It is especially nice to combine them with aromatic oils, this is a great way to relax and relieve stress. The course of salt baths will help to correct the figure. Salt helps to rid the body of excess fluid, stimulates blood flow, which occurs due to the elimination of toxins and the skin is filled with nutrients. In addition, the salt accelerates the metabolic processes. Such properties of a salt bath make the most effective fight fatty deposits and cellulite.

For taking salt baths for weight loss it is better to use sea salt, which is sold in pharmacies. This salt is enriched with various mineral fillers, as well as plant extracts. If not sea salt, it’s fine and normal. To prepare a salt bath, to dissolve in hot water about 350 grams of salt and pour the composition in the bath water.

Soda bath for weight loss. Soda is, probably, every housewife. Soda bath for weight loss are quite effective method of weight loss. To prepare this bath to dissolve in water a box of baking soda and half a kilo of sea salt. A course of treatments is 10 baths with a break of one day. The duration of treatment should not exceed 20 minutes, and then dry off and relax, not opolaskivanie. It is desirable to bundle up with a warm blanket and lie down for about an hour. Adding essential oils enhances the effect, and improves mood and well-being. This bath allows you to recuperate, relaxes and takes care of your figure and skin.

Bath slimming with citrus oils. Just add warm water and 5-6 drops of some oil, and you will feel a rush of energy and strength. Essential oils regulate fat metabolism, stimulate excretion of toxins. Because of this, taking bath with slimming essential oils, you can get rid of extra pounds, while enjoying the fresh, invigorating scents of orange, grapefruit or other citrus fruits. Before adding oil to the water is better to pre-mix it with a small handful of sea salt. It will not allow the oil to spread out over the surface.

Bath slimming with lime

Linden blossom — an excellent diaphoretic, but few make use of it’s wonderful properties for weight loss. And in vain, because the lime bath is a wonderful opportunity to lose weight and improve skin condition. The broth for the lime bath can include not only flowers and leaves but also the bark, buds, seeds of this medicinal tree. To prepare the broth takes 300 grams of raw materials in 5 liters of water. The ingredients are brought to a boil and then steeped (about 15 minutes). After taking a lime bath for weight loss it is better to go to sleep. Already in the morning you can enjoy a wonderful result — minus kg of body weight, and velvety soft skin.

Bath slimming with turpentine emulsion

These baths significantly increase the elasticity of skin, promote weight loss. They are prepared on the basis of the emulsion for baths, which can be found in pharmacies. To the product instruction manual. People who have pressure is increased, it is recommended to apply the yellow turpentine at normal or reduced pressure suit white turpentine. Such water treatment is, among other things, is perfect and strengthen the immune system.

Bath slimming with citrus extracts

Bath slimming with citrus juice, zest and others, have the body holistic sanative effect, removes toxins. In addition, they increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin help to get rid of extra pounds. For the preparation of a citrus bath will need 5 oranges (or the same amount of grapefruits, lemons, tangerines). Squeeze the juice and mix in 3 tablespoons oil (olive), add to a warm bath. To prepare the bath you need to peel remove the peel from any citrus and chop it, or use dried zest earlier. It is necessary to fill a liter of boiling water, then insist. The filtered broth to add to a warm bath.

Coniferous baths for weight loss

To prepare a bath you can use special pine extract, purchased at a pharmacy or shop. It is a liquid, in tablets, briquettes or powder. The product quantity is calculated according to the instructions. Coniferous solution you can prepare yourself. For this kilo of raw materials (cones, twigs, needles, or bark) pour approximately 7 litres of water to boil (about 40 minutes) and infuse for not less than 12 hours. The amount of solution is sufficient for one bath. These baths can be taken every day or every other day rate of up to 15 procedures. Pine baths are shown to use no more often than every six months. After the procedure is to rinse under a cool shower for about 10 seconds, then relax lying down or in a chair for half an hour.

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