These 4 kinds of products make the smell of your body is disgusting

Thanks to a series of studies, British scientists have managed to determine the types of products that significantly changing the body odor, and not for the better.

First, but not the most honorable place in this rating belongs to the alcohol. It is known that the processing of alcohol, as well as other things that we consume, occurs in the liver. However, 10% of alcohol leaves the body through sweat, urine and is excreted through the breath. And when you consider that alcohol increases sweating in several times, there is nothing surprising in the fact that every alcoholic drink consumed us, gives us bad breath.

In second place, oddly enough, meat. The reason is that fans of meat products, in contrast to vegetarians, intensively secreted sweat, which also has a more pungent odor.

In third place was the product with a rather poor reputation it has acquired due to its strong specific smell. As you probably have guessed, it’s garlic. Not only the smell of the breath produces a fan of garlic, but the smell of his sweat, as this product also stands out through the sweat glands.

The last place in the list of products that adversely affects the smell of our body, take foods that contain a methyl compound. Their high content found in soy products, spinach and beets. Processing these, in General, useful products in the body, a high amount of trimethylamine that is, excreted in sweat and gives the body an unpleasant fishy smell.