Diet ulcer — detailed description and useful tips. Diet for ulcers — examples of recipes.

Diet ulcer — the description and General principles

Recently widely spread opinion that ulcers of the stomach or 12-duodenum can be easily cured with medicines that destroy bacteria Helicobacter pylory. As discovered by scientists, this microorganism is one of the main reasons for the spread of the disease in the body. However, the stomach and digestive tract do not recover as quickly because the health food has not lost its functions. Patients still recommended diet based on the diet for these diseases, especially if they hard ran a long time.

The main damaging factor in this case is hydrochloric acid, so you should avoid foods that stimulate the production of gastric juice. Great attention should be paid to consistency of the food, preference is given to stained products will not damage the stomach wall. Meals, able mechanical impact on the mucous membrane, are eliminated in full, menu be only not annoying mucous and quickly processed food. It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of foods rich in fiber, products made from flour coarse, coarse connective meat tissue.

The complex of therapeutic measures and dietary food quickly to help restore the function of the stomach. Recommended eating 5-6 times a day – the so-called fractional power, which is recognized as the most useful even for a healthy person. All food should be served slightly warm, at room temperature. Too hot or cold foods can only hurt.

The ulcer diet — what foods can be consumed

For therapeutic diets are selected foods that have the least impact on the secretion. It is easier to prepare suitable meals with the help of boiling or steam treatment and grind in a blender (or another way).

From pastry select white bread yesterday, app cookies and dry cake, other Goodies and sweets can wait until better times. The meat is well cooked, fresh boiled fish, various dairy products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese) cooked soft-boiled or scrambled eggs. Cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, semolina) in the liquid composition of soft porridge or pureed soups, are also preparing vegetable soups or puddings of root vegetables. Vegetable oils and animal fats are not canceled, sunflower, olive, butter in small quantities is added to many dishes.

Drink: still mineral water, black tea and green (necessarily rather weak), compotes from fresh or dry fruit, broth hips.

The ulcer diet — what foods should not be consumed

Excluded and restricted products, greatly stimulating the secretion: alcoholic beverages, soda, especially with the use of preservatives and dyes, coffee, strong tea. Fried, spicy, pickled and smoked foods can cause worsening of the disease, so they are not just, limited, and excluded completely. Adversely affect the patient’s stomach can canned foods and greasy foods. Limit the intake of brown bread and fresh hot white, fat confectionery products with cream, fried pies. Advertised vegetable healthy salad to not shabby have to leave before full recovery, so they are rich in crude fiber. Also have to exclude ice cream, mutton fat and pork lard, salt, mushrooms. Spirits just don’t notice -they cannot be used until complete recovery.

Diet for ulcers — examples of menu

If the patient does not feel pain, no nausea and belching, and other symptoms expressed implicitly, it is possible to use the following approximate version of the diet for 2 days. By feel, you can portion increase or decrease.

The first day

For Breakfast, boil the two eggs, a piece of yesterday’s white bread and jelly with fruit. The complimentary Breakfast is more than rich, porridge of buckwheat with white bread, warm unsweetened tea.

Lunch and snack: on the first hash, the second is boiled fish (100 grams) and served with boiled potatoes, stewed fruit and white bread. After 2-3 hours the sandwich with butter and 100 grams of yogurt, 1 peach.

Dinner: vegetable stew or braised cabbage with boiled beef, fruit soufflé, a glass of milk, figs or other soft fruit.

The second day

First and second Breakfast: two eggs «boiled eggs», fruit jelly, white bread. After 2 hours, rice porridge and beef burgers, serving coffee with milk.

Lunch and afternoon snack: dairy or milk vermicelli soup, mashed potatoes, steam cutlets, sweet warm tea. After two or three hours soaked in water or steamed dried apricots, sandwich of white bread with butter and cheese, a glass of fruit jelly.

Dinner includes rice porridge with steamed fish and white bread. For dessert, apricots and milk.

Menu is in severe pain or after surgery

The first day

First and second Breakfast: yogurt and a sandwich with butter, mineral water.

After 2 hours, two boiled eggs, rice porridge»gruel», mashed fruit, warm milk.

Lunch and snack: chicken soup with vegetables, boiled pasta, milk. Soaked dried apricots and applesauce. After 2-3 hours the second course in the form of steam cutlets and mashed potatoes, broth hips, white bread and soft raisins.

Dinner: soft-boiled egg with boiled beef, chopped vegetable salad of cooked carrots, fruit jelly. Before bed a glass of warm milk.

The second day

First and second Breakfast: a sandwich with butter, mineral water. Two hours later, steam scrambled eggs, semolina, sweet tea.

Lunch and snack: vegetable soup with beef meatballs, peas, boiled potatoes, tea. After 2-3 hours the oats, milk and a piece of bread.

Dinner: vegetable soup with boiled fish (without bones), soft-boiled egg, milk , bread.

Diet ulcer — useful tips and reviews

To provoke peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum may wrong way of life, in conjunction with stress, alcohol, cigarettes and malnutrition. Often mental shock or nervous tension can lead to lack of appetite, and hunger is lost. Pay attention to yourself, if you have close relatives with peptic ulcer disease is a big risk factor. But if you already have disease, diet, you absolutely need to follow a diet.

For the treatment of ulcers folk healers always recommended to drink cabbage juice for a month. This is a very affordable medication, should not be neglected. Also an excellent remedy is honey drink: a tablespoon of honey in a glass of boiled water. Drink several times a day instead of water or tea.

Smoking ulcer

If you are a smoker and you have discovered an ulcer — well, you can only sympathize. Want or not, but with this addiction you have to break up, no matter how difficult it was to make. In this case, to seek to justify a «calm the nerves» or «an elegant pose with the cigarette» useless, pain can torture him to such an extent that you will have no choice.

Smoking in most cases promotes disease, creates the best conditions for its development. Providing excitation to the gastrointestinal tract, nicotine affects the Central nervous system, and through its instrumentality and innovation of the stomach. Nicotine enters the lungs through the smoke, and into the stomach through the saliva, rosalea in this case the mucous membrane. The ulcer may not heal, and the inflammation increases. Smokers with great experience is the direct candidates for this disease, it was found that mortality from peptic ulcer disease they have 5 times higher, and 11-13% of smokers who have earned a stomach ulcer, the risk of a change in her tumor. Tobacco smoke stimulates secretion of mucous juice, and there is heartburn, which is experienced by probably every heavy smoker. Liver aktiviziruyutsya to clean up the stomach and large quantities of bile. Toxic substances together with the bile, and penetrate into the 12-duodenum, leaving there part of raw hazardous substances. Thus, ulcer Smoking is just prohibited.

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