If smoothies for weight loss? How to prepare smoothies for weight loss: interesting recipes and General principles

Smoothie is a real treasure for those women who want to forever forget about the problems with excess weight.

You can no longer torment yourself with fresh cereals and dietary soups.

Smoothies for weight loss is a tasty and healthful cocktail that you can indulge in any time of the day.

Smoothies for weight loss: how to choose the right products

What is a smoothie? It’s a cocktail that represents a homogeneous whipped mass of all kinds of ingredients. It may be cooked from all that you want, then play the role of a personal taste preferences. A stunning dessert smoothie is obtained from the pulp of banana, chocolate and cream. However calories too much. If the main goal is to lose weight, smoothies to lose weight need to cook the appropriate ingredients.

Products for low calorie cocktail

1. Any greens and fresh vegetables. This can be carrots, cauliflower and cabbage, green onions, parsley, spinach, celery, cucumbers.

2. Fruits in frozen or fresh form. Especially need to pay attention to citrus, plum, lime, kiwi, canned or fresh pineapple, melon, plum.

3. Berry smoothie is perfect for strawberries and raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, gooseberries.

4. Dairy products. Natural low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt.

5. Juices can be taken only natural. Vegetable or fruit – this is a personal choice of every woman.

6. Fat burners and a variety of biostimulants of natural origin. It is turmeric and ginger root.

7. Buckwheat and oat flakes.

To assemble products can be whatever you want. This will allow each time to get a whole new taste. The main thing to always remember about the calories and pick the appropriate ingredients.

Smoothies for weight loss: recipes from fruit

Recipe 1: «Hearty Breakfast»

To prepare the drink you will need:

• yogurt (fat content of 0%);

• cereal with no additives (1 tablespoon);

• ¼ Green banana;

• strawberries (fresh and frozen).

Using a blender whipped fruit with cereals. When the mass is homogeneous, is added to the yogurt. All this is whipped another half minute. The cocktail turns out to be very satisfying, despite the fact that its energy value per 100 grams will be 97 Kcal.

Recipe 2: «energized»

The drink is perfect as a «sugar Breakfast». It fills the body components, saturating the energy.

The list of required components:

• grapefruit (half fruit);

• green Apple;

• ginger (about 2 grams);

• strong green tea without sweeteners;

• kiwi;

• a bit of honey for sweet taste.

Ginger it is desirable to use fresh. He rubbed on a fine grater, mix with finely chopped fruit, all whipped in a blender. Then added honey and green tea. The mixture is whipped until then, until the mixture becomes homogeneous. 100 grams of this beverage accounts for 85 Calories.

Recipe 3: «Cereal-fruity fun»


• any seasonal fruit (2 pieces);

• a glass of fresh low-fat milk.;

• a small amount of cheese (teaspoon);

• wheat germ (2 large spoons).

Per 100 ml have about 110 Calories. It should be noted that this is not bad. The cocktail is incredibly hearty, wheat germ swells once in the stomach, which gives a feeling of satiety for 3-4 hours.

Drinks based on vegetables

Recipe 1: «Vitamin smoothies soup»

To prepare a drink you will need:

• yogurt 0% or a glass of buttermilk;

• pre-cooked broccoli (100-130 grams);

• parsley or dill.

Once the cabbage are boiled must put it in a blender and whip until smooth. Then there is added to the other ingredients, all stirred again briefly. Smoothies soup is best consumed in the form of heat. Per 100 ml is not more than 95 Kcal.

Recipe 2: «Green delight»

Who said that a vegetable smoothie is not tasty? Cocktail «Green delight» will persuade anyone.


• sweet pepper, pre-washed from the seeds and purified from the skin;

• green onions (1 stalk);

• grated on a fine grater fresh ginger;

• cucumber (1 piece);

• water «Borjomi».

Refreshing and satisfying drink. First, in a blender whipped basic components, then water is added. In the summer time is an ideal option for those who want to get rid of extra pounds. Adding a few ice cubes to smoothies, you can get a great refreshing cocktail.

Recipe 3: «the Smile of the sun»


• beet juice (approximately 150 grams);

• the fruit of tomatoes, pre-peeled from the skin;

• juice of carrot 200 grams;

• celery (choose 2 most juicy).

Great low calorie cocktail, rich in useful vitamins and minerals. The first thing into the blender whipped celery and tomato, to the resulting mixture are added to the juices. Everything gets lined up again ready for use. 100 ml 60 Kcal.

Smoothies for weight loss: «the amazing mix»

Smoothie for weight loss do not have to mix only fruits or only vegetables. Include a drop of imagination and a little courage in a cocktail, you can combine the most unexpected ingredients.

Recipe 1: «Grace»

Only 97 Kcal per 100 ml drink – healthy, delicious, «safe» for the figure. This smoothie is recommended to try all those who decided to lose a few pounds.


• fresh spinach (about 70 grams);

• broccoli boiled (100 grams);

• quartered green Apple;

• large orange;

• a glass of fresh grapefruit juice;

• 1 carrot.

The ingredients are thoroughly whipped in a blender, the mixture is added to the juice, then again all whipped. The only caveat smoothies for weight loss this recipe, you need to drink immediately after cooking, otherwise in 10 minutes it will be separated into layers, the taste is not the same.

Recipe 2: «Cheerful vitamin»

Will need the following ingredients:

• seaweed (1 teaspoon);

• cut into small pieces, kiwi fruit;

• some spinach;

• fresh pear;

• cabbage (80 grams);

• low-fat cream (3 tablespoons);

• boiled water (400 ml).

Blended smoothies in the following way – first the basic ingredients, then water is added. Per 100 grams of the drink has about 110 Calories.

Recipe 3: «Juicy joy»

The smoothie recipe will satisfy the ladies who like to experiment with ingredients, to combine incongruous.


• watercress (quantity according to individual desire);

• kiwi;

• natural yoghurt low fat

• green seedless grapes.

The unusual mix of rich green shade will appreciate its amazing taste. Hearty and healthy drink burn weight, energy value in 100 grams is 90 Kcal.

Smoothies for weight loss: how to turn a drink into a diet

If it is correct to use smoothies for weight loss, you can achieve really effective results. The main advantage of the drink is that it is rich in vitamins and minerals, which contributes to dehydration.

If two ways on how to use smoothies to lose weight.

1. To arrange one fasting day per week on a low-calorie smoothie. We must not forget to drink 1.5-2 liters of liquids, including green tea without sugar. One fasting day takes 1-2 kilos, depending on the initial weight.

2. Replacement. The woman who decided to normalize your figure can substitute a smoothie for one meal. For example, it can be dinner. A rich drink will satisfy your appetite before going to sleep.

Useful tips on smoothie making

1. A smoothie to get most low-calorie, recommended natural yoghurt to replace the nonfat yogurt.

2. The drink is useful to add the seeds of flax. They contain fiber and valuable antioxidants. The taste of the seeds is not affected, so you can add them to any smoothie recipe.

3. Orange juice is more calories than in natural juice pineapple or pomegranate.

4. Instead of banana in the recipe, you can add peaches.

5. A small number of almonds or walnuts will give smoothies a nice flavor.

Smoothies for weight loss – it is efficient, useful and very tasty. Fasting day on a low-calorie vitamin drink restores balance, improves the work gastrointestinal tract.