The refusal of sweet and fat may cause «breaking» and depression

Before declare itself to obesity, fatty and sugary foods causes chemical changes in the brain, and this means that if you are a lover of oily or sweet to go on a diet, it will feel just like a drug addict experiencing «break-up». So say researchers from the University of Montreal.

«Working with mice, whose brains are in many respects comparable with our own, we found that the neurochemical activity of the brain of animals, which are kept in fatty and sweet diet, was not like those who eat healthy food» ‒ the scientists explain. ‒ «Changes in diet cause the symptom cancellations and greater sensitivity to stressful situations, launching a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating habits.»

For six weeks, one group of mice were fed food low in fat and another high in fat. The scientists observed how different foods affect the behavior of animals.

Mice who ate fatty food, showed signs of anxiety, in particular, avoided open areas. In addition, their brains have changed. CREB is a molecule that controls genes involved in the functioning of our brain and contributes to memory formation. CREB is much more activated in the brain of mice, eating fatty foods. These mice also had higher levels of corticosterone, the stress hormone, which explains their depression and negative behavioral cycle.

These results are food for thought about how it would be possible to support people psychologically during their well-meaning attempts to change poor eating habits into more healthy.