The new year’s feast irreversibly affect the figure

Approval of Texas researchers, the extra pounds are gaining the people during the celebration of the New year, is not going away. Moreover, even fasting days will help the restaurants buy old weight.

Scientists during observations found that on average, each man, unable to hold it together at the festive table every year due to the Christmas holidays gaining extra pounds of weight, which in the future are not able to get rid of. And for 10 years accumulates, respectively, ten extra pounds. Even intense exercise will not help to slow down the process of weight gain.

Explains this phenomenon by the fact that for new year’s table a person receives this amount of calories, which is not able to deliver it no one the gym. What’s interesting: all of this applies, as a rule, men. According to experts, the reason for this is the fact that women are a big part of the holidays is carried out at the stove, and the men at the table or in front of the TV.

Scientists have conducted an interesting experiment, which was attended by 48 men and 100 women aged 18 to 60 years. Half of the participants adhered to the healthy lifestyle, the other half of the volunteers led a normal, quiet life.

The counting results of the experiment showed that all the people involved in it, gained weight. Increasingly, however, concerned those who suffer obesity.

Part of participating volunteers was determined to lose weight and regain his form. However, increased physical activity have not yielded the expected results.