The more weight a person has, the more harmful for him alcohol

The assumption that a couple of glasses of wine a day stimulates the heart, has long been questioned by many independent researchers. And it definitely was wrong for those who are overweight or obese, according to researchers from the new Zealand Institute of Public Health.

In the record published in the monthly Australian journal Public Health, researchers Tim Lobstein and Mike DOB acknowledged that the results of previous studies on drink as a means to prevent heart disease, is now questioned in view of the fact that they were not taken into account one very important factor — the weight of a person.

Meanwhile, experts note that a small amount of wine really is beneficial to the human body but only under the condition that it is not characterized by the presence of extra pounds. Otherwise, experts say, wine, in addition to heart problems, is quite likely to cause an increase in the risk of stroke, diabetes and cancer.

The study’s lead author Tim Lobstein said: «We are very concerned that the data underlying all of the findings about the benefits of wine, came to our time from a number of scientific papers, conducted over 40 years ago. Consequently, they cannot be considered objective today, when excess weight is one of the most common problems of modern society».

Thus, the new Zealand experts have decided to conduct the study to determine whether there is a relationship between the effects of wine on the human body and its weight. After some investigation they found that those who had a body mass index over 27.5 kg/m2, you get significantly more damage from wine beverages compared to other participants in the study who did not have overweight and obesity.

According to scientists, these results were sufficient to establish the dependence of the damaging effect of alcohol on weight using it human.