Japanese diet for 14 days: the correct organization of the process of weight loss. Detailed menu of the Japanese diet for 14 days

Japanese diet for 14 days enjoy great popularity among the fair sex. The method of weight reduction based on the fact that the diet should be low in calories but rich in vitamins food. Knowing all the rules and nuances of system weight loss you can fast to lose weight. Japanese diet helps in two weeks to get rid of 8-9 kg of weight.

The advantages and disadvantages of «Japanese women»

The system of weight loss has positive and negative sides, like any other technique of weight reduction.

The main advantages of the technique

1. Normalizes metabolism and metabolic processes.

2. Toxins, toxins and excess fluid from the body.

3. Excellent efficiency. The Japanese diet eyes «eats» excess weight.

4. Well tolerated. To new diet the body gets used 2-3 days, they will be the hardest. All subsequent days will be transferred much easier.

Disadvantages of methods

1. If you do not take additional vitamins, the body will be depleted.

2. Menu has low calorie content, it is likely to break in the first 2-3 days.

3. Japanese diet for 14 days imply that drinking coffee that you can drink is not for everyone.

Before you begin the process of losing weight, be sure to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of methods. If for some reason the system causes discomfort, it is best to find another way to lose weight. The Japanese diet hard to deal with it under force far not each woman.

Permitted and prohibited to eat products

The method of weight reduction is quite rigid. It is based on the use of protein and the exclusion from the diet of carbohydrates and fats.

Foods that you can include in your menu:

• beef and chicken;

• eggs;

• raw fruits and vegetables;

• low-fat yogurt;

• cheese varieties;

• any fish.

Diet Japanese allowed to drink only plain water without gas and natural black coffee. It is desirable that the water was boiled.

Products that cannot be included in the menu:

• any condiments, including sugar and salt;

• bakery products;

• fruit – bananas and grapes;

• alcoholic beverages;

• smoked meats.

It is strictly forbidden to include in the menu products that are not included in the allowed list.

The Japanese diet 14 days menu

To develop your own menu sometimes hard, even knowing the lists of permitted and prohibited foods. Presents diet for every day – great tip. Following it, two weeks will take at least 8 kg of weight.

Day 1 and day 13

1. Morning. Perfect Breakfast Japanese diet for 14 days is a Cup of organic coffee or mug of green tea without sugar.

2. Lunch. 300 grams of cabbage salad. For its preparation you can use not only cabbage, but also Beijing. Salad dressed with olive oil or low-fat sour cream (do not add salt). 15 minutes before a meal drink a glass of fresh tomato juice.

3. Dinner. 250 grams any fish, it can not only boil, but fry in small amount of oil.

Day 2 and day 12

1. Morning. Breakfast is always the same – coffee or green tea. Allowed to eat 1 toasted toast.

2. Lunch. Salad of fresh vegetables, the main thing is not to add the potatoes in it. 150 grams of lettuce is added to 100 grams of boiled fish.

3. Dinner. 250 ml yogurt (it should be minimal fat). You can add a pinch of cinnamon.

Day 3 and day 11

1. Morning. Coffee or tea are allowed 2-3 biscuit with raisins.

2. Lunch. To make a salad of boiled carrots, eggs and cheese. Fill it with olive oil. Allowable portion of salad – 200 grams, it is very nutritious, so hunger is satisfied.

3. Dinner. Any fruit except those that are in the banned list. For example, you can eat 2-3 of green Apple.

Day 4 and day 10

1. Morning. 1 burnt toast and 250 ml of green tea without sugar and other additives.

2. Lunch. 1 large zucchini cut into small cubes, fry in olive oil. It’s a very hearty and tasty dish.

3. Dinner. Coleslaw – 200-250 grams, 1 boiled egg.

Day 5 and day 9

1. Morning. A Cup of organic coffee and 100 grams of salad (1 raw carrots grate on a grater, to fill with lemon juice).

2. Lunch. Tomato juice 150 ml (without salt), 300 grams of boiled fish.

3. Dinner. 300 grams of raw cucumber, all you need to drink low-fat yogurt.

Day 6 and day 8

1. Morning. 250 ml of green tea or a Cup of organic coffee, 1 green Apple.

2. Lunch. 400 grams of cooked chicken or beef, 200 grams of cabbage salad. All prepared without salt.

3. Dinner. 2 boiled eggs, 1 raw carrots, a Cup of yogurt.

Day 7

1. Morning. A Cup of green tea without sweeteners or natural coffee and 1 toast.

2. Lunch. 2-3 large green Apple, 250 grams of boiled chicken fillet.

3. Dinner. 1 carrot with 1 Apple, to grate on cucumbers, mix and eat in the evening 150-200 grams of this vitamin meals.

Day 14

1. Morning. Natural coffee, you can add a little cream and 1 toast.

2. Lunch. Salad made from any kind of cabbage (200 grams) and fried fish (150 grams).

3. Dinner. The flesh of beef boiled – 150-200 grams and 1 fat-free liquid natural yogurt.

It is important to understand that the technique of weight loss is considered extreme. If for 2 or 3 days the person feels malaise and weakness, to continue losing weight you need to finish.

Rules methods of weight loss

The system really gives a striking result. However, to achieve the desired, clearly necessarily need to follow all the rules. They easy, to remember them very easily.

1. You want to eat according to the menu. It is strictly forbidden to decrease or increase the portion size or change the products in some places. The reason is that during weight loss the metabolism is changing. Japanese diet for 14 days designed to support proper functioning of the body and to give him all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

2. It is very important to observe the correct drinking regime. People have to accustom yourself every day to drink 1.5 liters of boiled pure water at room temperature.

3. For all of two weeks must drink advanced pharmacy vitamins. If this is not done, the person will feel weakness, constant pain in the head and not be able to withstand 14 days of weight loss.

4. Strenuous physical exercise is prohibited, as the body is very weak. However, the exercises in the morning will be extremely useful. It will allow you to cheer up and to tighten the muscles.

5. Japanese diet for 14 days eliminates snacking. To eat exactly 3 times a day. However, the first day to the new diet will be hard to get used to. So, if you suddenly overcome by a feeling of hunger, you are allowed to drink 1 Cup of yogurt low fat.

Rules of weight loss methods is quite simple, but follow them need to be mandatory. If everything is done as expected, in two weeks we will enjoy her new figure. By the way, at the end of the diet you can’t eat and lean on all the products in a row. We need to continue to follow the daily diet. It is desirable to continue to exclude from the daily menu, salt and sugar.


Despite its simplicity, the Japanese diet for 14 days has a number of contraindications.

1. Pregnancy. Some women in the period of carrying a child trying to keep in form and stick to the menu, to certain diets. To do this, you should not. The female body during pregnancy is changing and needs more calories and nutrients. You need to eat as much as you like, of course, while respecting reasonable limits.

2. Lactation. In a breastfeeding woman needs to watch what they eat. This is clearly not the best time to diet. A product of «Japanese women» not allowed to eat women during breast-feeding.

3. The Japanese diet 14 days is strictly prohibited ulcer, gastritis, diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver.

Japanese diet for 14 days is effective, affordable and simple. If there are no contraindications to following the weight-loss, to gain strength, patience and to implement the desired. Just two weeks correct a measured power will take at least 8 kg weight, in some cases more.