The grapefruit diet: an effective «fat burner». How to eat grapefruit for weight loss, recipes, menus

The grapefruit diet is a perfect product. Very often its diet includes various techniques for weight loss.

Composed of grapefruit contains large amounts of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and other nutrients which are beneficial to the human body, strengthen the immune system.

Eating fruit helps to normalize the work of digestive tract and accelerate the fat burning process. It has been proven that it is enough to eat 1 grapefruit a day to excess weight gradually went.

However, for effective results it is important to follow all the other rules of nutrition.

Useful properties of aromatic fruit

The grapefruit has a lot of useful properties.

1. Antioxidant properties. In bright, fragrant fruit contains lycopene, which helps prevent the formation of cancer cells. In addition, grapefruit cleanses the body of toxins and impurities.

2. Lowers blood cholesterol levels, due to the content in the composition of the pectin.

3. Strengthens the immune system. In half of the fruit contains about 80% of the value of vitamin C required by a person per day. Eating grapefruit daily can strengthen the body’s defenses to various bacteria and viruses.

4. Normalizes work of digestive organs, improves intestinal peristalsis, helps to solve the problem of constipation.

5. Citrus reduces fatigue and signs of depression, struggles with insomnia.

6. Gives a sense of satiety, so one eats less calories. As a result, reduction of excess weight. By the way, the caloric value of the fruit per 100 grams is 90 Kcal.

The grapefruit diet also effective because of the content in the fruit sodium, which gives a diuretic effect and allows you to withdraw excess fluid from the body.

The benefits of eating grapefruit for weight loss

Grapefruit is not only good for the body, but also helps to get rid of annoying extra pounds. It has been proven that this fruit burns fat and suppresses hunger.

The benefits of eating grapefruit for weight loss

1. Low energy value. Due to the fact that the fruit contains only 90 Kcal per 100 grams, it allows you to lose weight very quickly.

2. Large «volume». Grapefruit is quite massive, not having finished the fruit to the end, people will be satisfied and will suppress hunger for the next few hours.

3. Lowers blood insulin levels. This means that the body will not absorb the glucose, and begin to rework it into energy. As a result, the fat storage will be reduced to a minimum.

4. Small glycemic index. Grapefruit does not cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. Again, this means that the consumption of fruit allows you to burn fat while decreasing appetite.

The grapefruit diet has many benefits. It is really a tested and proven way to lose weight and to normalize your figure.

How to eat grapefruit for weight loss

There are several options for the use of the citrus for weight loss. You can eat it regularly to keep in shape, and you can sit on the grapefruit diet. It all depends on the desired result.

How to use grapefruit for weight loss

1. Before meals. Nutritionists recommend before the main meal to eat half of the fruit. It will slightly suppress the appetite, which does not allow a person to overeat at the table.

2. Replace one meal. If you stick to the diet is difficult, you can start to eat 1 citrus instead of Breakfast or dinner. Due to the fact that the grapefruit gives the feeling of satiety, will not be felt hunger, and the next few hours people will feel comfortable. You can also use the juice of citrus for Breakfast. It tones, gives a sense of vitality, relieves stress. It will be helpful for bowel. The fruit has a diuretic and mild laxative effect, and will eliminate toxins, toxins and excess fluid from the body.

3. Diet on the grapefruit diet. There are many different techniques for weight loss on the basis of this nutritious and healthy citrus. If the person has set a clear goal to lose weight, you can consider several options of diets and choose the most appropriate. However, you will need to prepare for the challenges. Like any diet, the grapefruit has a number of requirements that must be followed, otherwise the result will be.

Help grapefruit juice in weight loss

If it is difficult to eat whole fruit, you can prepare juice from it. It is better absorbed and better taste.

The benefits of eating juice of citrus for weight loss

1. Burns fat due to the presence of flavonoids. Need to train yourself every morning instead of Breakfast drink a glass of juice to start the digestive processes and improve the metabolism.

2. Is characterized by a diuretic effect, together with the excess fluid will remove toxins and wastes.

3. It tones, removes traces of fatigue and stress, gives a burst of energy for the entire day.

Diet grapefruit diet: sample menu for 7 days

Diet on the grapefruit diet designed for a week, will lose 5-7 kg, while the man will not be left hungry and will not feel weakness, malaise. This technique not only fights fat but also helps cleanse the body, which is very important.

Sample menu for a week


1. Morning. 1 Cup of fresh grapefruit juice. If the fetus got too bitter, you can add drink 1 teaspoon of honey.

2. Lunch. Vegetable salad with greens – portion of 250 grams.

3. Dinner. 1 whole grapefruit and 1 boiled egg.


1. Morning. A glass of fresh juice from citrus and 2 boiled eggs.

2. Lunch. 50 grams of hard cheese and 1 whole grapefruit.

3. Evening. Boiled fish drizzled with lemon juice – 150-200 grams.


1. Morning. 100 grams of oatmeal without sugar and other sweeteners, glass of fresh grapefruit juice.

2. Lunch. Vegetable soup – 250 ml.

3. Dinner. 100 grams of cooked chicken, half a grapefruit.


1. Breakfast. Lemon tea without sugar, 1 boiled egg.

2. Lunch. 1 grapefruit.

3. Dinner. Steamed vegetables – you can use zucchini, carrots, celery (300 g) cabbage, 1 Cup of grapefruit juice.


1. Morning. Salad of apples, grapefruit, sprinkle with lemon juice.

2. Lunch. 2 boiled eggs and 1 baked potato.

3. Evening. 200 grams of fish, boiled, sprinkle with lemon juice. 30 minutes before bedtime drink a glass of juice from citrus.

On Saturday and Sunday you can repeat each day’s menu. At the end of the diet strictly prohibited from «lean on the refrigerator.» We need to continue to eat properly, preferably on a daily basis to continue to drink for tomorrow grapefruit juice. This will clean the bowel, to support a person in good shape and will not allow you to appear body fat. Diet on the grapefruit diet is very easy, and the result after 7 days will be pleasantly surprised.

Important rules diet on the grapefruit diet

To achieve the best result and reach the desired weight, you need to know the important points of organizing your diet in the diet grapefruit.

1. It is strictly forbidden to eat 2 hours before bedtime, in the evening the stomach should not be full.

2. Totally need to give up on the diet on the grapefruit diet from confectionery, fried foods, various spices and sauces.

3. Alcohol should not be consumed, it is recommended to refrain from coffee and strong black tea. It is better to drink herbal drinks, they are healthier and better effect on the digestion.

4. If during the day there is a strong hunger, allowed to drink a Cup of yogurt fat content of 1% or fat-free natural yogurt.

5. It is recommended to combine diet with minimal physical exertion. For example, morning exercise, Jogging. Before going to sleep so you can devote 15-20 minutes a simple charging.

6. Every day should drink 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water. Lack of fluid in the body triggers a slowing of metabolism.

The grapefruit diet is a proven effective tool for weight loss. The use of citrus would bring the figure to normal, to achieve the desired proportions and to improve the function of all internal body systems.