The facts indicate that dairy products do not lose weight

Adding a few servings of milk or yogurt in your daily diet, you will not be able to change the size of clothes on a lower — conclusion scientists have come, having analysed results of previous studies.

Some researchers argue that dairy products help people feel full longer, and that the calcium contained in milk and yogurt, can prevent the accumulation of adipose tissue. But this is just unproven theory.

Researchers from the Harvard school of public health in Boston reviewed the results of 29 studies in which in total participated 2101 volunteers. Some of them were assigned to the incremental portion of dairy products.

All of these studies were highly differentiated by consumption of dairy products — from one to more than six servings per day, and duration of intervention in diet — from one month to two years. Some studies required the participants hypocaloric diet for weight reduction.

When the researchers analyzed the results, they found that dairy products provide some benefit in the short term, when they are only part of the diet for weight loss. But on the other hand, if you increase the consumption of milk, yogurt, and cheese, it will not help to lose weight.

Scientists are calling for a healthy and balanced diet. In this regard, the Department of agriculture recommends that adolescents and adults should drink three cups of skim milk or yogurt a day. According to these recommendations, one Cup of milk is equivalent to 40 g of natural cheese, or 60 grams of processed cheese.