The elven diet is Liv Tyler

American actress and model Liv Tyler seems alien girl.

Uninvolved in the scandals, non-drinker, detached Liv is not similar to the famous ladies, from the skin emerge to once again Shine on television and in the press.

But her closest people – even those fans are outrageous. Only one Steven Tyler (father of Liv) what is the greatest singer and musician has always been screwy, prick and go to town.

Her mother, Beverly Lawrence Buell, too, was a fashion model, but, unlike Liv Tyler, did not hesitate to flash my naked charms in magazines.

Not like Liv and her sister MIA is an informal model, a lawyer with tattoos and piercings.

Among their own

While Liv can be called a true daughter of Steven and Bebe. For example, she also loves to sing, take pictures and advertise what you ask. And if Steven Tyler prefers to appear in videos fast-food chain restaurants Burger King, Liv collaborates with Givenchy and G-Star, advertising perfumes, cosmetics and clothes. And she certainly tries to please and sister, trying to hold on to its size. But MIA didn’t seem delighted with his own figure as «plus-size»model is constantly trying to lose weight. How is losing weight itself is Liv? Maybe the elven creation and not get fat?

The essence of the diet Arwen

It is said that Peter Jackson was looking for for the role of Arwen (an elf Princess and Aragorn sweetheart) a beautiful, pure and sublime actress, not like a normal girl. But, as it is difficult to be elevated and a fat elf, Liv had to sacrifice principles and a little to correct their menu, which was:

— cereals made from whole grains;

— vegetables, fruits;

— low-fat varieties of river fish;

— fresh juices, ice water, green tea.

A denial of pastries, bakery products went to Liv to use – it turned out beautiful elf who is behind the camera ate little but often.

However, the star daughter of Steven says it’s not the size of the portions. The main thing, not strongly to be fond of food rich in animal fats and carbohydrates. Although the star admits that he remembers about healthy eating, only when the nose shooting.

With age, Liv has become more lazy and openly declares that he is not going to part with their acceptable 46 size for any role. However, in the process, refuse to diet, the actress often loses weight, absolutely not wanting this. «The fact that the site I commit myself to shooting without a rest, admits Liv. – Work for me – it’s the same fitness, which I respect, unlike diets».

Despite the fact that Arwen performed Liv was really gorgeous, many still Express the indignation appearance of the actress. «F-e-e, she’s fat, this is unacceptable,» – outraged the scholars of the elves. But Liv retorted that he does not understand why elves need to be thin, because it’s just silly speculation. «People always set strict standards of beauty and suffer trying to meet them – says the beautiful Tyler. But why should I look like someone invented?».

Liv vs anorexic appearance

«I should be ashamed of your weight?» – asks Liv. – Yes, I’m a little bit in my body, but I feel comfortable in it, that’s fine, no one should forget that we are first and foremost people, not a soulless doll, a person is». Of course, the actress denies that to keep fit really need, but not only is manic to limit the number of food – it is just Jogging, speed walking or any other sport.

The expendables buttocks

The actress admits that to keep themselves in shape can not only exercise, but physical activity at work. Sometimes, to look in the frame of a frightened, breathless, Liv has to run and jump just on the set. But on the set of «Lord of the Rings» almost all the male half of the team organized Liv a kind of anti-cellulite massage: bored at the female attention the actors slapped the elf on the ass. See, you guys didn’t try hard enough, or their work went down the drain due to the omnivorous Liv as the set of «the Incredible Hulk» plump hemispheres of the actress with cod broke out, tore her jeans.

The formation of personality: dyslexia and dad

The actress never paid attention to subalkaline the haters who thought the actress thick or not of this world (too direct, tend to soar in the clouds, receding from reality, distracted). Yes, if the figure of Liv, the majority of people who consider it perfect, no complaints, here described the qualities really characteristic of the model.

They can talk about the emotional immaturity of the actress or simply manifest as symptoms of dyslexia (Liv long since discovered the violation). But this did not prevent her to become famous without acting lessons, stay beautiful, without tiring yourself with diets and to be happy despite the divorce with her first husband.

Liv considers himself boring, family man with flaws, which the actress does not want to spread. She loves sons (Milo and the moon), parents, friends, cook and eat a lot. Liv can not stand all artificial, diet, strict trainers, unkempt skin and be like everyone else.

The actress says that a lot of beauty secrets for her opened Steven’s father, idol and true friend. He tells Liv how to eat better (eat vegetables, drink a lot of water, refuse salt, less to eat animal fats), which add to cosmetics to improve their properties.

Steven at home often sings and dances with his daughter that gives her enormous pleasure. And as you know, happy and regularly jumping from joy a woman can’t be ugly and fat.

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