The elements necessary for increasing sexual desire

As it turns out, nutrition is reflected not only in the feel and appearance of a person, but sexuality, through its effect on hormonal balance of the body, a person’s energy and level of resistance to stress.

  • Lack of iodine leads to nervous disorders: irritability, excitability, depression, and, oddly enough, to deficiencies of calcium, because iodine regulates calcium metabolism in the body. Moreover, the iodine necessary for normal functioning of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for libido. Iodine can be consumed in the form of iodine-containing drugs and natural form. A lot of it is contained in seafood, pineapple, fruit grown near the ocean.
  • An element such as magnesium promotes muscle relaxation. This is necessary not only to fully enjoy sex but with life in General. Contains a lot of magnesium in wheat germ, nuts, parsley, beans, prunes, dried apricots.
  • In foods rich in iron a lot of manganese, which is also extremely beneficial to the body. Whole grains, cheese, nuts, apples, apricots – they contains a huge amount of manganese.
  • For the quality of sex is responsible and the amount of calcium in the body, which contributes to sustainable sexual libido, prevent in men is early ejaculation, charging them with power. For the best calcium absorption it is used with other elements and vitamins: magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C, D. best, of course, to use natural sources of calcium – dairy products, in particular, natural yoghurt and cheese, meat, fish, cabbage. Eggs give the body a large number of b vitamins that help balance hormonal and energy levels of the body.
  • It is believed that people consuming foods rich in silicon is extremely sexually attractive. Our nerve endings and the brain silica is required, so no silicon full sex is simply impossible. Most of the silicon is contained in Brussels sprouts, whole grains, decoction of stems of oats.
  • The fluid circulating in the body, contain sodium, which is very much in veal broth, goat milk, celery. «Sodium» is passionate nature, is very attractive to the opposite sex.
  • The most important for libido the element boron is contained in honey. Boron promotes metabolism, consumption of estrogen, increases the level of testosterone in the blood of the men responsible for sexual desire in both men and women.
  • Reduction of the hormone prolactin in the body contributes to zinc. Because prolactin leads to various sexual dysfunctions. A lot of zinc contained in brown rice, grain bread, green vegetables, red meat.
  • Chrome (meat, cereals), cobalt (seafood, dairy products), germanium (fish, herbs) and copper (whole grains, nuts, seeds) is infinitely useful for fulfilling sex.
  • Need to know what the basis of all sex hormones is the cholesterol, the lack of which harms sexual activity and leads to loss of sexual desire. In the body cholesterol is produced from vegetable fatty acids contained in vegetable oils, which, in turn, are vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  • Definitely need to consume rolled oats, with which you can increase the amount of testosterone in the blood. To increase libido it is sufficient to consume one bowl of oatmeal daily and drink up to three cups of oatmeal broth a week.
  • The transmission of nerve impulses provide the methylxanthines, in excess contained in the chocolate.