The doctors questioned a trendy diet «5:2» by Michael Mosley

Very popular lately diet Dr Michael Mosley based on the following postulates: a person is allowed to eat whatever five times a week. But then will have two days to starve. In fact, about the famine is said rather metaphorically. It is possible, but should follow some restrictions: men should not consume more than 600 calories a day, women 500.

The author of this diet Michael Mosley argues that following the diet «5:2», dropped nine pounds over the last year. His book called «the Fast diet» is record-breaking global sales. Indeed, to get rid of excess weight, you need to consume fewer calories than the body burns. All true, however, nutritionists do not believe in the benefits of the diet «5:2». They believe that it causes of unhealthy eating behavior.

First of all, people who have to drastically limit your food begins to involuntarily back to this thread. And this is the first step leading to overeating during the allotted five days. It is also likely propensity to consume tasty but harmful foods, because a person does not think about the correctness of your diet.

As stated by nutritionist Katherine Tallmadge people on an intuitive level it is quite difficult to adhere strictly to a scheme involving starvation. There are other, diametrically opposed diet, in other words, five days limit itself in everything, and this weekend’s cramming. As a result of weight reduction can be forgotten.