The correct drink is more effective than many strict diets

On what is the right drink for the efficiency can be comparable with the most stringent diets you will not tell pay-nutritionists, because then an army of experts and pseudo-experts will be left without sources of income.

Much better to develop a new diet, PR them, and pull you the money for the creation of “individual” graphics. Look, try this nutritionist you 5-10 diet you stomach is ripped, ruined the already impaired metabolism, and they have a stable income.

Of course, not all nutritionists are scammers, but really need to understand that most modern diets are invented and popularitybut often by artificial means. Today in the course of more than 300 different diets. At the peak of popularity of each of them, the whole Internet is full of only positive reviews; soda, ginger, miracle berry, unroasted coffee — all the ingredients of a sensational diet, replacing one another. If they are so effective, why one always comes another?

Why is the right drink — analogue of strict diets

The body of any creature on the planet is programmed to self-cleaning that can be compared with daily light cleaning of the housing. If you do not get rid of garbage and leave it in the packet inside the housing than it will be over soon? You need to “send to garbage” accumulated toxins and waste products.

Nutritionists advise to drink per day about 2 liters of water, but do not insist on this, why, because you can offer “something super effective”. Who wish to lose weight realize that it was necessary to cleanse the body. For this they are ready to eat anything and to do anything, ranging from the ingestion of a whole army of sorbents, ending with an enema of the rectum. Sorbents of a good thing, but with prolonged use the body together with the waste products leaving the necessary minerals and beneficial intestinal bacteria.

All this can be avoided, just to set up the correct drink. The Germans and the British in the last decades of sounding the alarm, because overweight people in these countries more from year to year. Ten years ago at the University of Sheffield (England) researchers at the center for human nutrition came to the conclusion, consumption of correct amount of water in women reduces by 78% the risk of cancer of the breast. Besides that…

Proper hydration helps to prevent/reduce:

• Diseases of the joints (rheumatoid arthritis),

• Hypertension,

• Development of diabetes,

• Gipoglikemiei,

• Kidney stones,

• Dryness of the skin,

• Cataracts and glaucoma,

• Asthma,

• Diabetes,

• Various diseases of the kidneys,

• Cellulite, since only saturated with water cells can dissolve inside body fat.

An experiment was conducted, for the purity of which women only just passed the tests and has not yet proceeded not to physical exercise or changes in diet. It was pre-calculated desired amount of water coolers, in the expectation that within 14 days of each of the 17 participants will drink 4-5 liters of this water. In England at that time was a very popular magician and illusionist Copperfield. The President hired an actor who disguise yourself as a mage, for credibility, he was surrounded by 10 bodyguards. He entered the storage room and within an hour were working on the cans. Performing the ritual, the actor quickly departed, neither saying a word.

It is noteworthy that these participants already after 3-4 days enthusiastically shared stories about how they help “charged” water and everything is back to normal, disappear chronic constipation, flatulence and other set of joys. Most importantly, began to leave excess weight in the first week of correct drinking regime, even before the moment applied to moderate exercise and some changes in the diet.

And here’s what it was…

17 participants had a weight over 100 kg. the Recommended volume (2 liters of water a day) they are clearly not enough. The rate of a liter for every 30 kg of weight, if the weight of the water demand was of the order of 3-4 liters.

This same group of researchers closely followed those in the group who had kidney problems and swelling. It turned out that the morning puffiness is not a result of saturation with water of the body the night before, but rather its lack.

Received less fluid, her body “stockpiled“, holding in the tissues. Once you have established the correct drink, adequate weight participants over 2 weeks morning the swelling was gone.

How to drink water

The rule is waking up not only to wash themselves, but also to “wash ”the body inside a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. This ritual will help to build relationships with your gut. The second glass of fluid may already contain a few drops of lemon juice and a spoonful of honey, while others prefer to add flax seeds. Here are all individually, one thing is drinking 2-3 litres of water, you will eat much less.

1. Wanting to make the snack, drink the liquid. People often, ironically, confuses a lack of liquid and desire to eat something.

2. Remember that boiled water is not absorbed by the body.

3. In order not to dilute the gastric juice, reducing its acidity, try drinking for 15-20 minutes before the planned meal.

4. Doing physical exercises, increase fluid replacement, because you are sweating, accelerated metabolism in the body, and that water will help all the organs to get rid of the junk.

5. Most of the water use until 6 PM, so as not to run with the urge to the toilet at night.

The main problem is that people forget to drink. Take this seriously, if you really want to lose weight. You don’t need the sorbents, laxative, proven that the right drink is the analogue of strict diets. Mono generally destroy the body, while the water revives him.

If you drink about a liter and needs more, it is clear that one day the desired habit will not develop. People woke up in the morning and planned every half hour to drink a glass of water, and in the evening realized that I only had 3 cups.

How to learn to drink a lot of liquid?

As funny as this sounds, configure in the phone the option of a clock to every hour, he was making the call, reminding you that it’s time to give your body a much needed moisture. Correct drink it is necessary not only to reduce excess weight it helps the body. Eye redness beach working for the monitors. The availability of the necessary water balance partly solve this problem.

Buy a separate 5-liter bottle of water and put at desktop. As soon as the bottle will fall into your field of vision, you think about drinking regime.

Sometimes called “go already”. This usually happens with people who are accustomed to drink coffee, tea, or sodas. In this case, increase the amount you drink gradually. Drank a liter today, tomorrow at the glass more and so on.

Mistakes when drinking and how to avoid them

• Desirable to pour a cold water, it should be at room temperature, and it is better slightly warm — i.e. body temperature.

• Desirable instead of water to drink heavy or artificial beverages (soda, coffee, packaged juices) is especially sweet. They need to drink not instead of, but in addition to the total rate of water. But the decoction of the berries (fruit drinks) or herbs (such as rosehip or green tea) may well be included in the total amount they add to your body like liquid and vitamins.

• Newbie mistake is not drinking during the day and in the evening «catching up» lost and villosity liter of water one hour before bedtime. Don’t do that. The entire volume of water during the day, you need to distribute evenly.

There are fatal errors that lead to weight gain. The most common of these is drinking water just before eating. So you dilute the concentration of your gastric juice, which impairs digestion. In addition, you wash away the need for proper food digestion enzymes in the lower parts of your digestive tract. And these particles remain in the stomach, and if immediately after a meal, you complete the meal with sweet tea, then begin the process of «fermentation».

Here you bloating and gas. All undigested food delayed in the stomach first, and then in the waist area. All this leads to that person again sits on a rigid diet. But now you know — to lose weight, just to establish the correct drinking regime.