Good or bad radish that is included in its composition? The story of the radish, its caloric content, useful and harmful properties

Radish, as a useful and tasty vegetable, used in food in Ancient Egypt. Even on the pyramids of Cheops captured this wonderful vegetable.

At that time was not tablets and so many chemical drugs as it is now, normal products different types were food and medicine. In some cases, however, the radish, the benefit of which is undeniable, is medicine, and when the radish is harmful? And what is the properties of this vegetable? To begin to understand what kinds of this root are found in our country.

The types of radish

Black radish. The use of this species prevails over all others. Due to the high content in its composition glycosides metilgorchichnogo oil that give it bitterness, it is about black radish say – bitter.

Green, or as it is called, margelanica radish. Green it is not only the skin, but the flesh. This species differs from the previous more mild flavor and juiciness. The number of nutrients it is slightly inferior black.

White radish, daikon, or Japanese. Large white daikon root has a sweet juicy pulp. It, of course not many glycosides metilgorchichnogo oil, but daikon has many other useful properties of radish.

There are other types, but the above varieties are most common in our country.

Regardless of taste and color, the radish is a useful and low calorie vegetable. With proper storage the radish is beneficial properties saves till spring probably, therefore in Russia it was a special honor during the Great lent before Easter.

Radish: its composition and calorific value

Eating it in food, you get a lot of nutrients, such as:

A large number of dietary fiber. Combined with a low calorie radish they help anyone who wants to lose weight. Cellulose, contained in the roots, cleanses the body of toxins.

• The biggest compared to other vegetables, the amount of potassium makes the radish is useful for the human body in cardiovascular diseases.

Glycosides metilgorchichnogo oil. They give the radish useful properties required in the treatment of bronchitis or pneumonia. The roots will help to prevent inflammatory diseases of the joints, help for gout, as cholagogue, for strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin C gives the vegetable antioxidant properties, which means that the radish is beneficial for the body in the fight against aging. Vitamin C increases the immunity of the person, he takes part in hematopoiesis and has beneficial effects on condition of vessels.

• Carbohydrates give a sufficient amount of life energy. Thanks radish, calorie which is only 36 calories per 100 grams, makes it easy to endure dietary restrictions.

The presence of many essential body substances makes the radish is useful for human health vegetable.

How to cook radish health benefits

Radish is good to add when cooking hot dishes, for example in Laghman, goulash, any gravy with meat.

Radish, which is low calorie and high nutritional value, is tasty in its raw form:

Salads in a hurry.

The peeled root is cut into four pieces, slice it into thin round slices, pour the olive oil and season with salt. Let stand for literally 3-5 minutes. For this salad it is better to use green radish or daikon.

Grated on a coarse grater carrots and radish, add salt, add garlic to taste, pour any, previously heated in a pan with vegetable oil. Mix everything carefully. This salad is very tasty to eat together with plov.

This salad can vary according to your taste: for example, mayonnaise can not add the garlic, the radishes enough of the essential oils that give the dishes flavor and bright taste.

Blanks for the preparation of drugs and masks from the radish

As medicine is usually used its juice. It can be obtained in several ways:

• Cut off the top part of the fruit, carefully cut and remove the pulp, making the recess. It add honey or sugar, leave for a few hours. Removed part of the pulp do not throw away – make her Redeco flour (see below).

• Radish to clear, cut cubes, place them in a bowl, sprinkle with sugar or drizzle with honey, after 7-8 hours squeeze the juice.

• A vegetable grate on a coarse grater, pour honey or sprinkle them with sugar, this method allows to obtain the juice in 2-3 hours. A good squeeze. Do not throw away the pomace, it is better to make them a nutritious mask for the face.

Usually poveglia roots throw, but their product is a basis for different purposes.

• Vegetable cut into round slices, dry in the fresh air or in the oven on low heat. Completely dried plastics are ground in a coffee grinder into flour.

Radacina flour can be used for the use as thickening additives in different dishes, for the base of the masks or compresses. In the flour from the radish is beneficial properties of vegetable remain for a long time, only it should be kept in a cool, dry place.

Radish will help you become even more beautiful

• 1 tablespoon of pomace remaining after juice (or mixture of honey and redekei flour in the ratio 1:1), add 1 teaspoon of Flaxseed oil and sour cream. Hold the mask on your face for 10 minutes, rinse it with warm water. The mask of the radish is harmful to sensitive skin!

• For clarification and facial rejuvenation can mix 1 tbsp. spoon of aloe juice and a spoon of strong green tea 2 tablespoons grated radish (or flour of it), if you have dry skin, you will be better, if you add 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Apply on face and décolleté for 15-20 minutes, rinse with cool water.

• For oily skin treat him this mask: one egg yolk and a tablespoon of grated radish (or redekei flour) mix and apply to face after twenty minutes with a cotton pad soaked in strong tea leaves of green tea, carefully remove the mask. Rinse face with cool water.

• Juice diluted in half with water, wipe the skin, if you want to whiten. Only in this case the honey in the juice need not be added.


Radish juice is useful for health as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic, wound healing and cholagogue. Mixing the juice with honey, you will help yourself and your family in the treatment of certain diseases:

Bronchitis, colds with a cough. Within a few days of 4-5 times a day to drink a tablespoon of the mixture.

Cardiac arrhythmia. Three times a day before meals drink one tablespoon of the drink;

Cystitis. Three times a day, one tablespoon after meals;

• If you have kidney stones, try it in the morning on an empty stomach to drink two tablespoons of juice, this helps as well and the presence of worms;

Diabetes. Drink 2 tablespoons of juice three times a day;

Purification of the body. After a meal to drink, first one teaspoon of the juice, gradually increasing the amount of juice to half glass. To clean you will need the juice from 10 kg of the root. Best every day to make a fresh batch, so the juice does not lose its medicinal properties. Be sure to watch their condition, if the pain appears in the right upper quadrant is beginning to cleanse the liver. Stop drinking juice, give your body a «kick» out the toxins, and then start slowly again.

Burns. Radish chop, spread on a clean cloth and apply to the burn.

Rheumatism, sciatica. Take a quarter Cup three times a day after eating this mix: 0.5 cups of vodka, 1 tablespoon salt, the radish juice 1.5 cups honey 1 Cup. You can use this mixture as rubbing.

The healing of wounds. Grind the seeds of radish with water: 1 tbsp of seeds, 3 tbsp of water and apply the mixture on the wound.

Radish: what’s the harm?

It is not always the radish is suitable for the treatment of diseases. Moreover, there are situations when the radish is harmful to humans. Useful in one case the properties of the vegetable, such as the presence of roughage, a large number of essential oils, in other situations can cause disastrous reactions.

Special caution is important in the use of radish as a medicinal product in the following cases:

• During pregnancy;

• During inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract;

• Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;

• If you have gout;

• In some cardiovascular diseases.

In any case, during treatment, you need to pay attention to how the body responds to changes in diet, better to consult a doctor before using radish as a medicine.

In the case of unpleasant symptoms try to exclude radish from your diet. If you will be much easier, so the radish is good for your body does not work and it is better not to use it.

Harmful radish for pregnant and lactating mothers?

Pregnancy for women is a special period in which major changes occur in her body and in her life. Therefore during pregnancy must be especially anxious to listen to yourself.

Radish good for the body, as we have seen, but you need to remember that in inflammatory processes of the digestive tract radish harmful.

On the one hand low calorie radish will help to correct nutrition and help in controlling the weight during pregnancy, on the other hand, applying the juice of black radish cough, can cause unwanted reactions, for example, an increase in uterine tone. And this, in turn, can lead to miscarriage.

So you need to be very careful and be sure to follow your feelings.

But during feeding the baby radish will help to improve lactation.

three times a day, for ten minutes prior to meal to drink a drink made from one Cup of radish juice and a small amount of honey or sugar. To store the juice you cannot, therefore every day you will need to make a new batch of juice.

Radish for kids

Usually children radish is not very much for its sharp taste, but there are times when the radish is useful for the health of the child. Especially during a cold. Juice black radish with honey is a proven old remedy for cough.

Radish is an amazing vegetable, giving health and harmony, its properties help in different situations.

Like radish – and be healthy!