Chinese diet effective — Yes, useful – no! Strict rules of the Chinese diet: are you ready to lose 15 kg in two weeks?

One of the most strict diets for quick weight loss – the so-called Chinese diet.

It is unlikely to have any connection to China, except that associated with the small size of Chinese women.

Strict, completely unbalanced, low-calorie, this power supply circuit, however, quite effective.

The basic principles of the Chinese diet

That is the mysterious origin of the Chinese diet caused a lot of her options. One of them – the usual «Japanese» in which the unknown author had replaced coffee with green tea. Other options is for five days, one, two or three weeks. A very meager diet throughout «Chinese» marathon makes the Chinese diet is very heavy and hungry. Only the most healthy and mentally stable girls can afford such a complex power scheme.

One of the most acceptable variants allow the use of products, which can be attributed to traditional Chinese cuisine. It’s rice, fish, vegetables. The principles of nutrition for two weeks the following:

• on an empty stomach in the morning to drink a glass of water (hot, if you have bowel problems, or cold if they are not). Breakfast – half an hour;

• a complete ban on alcohol, salt, sugar;

• vegetable oil is allowed in very limited quantities and only vegetable salads;

• forbidden flour products, white bread. Black and whole wheat bread are extremely limited;

• possible vegetables: lettuce, cabbage (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli), roots (carrots, parsley), tomatoes, cucumbers;

• for filling the dish is allowed to use a fresh lemon juice;

• protein foods: fish white varieties, lean meats (rabbit, chicken, veal, beef), eggs;

• allowed the use of rice, possibly brown, and very rarely potatoes;

• eliminate carbonated, sugary, flavored drinks. Allowed tea, still mineral and potable water;

• sometimes you can eat unsweetened fruit;

• no snacking! Strict three meals a day.

Following the two-week menu, you need to consider that to secure the result it will take at least the same amount of time. That is, a full cycle of weight loss is a month of life. If you are willing to spend it with severe restrictions, the result will please: on the Chinese diet, you can lose six to ten pounds.

You can try to sit on such a diet one week. If all goes well, you should decide on the second pull.

Chinese diet menu in two weeks

The first and second week of the Chinese diet the same, so given the diet of seven days. Allowed to replace the rice for buckwheat, but only if there is an Allergy. Here’s a tip, to make sad life without salt is a little more pleasant. Cut the onions for the salad transparent rings and marinate it in lemon juice. In ten minutes you can fill them with vegetables will turn out delicious.


• Breakfast: salad no dressing (not full glass), Cup of water.

• Lunch: one hundred grams of cooked brown (preferably) rice, the same of chopped cabbage.

• Dinner: a slice of oven baked white fish (150 grams) without salt and lemon. Fish can to a boil.


• Breakfast: a half-full glass of shredded carrots with a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a slice of brown or whole wheat bread (you can substitute rye Crips), mineral water.

• Lunch: salad of cabbage, celery and carrot (a glass) with a piece of black bread (no more than thirty grams).

• Dinner: one hundred grams of boiled rice with vegetable salad (tomato, cucumber, slice of onion), and for dessert half a small grapefruit. Green tea.


• Breakfast: salad with savoury fruits: Apple, pear, orange, persimmon, pomelo, kiwi fruit (cups sliced), half a glass of pressed orange juice.

• Dinner: boiled soy asparagus (150 grams), a slice of brown or whole-wheat bread and regular servings of vegetable salad of cabbage and carrots (Cup).

• Dinner: fried in a drop of vegetable oil mushrooms (Cup of the finished dish), one hundred grams of boiled rice, green tea. Optional – rye Crips or dried slice of bread.


• Breakfast: toast of black bread, an orange, an Apple, a glass of fresh orange juice.

• Lunch: three hundred grams of boiled asparagus, fifty grams boiled rice, Apple, mineral water.

• Dinner: boiled or baked potatoes (two small pieces), two hundred grams of baked white fish, a slice of bread.


• Breakfast: two hundred grams boiled brown rice (you can take half of the white), mineral water.

• Lunch: half a Cup of rice or rice cakes (two pieces) with vegetable salad (Cup), mineral water.

• Dinner: cabbage salad with lemon dressing, bread from rice flour without salt in the water (rice or bread).


• Breakfast: rice and vegetable salad (Breakfast Friday repeats).

• Lunch: two hundred grams of baked or boiled fish (white varieties), salad with a small Apple and Mandarin;

• Dinner: roasted on a dry frying pan for beef steak (you can take a chicken breast, or beef), a plate of chopped Chinese cabbage with a spoon of butter and a small piece of black bread.


• Breakfast: salad with savoury fruits with prunes (about a Cup of the finished dish), green tea.

• Lunch: a half-full glass of boiled rice with an Apple and a spoonful of honey.

• Dinner: boiled white fish, vegetable salad (total weight up to three hundred grams), rice crackers (two pieces) or hand-made rice cake.

In addition to replacing rice buckwheat and other permitted substitutions: for example, meat can be replaced red fish, brown rice, white and black or whole wheat bread rye crisami. In the early days of the Chinese diet, you should drink plenty of mineral water. If she’s «not talking» acceptable instead of soda to drink regular green tea.

Hard Chinese diet

A very strict three-week diet of the Chinese diet is something beyond strict and severe. Think a hundred times before deciding on such a mockery. In the end, there are other options.

• During the first week of Breakfast, lunch and dinner consists of one orange, one egg and a Cup of green tea. The author advises to drink water if you feel strong hunger. The first week is the hardest. To master it is possible only on the enthusiasm.

Second week softer. The power remains three times a day. Each meal consists of porridge, cooked in water without salt and sugar. You can not cook semolina, valid rice (white, brown, black), buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat and millet porridge. Continue to drink green tea.

• The menu of the third week: non-starchy green vegetables, stewed in vegetable oil. It can be zucchini, cabbage, any variety, green beans, eggplant. From drinks you can afford … green tea!

Hard Chinese diet allows you to lose fifteen pounds. As they say, without comments.

Important points Chinese diet

If during the diet there is persistent depression, vertigo, pursues nausea and abdominal pain, disturbed intestinal function, there are skin rashes, you should immediately stop this diet and go through a medical examination.

As for the hard Chinese diet, it completely eliminates the consumption of fat and protein for three weeks. This is a huge stress to the body. Plus a distinct lack of calories: per day their won’t be thousands, but in the first week and less. That is why you should be very careful returning to a normal diet.

What you need to do:

• during the first week gently introduced into the diet (just spoons) cheese, yogurt, fruit;

• continue to drink green tea, occasionally allowing myself a Cup of coffee;

• the meat is at first slight: chicken, veal, rabbit, and only boiled or baked form;

• all of spite like smoked sausage and condensed milk – just three weeks after the completion of the Chinese diet, and that is enough.

You need to understand that such a drastic weight loss, nothing good really does not. Health can undermine serious, including seriously disrupt the reproductive functions.

With regard to the bole of the soft option, it too has disadvantages. So, the lack of salt in the diet, of course, effective for weight loss, but is fraught with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, heart, liver, urinary system. Expressly prohibited Chinese diet in both cases, people with disorders of these organs, diabetics, lactating and pregnant women, teenagers.

Raw cabbage is not suitable for those who suffer from gastric diseases, so people with gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis needs to give up the idea to lose weight on the Chinese diet.

There are positive aspects. Two weeks of strict diet, your body will get used to eating little, distended stomach back to normal, the need for sweet, refined foods will disappear. Lemon juice, which you can fill dishes, very helpful. He’s a good influence on processes of burning fat, with it fresh unsalted food will seem tastier. Fans of Chinese diet sure that she stimulates the elimination of toxins, so skin tone will be leveled, will disappear pimples and inflammatory elements.

Very important to get out of the diet. The process will take at least two weeks. Should adhere to the following schema:

• during the first week Breakfast you need to add three or four tablespoons of curd. If you really want sweet, you can add a teaspoon of honey;

• at night every day to write on the glass of any sour-milk product: yogurt, Bifidok, yogurt, acidophilus milk, fermented baked milk, etc.;

• menu lunch and dinner need to keep, replacing some other products: rice – buckwheat, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, onion. Together with lemon they can fill with a spoon of any vegetable oil, mixed with herbs;

• in the second week of release, you need to add to Breakfast a handful of raw nuts: walnuts, cashews, pecans, almonds;

• can be used up to 200 grams of meat and fish every other day. If rice is tired, you can gradually include in the diet of mashed potatoes, boiled pasta, lentils, any steamed vegetables;

• allowed to eat with each meal on a slice of black bread;

• in the third week enter in the diet of mild vegetable, chicken and mushroom soups. If the body can tolerate legumes, occasionally you can cook a vegetarian version of pea soup;

• from the second week you can start to preselvat food, but without fanaticism;

• it is necessary to control the calorie content, not to exceed 1200-1500 calories otherwise so hard weight dropped say Hello.

To keep the result, you will have to constantly monitor the caloric content and quality of products, go to the principles of healthy nutrition and give your body a feasible regular physical activity.