The carrot tops: useful properties and contraindications. How to use carrot tops to good use?

Traditional medicine knows many ways to help the body rid itself of various ailments.

For example, using carrot tops, useful properties which undeservedly forgotten.

Meanwhile, not only the root, but its grassy top – a source of vitamins and valuable nutrients.

The carrot tops: the

The carrot tops beneficial properties so much that it easily overshadows the excellent reputation of the root. Scientists have found that in grassy vitamins contains 500 times more. This beauty vitamin retinol (A), a vitamin of longevity and health C (ascorbic acid), vitamin groups responsible for strong nerves, a healthy liver and beautiful skin.

There are healing herbs vitamin PP (nicotinic acid), essential for bones vitamin K, as well as other incredibly beneficial ingredients:

• powerful antioxidants rejuvenate cells and resists ageing (e.g. selenium);

• essential oil;

• tannins;

• caffeine;

• chlorophyll;

• lysine;

• coumarins;

• micro and macro elements (selenium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, iron, cobalt, sodium, manganese, copper).

All of this vitamin frenzy far exceeds the number of similar substances in traditional food product. For comparison of vitamin A in the orange carrot is almost 200 times less than in the non-edible grassy top. While contraindications have carrot tops by eating or with the purpose of treatment very little.

The carrot tops: useful properties

A huge amount of calcium and green chlorophyll explains the ability of carrot greens to cleanse the body. Prepared on the basis of carrot tops decoctions clean the lymphatic system and blood of toxins.

Contained in the tops, a powerful antioxidant, selenium can be used to prevent cancer, strengthen the cardiovascular system, improvement of reproductive functions, preventing early aging. Moreover, to obtain a daily dose of miracle Selena needs 1-2 green stem.

Useful properties of carrot tops that are not limited to:

• calcium needed to prevent osteoporosis, and strengthen teeth, muscles and nails;

• potassium and vitamin K can reduce high blood pressure, normalize metabolic processes, exert a beneficial effect on the heart and vascular system.

• vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

Decoction of carrot greens increase visual acuity, profilaktirujut diseases of the eye, and shown with myopia, and hyperopia. They are very useful for those who are experiencing problems with excess weight. Due to the large amount of fiber, herbal tea foliage increase digestion and peristalsis, which contributes to stable weight loss with proper nutrition.

No coincidence that our ancestors regularly drank carrot tea. In the summer of as «welding», you can use the fresh greens in the winter – dried or frozen. To prepare a Cup of fragrant teas need only one teaspoon of raw materials. Insist healing broth you need at least half an hour. Additionally, its effect may be increased other herbal ingredients: nettle, currants, raspberries, rose hips, etc.

What diseases can be healed by carrot tops

It is ideal to use decoctions on the basis of carrot tops for General strengthening and cleansing the body, prevent anemia and vitamin deficiency, the recovery after the disease.

However, decoctions of herbs carrots can prevent more serious illness and cope with some of them. Useful properties of carrot tops are used in the following cases:

• for the prevention of heart attack and stroke due to the ability to return the vessel walls elasticity and keep it;

• for a natural control high blood pressure and healing the first stage of hypertension;

• for the prevention of osteoporosis and reduction of vision;

• in the treatment of acute or chronic cough;

• in the treatment of hemorrhoids;

• overweight and disturbed metabolism;

• to get rid of irritability, depression, insomnia;

• with regular stress, and increased load on the nervous system;

• when alcohol poisoning for purification of blood and liver in acute toxic effects;

• to improve male potency, improve semen quality.

Decoction of carrot tops have diuretic properties, helping to eliminate swelling. In addition, they can help cleanse the kidneys from sand.

Children with the change of milk teeth is useful to chew fresh carrot leaves: juice strengthens tooth enamel and gums.

The carrot tops: traditional recipes

Use green tops with different purposes. For example, to get rid of hemorrhoids, you need to brew carrot tea and drink half a Cup three times a day between meals. The course of treatment is not less than a month.

When persistent edema, diseases of the urinary tract and reproductive organs have to cook carrot broth and take it out for a night on the glass. With the normalization of the status, you can move on to the preventive use of tea as desired.

Herbal tea made from carrot tops is able to treat the cystitis. You need to prepare a more concentrated decoction two cups of boiling water to take four tablespoons of fresh or prepared herbs and infuse for at least an hour. Take ½ Cup of water on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before a meal every eight hours. The course continues until the disappearance of symptoms.

To withdraw from kidney sand, you need to take dried carrot tops (fresh will not work). Brewing in the usual proportions: a tablespoon of glass of boiling water. Leave overnight. Take 50 ml of warm five times during the day. The course is long, at least 8 months. In the presence of stones and sand in the kidneys to use the prescription after consultation with your doctor or his recommendations. Possible contraindications carrot tops must take into account.

To cleanse the body from the accumulation of toxins you need to prepare a regular infusion, can take it twenty minutes before meals during the month. In the day you need to take four cups.

The tops of carrots: how to prepare

If used for food fresh tops, it can collect at any time. While orange carrots sitting in the garden, her tops are suitable for infusion.

To prepare the greens for the future, we need to collect this at the highest concentration of nutrients, but before the tops begin to turn yellow. The perfect time – the end of summer.

The collected leaves should be rinsed in cold water, dry in the sun, avoiding dry and then to move into the shade. Finally dry the tops to a well-ventilated shaded area. Harvested raw materials are stored for years at room temperature in a tightly closed glass jar.

Instead of drying using the method of freezing. In this case, the prepared leaves after drying, placed in plastic bags or plastic containers and put them in the freezer.

The carrot tops.

Do you have carrot tops contraindications? Despite the healing power, this herb can really damage your health. Fortunately, the list of contraindications is small:

• are allergic to essential oils or other components of green;

• aggravation of stomach ulcers;

• intestinal disorder;

• inflammation of the large intestine;

• increased acidity of the stomach;

• ulcerative colitis.

Pregnant women should not drink broth carrot tops: this can lead to miscarriage or premature delivery, as the tone of the uterus increases.

Contraindications have carrot tops, but they relate not only to use inside. In green contains the active substance furocoumarins. They can cause people with sensitive skin, rashes and inflammation.

Not in a hurry to get rid of the carrot tops. It is the healing herbs that can strengthen the body and rid it of the many ailments.