Dates: the benefits and harms, calorie «African bread». What is useful in the dates, not whether they can harm your health?

Sweet overseas delicacy called dates known to many.

If we tend to think of dates as to a sweet dessert, for the inhabitants of certain areas of Africa, they replace the bread.

Dates: composition, caloric value, as used

Figs occupy a leading place on the content of carbohydrates (65%). In addition, they include proteins and fats, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are not present in other fruits.

Fresh dates can be found in the sale only where they grow. In hotels and restaurants in Egypt serve them in large quantities in fresh. They are less sweet, crunchy, tart taste. On the shelves of the stores in our country you can buy dates, dried or dried, their caloric value is most often around 270 Kcal per 100g.

The primary use of dates is eating. But they can not only eat as a dried fruit, but also to prepare the filling for sponge cakes and shortbread.

• Add them to fruit salads, pilafs, stews, they stuffed rolls of chicken.

• In the Arab countries dates are preparing a carbonated juice, sweet paste, date honey, and date palm leaves are used instead of vegetables.

• Grilled chopped pitted dates brewed drink, like coffee.

• They make a powder that helps with diarrhea, heals skin wounds, and a decoction heals the kidneys, bladder, removes stones.

• Juice of figs and date honey improve virility.

Dates: what is the use for the body?

Dates are not only a tasty treat, but also healthy product, and a remedy applied several millennia. Eating these fruits supports the General tone of the body, prevents the occurrence of various diseases.

Dates are rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. If the day to use them about 10 pieces, we can fill the daily requirement of the human body sulfur, magnesium, and copper. In the dried fruit contains essential amino acid tryptophan, which stops the aging process of cells.

In folk medicine, figs are used for the treatment of superficial wounds, ulcers, abscesses.

• As the dates can neutralize excessive acid in the stomach, they prevent the occurrence of heartburn.

• Date palm fruits also contains fiber that positively affect the bowels.

• Dates have antitussive properties, so they are successfully used for bronchitis, sore throat, flu. They are good to clear phlegm from the lungs. Improve immunity.

• Daily consumption of dates in food lowers the probability of problems with heart and blood vessels. The pulp of the dried fruit nourishes the heart muscle, improves brain function.

• The amino acids contained in large amounts in fruits, contribute to the restoration of the nervous system

• Vitamin B5, which is in the date palm fruits, improves human performance, improves mental activity.

• A couple of dates after a meal will prevent caries. They contain fluoride which reduces the activity of bacteria, thus maintained the health of teeth.

Going on a long journey, you can take some dried dates. They are easy to eat and satisfy your hunger, charge the body with energy.

Dates: what is the harm?

As with any product, dates can harm the body.

• Cannot be used for people with diabetes because high carbohydrate content in the fruit can increase blood glucose

• You can’t eat people who are overweight and obese

• They are contraindicated in diseases of the stomach and intestines, because dietary fiber contained in dried fruits, irritate the stomach and intestines

• If a person is predisposed to the formation of caries, the dates he shouldn’t eat. The sugar contained in the fruits of the date palm, aggressive acts on the enamel of the teeth.

Daily norm of dates is about 10 pieces. Excess often leads to headaches, increased pressure, and also disturbed function of the liver and spleen.

It is best to eat them with Breakfast or lunch and as a snack. Before use, the figs should be thoroughly washed with water, as in areas of growth they can handle sulfur dioxide gas or sulfur dioxide. These toxic substances entering the human body, can lead to the destruction of the esophagus or ulcers. Skin cleaning is not necessary, as it contains nutrients and crude fiber.

For pregnant and nursing mothers: the use of dates

Women during pregnancy should be used with caution dates. They contain oxytocin, which causes contraction of the muscles of the uterus. In the early stages of carrying a baby it will be, but before delivery them safely can be eaten in reasonable quantities.

Useful properties of dates for pregnant women:

• Contained in the dried fruit folic acid is beneficial for fetal development.

• In the first trimester of pregnancy dates help to eliminate the symptoms of morning sickness.

• They maintain hemoglobin levels throughout pregnancy.

• Improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure.

• Mineral elements such as calcium and phosphate, present in dried fruits, make strong bones, they also participate in the formation of the skeleton of the future crumbs.

• They perfectly restore energy balance.

Dates can cause harm if a pregnant prone to food allergic reactions. Wow is also impossible to use in diseases of the lungs, as often when drying the fruit, they use paraffin, which makes not everyone.

Nursing mother, if there are no contraindications, you can eat them without fear.

• Contained in the dates, the oxytocin only affects uterine contractions, but also promotes the formation of milk in large quantity.

• What mom eats, the baby eats. All the nutrients that are available in the dried fruit, with mother’s milk in fall to baby.

• Figs help to cope with postpartum depression, which occurs in most of the cases in women.

• Calcium and magnesium, included in the dried fruit, actively participate in bone formation of the baby.

• You can fall asleep quickly if you eat some dates before going to sleep. They have a slight sedative effect, so a nursing mom it’s easy to calm down, without using any medicines which are contraindicated during lactation.

• Dates can improve the mood, they contain serotonin – the hormone of happiness. Good mood mom milk passed to baby.

Dates for children: helpful or harmful

Dr. Komarovsky advises to give children from 2 years of dry figs, apricots, prunes. They must be very well washed and add to fruit salad, chopped into small pieces. They can replace the candy so much like kids. However, dates can cause harm if your baby eats their regularly. Since the kids are still not able to efficiently chew food, pieces of fruit stick to the teeth that can lead to early cavities. If a baby has problems with the kidneys or the stomach and intestine, the dates give it is not necessary.

Dates benefit the child’s body because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals necessary for a growing baby.

• Contained in the dates helps calcium to strengthen the bones of the child.

• Dried fruits are considered a supplier of energy due to the presence in them of fast carbs.

• Potassium, which are rich in fruits of date palms, affects the heart.

• A few dates things will help to soothe the baby and make it balanced.

• Fruits have a mild laxative effect, so you can give them kiddies to prevent constipation.

• A large number of vitamins, dates help strengthen the immune system, the body becomes more resistant to viral infections.

• Iron, part of dates, increases the hemoglobin, this is important if the child has anemia.

Starting from 8 months, toddlers can be given a compote of figs. It is very useful in stomach bloating, prevents the formation of cramps.

Recipe: 200 g of dried dates well washed, pour one liter of hot water, boil for about 7 minutes. Remove from heat, leave for about an hour. The sugar in the compote is not necessary, because the dates themselves are very sweet.

When buying figs in the store, you need to pay attention to their appearance. The fruit should not contain traces of mold. The Shine of dates suggests that their «improved» through chemical means. If the dates are sticky, they could pour sugar syrup to increase the shelf life.

Dates in raw form contain a lot of moisture, when dried, they lose it, that darken and frown. The fruits need to choose an elastic, fleshy, dense, moderately shiny, not wrinkled. Dates color is light brown, dark, black, all depends on the type of plants, and their nature, there are about 300. They are sold as seed, and without them. They can be stored in a cool place for about a year, Packed in a plastic bag.