Cabbage soup diet: basic rules of constructing a diet for weight loss. The most effective options cabbage diet

The cabbage soup diet is very popular because of its low calorie content. Menu options very much, each has its positive and negative sides. First, a person must decide how many kilos he needs to lose, only then can you start choosing the methods.

The cabbage soup diet is good because the main product (cabbage) can be consumed in any quantity, the main thing – to follow the basic recommendations.

The main advantages and disadvantages of cabbage diet

Diet on cabbage, like any other product, has its pros and cons. Before you choose a suitable method individually for yourself, you need to read them.

The advantages of the power system

1. The body is cleansed and becomes healthier.

2. Toxins, toxins and excess fluid.

3. Severe restrictions in the number of meals no.

4. The effective result within the specified period, the kilograms will not be returned.

Some disadvantages

1. Low-carb diet promotes fast weight loss which you may experience reduced performance and concentration.

2. A monotonous diet can quickly get bored, which leads to failure of weight loss methods.

Use cabbage diet and its main features

1. In the product contains fiber, which gives the body satiety. In addition, cabbage helps to accelerate the process of weight loss is effective for weight loss.

2. Also contain carbohydrates which make the body to consume the existing fat deposits.

3. Low calories cabbage. Per 100 grams of the product accounts for only 27 Kcal. You can also include in the menu sauerkraut, calorific value of 100 grams is 19 Calories.

4. Few people know that this product contains more vitamin C than any citrus. In addition, the composition also has folic acid, b vitamins, which play an important role in the normal functioning of all body systems.

5. Cabbage soup diet cleanses the body, significantly improves the condition of mucous membranes and the intestines.

Diet cabbage soup menu for 7 days

This technique of weight loss is designed for a week, to repeat it not often than 1 time per month. It should be noted that possible side effects such as headache and weakness, apathy. It is not recommended to follow weight loss system for people whose work is connected with constant physical and mental activity.

Ingredients for low calorie fat burning soup:

• cabbage – 500 grams;

• green onions – 1 bunch;

• celery stalks – 5 pieces;

• carrots – 2-3 pieces, can be less;

• bell pepper – 2 pieces;

• brown rice – 100 grams;

• tomatoes – 2 large.

Gradual cooking soup for cabbage diet

1. All vegetables are washed well under warm water. Sinquede cabbage, onions cut into rings. Celery, bell pepper and carrots are cut into strips.

2. With tomato remove the peel. Make it easier to do their recommended pre-scalded with boiling water.

3. All vegetables folded into the pan, filled with water. After boiling, the capacity is covered with a lid, the gas is diminished. Boil vegetables until they are tender.

4. Brown rice is brewed in a separate container. When it is ready, it should be allowed to infuse in water for 10-15 minutes. After that, he added to the pan with vegetables.

5. The soup is allowed a little salt to taste.

Sample menu for 7 days

1. Day 1. You can eat cabbage soup in any quantity, are permitted green apples for a snack.

2. Day 2. Cabbage soup only for a snack now vegetables (preferably tomatoes and cucumbers).

3. Day 3. The repetition of the first day.

4. Day 4. Besides cabbage soup, you need to drink 1 liter of milk low fat.

5. Day 5. Besides cabbage soup, you are allowed 100 grams of boiled chicken meat without skin.

6. Day 6. Cabbage soup and 150 grams of boiled fish (low-fat variety).

7. Day 7. Fresh fruit juice and cabbage soup.

Despite the fact that the cabbage soup diet allows eating soup in any quantity, eat a lot of it is simply impossible. The ingredients used are quickly saturate the body, allowing you to forget about the hunger.

The cabbage soup diet «Express»

The menu is designed for 3 days, longer diet «Express» to adhere to impossible, as the body begins to get used and weight loss will not be significant. All food is divided into 6 stages. The menu is repeated every day, it is advisable to accustom yourself to eat at the same time. For greater efficiency meals salt cannot.

Approximate daily diet cabbage diet «Express»

1. Morning. Salad made of fresh cabbage dressed with olive oil. Tea with milk (removes excess fluid).

2. Snack number 1. 200 ml of decoction of rose hips and 100 grams of cottage cheese low fat.

3. Lunch. 200 ml of soup made from sauerkraut.

4. Snack number 2. 200 ml of tea with milk.

5. Dinner. Boiled fish and pickled cabbage – a common serving of 150 grams.

6. 2 hours before bedtime drink a glass of kefir with fat content of 1%.

A three-day menu balanced so that feelings of hunger people experience will be. The gut will be effectively cleared of excess liquid, toxins and slags.

Cabbage soup diet menu for 30 days

It is known, that the shorter the diet, the greater the likelihood of return of lost pounds. To «Express» methods need be resorted to only in extreme cases, if 2-3 kg of weight in the way, for example, to get into the festive dress. The cabbage soup diet for 30 days constructed so that the weight loss took place gradually, without harm to the body. For the month of following method you can get rid of 4-5 kg, all depends on the individual factors.

Menu for 7 days, every week it repeats itself. To start losing weight recommended Monday to further make it easier to navigate.


1. Morning. Salad from sauerkraut with green peas (canned) – 150 grams green tea without sugar.

2. Snack number 1. 2 large green Apple.

3. Lunch. Vegetable broth (150 ml) and a glass of compote of dried fruits.

4. Snack number 2. A Cup of yogurt (200 ml) there is added a spoon of cinnamon, to speed up the process of weight reduction.

5. Dinner. Green tea without sugar and 150 grams of boiled lean fish fillets.


1. Morning. 100 grams of salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil, green tea without sugar.

2. Snack number 1. Compote of green apples unsweetened – 1 Cup.

3. Lunch. 150 grams of chicken meat, Protasenko cabbage with sour cream.

4. Snack number 2. Savory Apple compote – 1 Cup.

5. Dinner. 100 grams of boiled fish and 1 large grapefruit.


1. Morning. One boiled egg and 100 ml of natural black coffee without sugar.

2. Snack number 1. 2 large green Apple, can be baked.

3. Lunch. 1 large orange 150 grams of cooked chicken.

4. Snack number 2. 100 grams of salad with sour cabbage, and season with a tablespoon of olive oil.

5. Dinner. Savory Apple compote – 1 Cup.


1. Morning. 2 rusk with raisins, a Cup of yogurt fat content of 1%.

2. Snack number 1. Cabbage salad and cucumber – 150 grams.

3. Lunch. Vegetable broth and tea with milk.

4. Snack number 2. One large grapefruit.

5. Dinner. A piece of boiled fish fillet – 150 grams.


1. Morning. 100 ml of organic coffee and 50 grams of lean cottage cheese.

2. Snack number 1. 100 grams of sauerkraut.

3. Lunch. Salad from fresh cabbage with green peas – 150 grams.

4. Snack number 2. One boiled egg.

5. Dinner. 150 grams of boiled lean meat.


1. Morning. Sauerkraut 100 grams, tea with milk.

2. Snack number 1. One large orange and tea with milk.

3. Lunch. Soup with sour cabbage – 200 ml.

4. Snack number 2. Compote of dried fruits – 200 ml.

5. Dinner. Low-fat fish, boiled – 150 grams, green tea.


1. Morning. 100 grams buckwheat and 50 grams of sauerkraut.

2. Snack number 1. 1 large grapefruit, tea with milk no sugar.

3. Lunch. Salad from fresh cabbage, carrots and green peas – 150 gram portion.

4. Snack number 2. Their compote of prunes – 200 ml.

5. Dinner. Lean boiled fish and pickled cabbage – the total portion of 200 grams.

Important aspects of the organization of human nutrition on the cabbage soup diet

Regardless of the method of weight loss, there are some important nuances that you need to know. The cabbage soup diet will give the desired result only if you follow all the basic rules.

1. Strong physical activity is prohibited, you can afford only morning exercises 15 minutes.

2. Regardless of your choice, cabbage diet, you should always comply with the water balance. Person per day for normal functioning of the body needs to drink 2 liters of fluid, and the 1.5 is pure water, the rest green tea and juices.

3. You must completely eliminate from the diet any canned products, pastry. It’s empty calories, which provoke the formation of subcutaneous fat.

4. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and carbonated beverages, as they slow down the metabolic processes.

5. To avoid dizziness, apathy and fatigue, it is recommended to drink polyvitaminic complexes.

All versions of the cabbage diet. To choose the tools you need based on the desired result. The main thing is to strictly follow a menu to the expiration of the following system weight loss be happy with the result.