Diet on buckwheat for weight loss: useful mono-diet for cleansing the body. Options on buckwheat diet for weight loss

The efficiency of mono-diet explains their popularity among those who urgently need to bring the figure in order. One of the most popular girls here for several years, remains diet on buckwheat for weight loss. And not by accident. It not only eliminates excess weight but also literally cleans the body of toxins and impurities.

Useful properties of buckwheat

Security and usefulness are the main conditions that must be followed when choosing a diet. From this point of view, the buckwheat diet for weight loss differs from other mono-diet.

In buckwheat a lot of useful substances to the body:

• vitamin a, which improves vision;

• b vitamins, without which normal work of the brain, blood vessels, and internal organs;

• vitamin E has antioxidant properties and prevents ageing;

• valuable for endocrine, cardiac and immune function trace minerals, including iodine, iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, manganese, potassium.

It is important to understand that buckwheat is quite high-calorie product. One hundred grams grains almost 300 calories. If you have decided to start a diet on buckwheat for weight loss then Supplement it with something unexpected scheme impossible. Otherwise instead of losing weight begin uncontrolled weight gain. So no oil, butter sauces, mayonnaise and other ingredients can not use.

Diet rules for weight loss

There are other rules that must be followed to get the expected result:

• in order not to feel hunger and reduce metabolism, you need to go on a busy six meals. Serving size – not more than two hundred grams;

• the main difficulty is that the buckwheat needs to be cooked and is fresh. In a pinch you can add a tiny amount of soy sauce, but it is best to do without it;

• to cook porridge need water, milk cannot be added;

• during the diet drink a multivitamin as the diet is unbalanced.

To enhance the effect of the diet on buckwheat for weight loss you can, if you combine it with a water diet. During the day you should drink 1.5 liters of clean water. In addition, you need to drink green tea, broth hips, fruit drinks without sugar.

It is important to complete the diet, not to lose the achieved results and not to harm the stomach and intestines. After the scheme, not the next day go to the nutrition that you adhere to a diet before the start of the marathon.

• Small quantity of food received was called a natural decrease in the volume of the stomach, and it is very good. If you immediately start eating large portions, then start the indigestion, and mucous will stretch and will get microtrauma.

• Weekly (or longer) meal of one kind of accustomed the body to digest a certain food, that is, facilitate his work. If you just start eating fatty, sweet, salty, high in calories, the metabolism will be disturbed.

What you need to do in order not to harm yourself? To follow in the first week of the low calorie healthy diet. Try to track the amount of calories and do not exceed 1.2 – 1.5 thousand calories a day. In addition, you need to get out of the diet.

Menu for seven days

Seven-day version of the diet on buckwheat for weight loss tolerated difficult. However, if you survive a week on one unsalted cereal, then the result can be excellent. Some girl manages to lose 5 kg of weight. Of them fat at best will take half, the rest is water. However, this result is for some the ultimate dream.

The classical scheme of power within seven days looks the same.

1. Breakfast – ounce serving of boiled buckwheat. No salt, oil, spices, and sauces. To make the meal more acceptable, you can drink boiled cereals unsweetened green tea or diluted by a third with water fresh vegetable juice. Salt it too.

2. For lunch, eat two hundred grams of buckwheat. You can drink broth hips, herbal or green tea.

3. For dinner you need to repeat the lunch menu, after which tea, water.

If possible, the entire volume of boiled buckwheat to be divided not three, but six parts. In between drink water and green tea.

To make your life easier, buckwheat in the evening pour boiling water in a thermos. Morning crisp, useful, retaining all of the vitamins and minerals croup is ready.

Result from the use of only one buckwheat for seven days so obvious that some are resolved to extend the diet. In this case, the same menu is saved for another week. The most resistant eat buckwheat for three weeks, losing up to ten pounds of weight.

Diet-buckwheat with yogurt and fruit La weight loss

Not every girl has enough willpower to hold out for unsalted porridge at such a small amount at least a week. If you are confident on all hundred, you can try a variant of the diet on buckwheat for weight loss. It involves the use of low-fat yogurt with boiled barley.

Daily menu will be repeated. To complement it in this version is impossible. One full cycle of weight loss a week. If you want, you can continue up to 10, 14 or 21 days.

• Breakfast – a small dessert plate of buckwheat, steamed in the evening. Cereals have the same as in the basic scheme, there is no oil and sauces. You can count six tablespoons – this will be the single norm of boiled cereals. Drink buckwheat can be black or green tea (the latter option is preferable).

• For lunch you need to eat as much steamed buckwheat and a glass of low-fat or even nonfat yogurt.

• Dinner repeats Breakfast.

If this variant is very hard, you can make another one indulgence: to include in the diet a limited amount of dried fruit (no more than five pieces a day). It can be apricots, figs, prunes, and sometimes the date. Instead you can eat dried fruits one serving of fresh fruit, but not very sweet: apples, persimmon, pear, pomelo. Diet on buckwheat for weight loss with fruit carried much easier, because it is more tasty and varied.

Who is contraindicated buckwheat diet for weight loss

The severity of diet diet – lack of it. The body, especially women, needs a balanced diet including proteins and fats. They just do not exist. Buckwheat is the only carbohydrate which, incidentally, is not able to provide the body with everything necessary for daily normal operation.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use mono for a long time. If you limit yourself in meat, butter, sour more than ten days, then the metabolic processes can slow down. To restore normal metabolism in this situation would be very difficult.

Therefore, if during the diet on the buckwheat for weight loss you feel lack of energy, headaches, constant irritability, weakness, dizziness, it is better to abandon it and use for weight loss another diet or just go on a healthy diet.

Any diet, including buckwheat, children, adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers. If you plan a pregnancy, something about the mono-diet to forget.

Direct contraindications for weight loss on the buckwheat are the following diagnoses:

• gastritis;

• gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;

• immunologic diseases;

• diabetes mellitus;

• cardiovascular disease.

Strictly forbidden diet if you have any problem related to gynecology. For example, menstrual disorders, heavy periods, painful menstruation. In addition, you should not use a diet in menopause, if overall health is bad.

How to get out of the diet without harm

Protein foods need to be returned to the diet gradually. First one egg, then a Cup of natural yogurt, then low-fat cottage cheese, a bit of boiled meat. To restore the normal diet is not affected on the stomach, need to add foods one at a time in the day. After 3-4 days you can eat light soups, breads, or whole wheat, branny bread.

After the effective mono to keep the weight very difficult. This is the feature of the metabolism: the body begins to store nutrients for future use, perceiving diet as a danger signal. Therefore, the diet will have to constantly monitor, keeping the calories within a half kilocalories per day even during the first ten days after the diet.

You can’t eat fatty foods, smoked meat and pickles, sausage and animal fat, products made with white flour and white rice. Ideal – a healthy diet consisting of fresh or boiled vegetables, 1-2 servings of fruits a day, dairy products, buckwheat, cottage cheese, lean meat and greens.

And diet on buckwheat can be used as a fasting day. This will allow you to preserve a great figure and good health.