The best post-holiday diet

Before the end of the Christmas holidays, another week and many are already thinking about how to lose obvious lose weight: so many Goodies were cooked and eaten for new year’s table. And yet the Christmas. So, the most effective are mono – specific system of power in which it is necessary to use only a few products within a few days. It is extremely useful kefir, Apple, buckwheat and the like diet.

However, according to nutritionists, such restrictions are meaningless, because when the body receives less nutrients (and it always happens when people start to resort to mono-diet), the body’s metabolism slows down. That’s why when a man decides that has to lose pounds and refuses from the diet, the weight returns with a vengeance.

The most adequate way to lose weight after the holidays, according to nutritionists is to move more, not eat a lot before sleep at night to drink milk products and sweet is not immediately, but within a few days.