Ivan-tea: useful properties of the «men’s grass». As the beneficial properties of willow-herb affect men?

Willow, Koporye tea, men’s grass – all names familiar to traditional healers fireweed.

The plant indeed has unique properties and is able to fight various ailments.

Fireweed: composition

Powerful healing effect that gives the regular consumption of herbal teas is healing herbs, is primarily manifested in the normalization of the endocrine, urinary and immune systems. The composition of the plant includes many active substances and the powerful vitamin-mineral complex:

• flavonoids;

• alkaloids;

• vitamins C (ascorbic acid), group b;

• carotene;

• General (has anti-tumor properties);

• iron, potassium, copper, sodium, Tita, boron, molybdenum;

• pectin;

• tannins.

Special attention in this list deserve flavonoids. These substances are classified as vitamins of group P, which is responsible for strengthening the walls of blood vessels, reducing their permeability. The result normalizes blood pressure, improves the process of blood supply of organs and tissues.

In fact, for this reason, the fireweed, and I think «men’s grass». For men the beneficial properties of willow-herb are to improve the supply of blood male genital organs. It helps normalize or improve erectile function.

Contraindications fireweed has little, if no pronounced allergies to herbal medicines and pollen.

Ivan-tea: useful properties

Of dried or fresh herbs cooked fragrant teas, decoctions, infusions. Any of the beverage has healing properties: tonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic. The beneficial properties of willow-herb in the treatment of existing diseases and are also used for prevention of many ailments.

Course reception of tea from fireweed has a healing effect on the body:

• relieves insomnia and headaches;

• possesses antipyretic properties, is good in the treatment of colds, SARS and flu;

• strengthens the vascular wall and the heart, reduces swelling;

• reduces inflammation and speeds healing;

• calms the nerves;

• beneficial effect on digestion;

• helps the body better remove toxins and wastes;

• prevents the development of caries;

• helps minimize the appearance of skin diseases;

• slows down aging of the skin.

However, along with the General therapeutic properties of the drink from Ivan-tea has healing powers to cure serious diseases. If you have a severe diagnosis to include it in the meal plan can only be made after consultation with your doctor. List of diseases in which the beneficial properties of fireweed appear in full, is as follows:

• anemia, vitamin deficiency;

• gastritis, stomach ulcer, enterocolitis, pancreatitis;

• prostate adenoma, prostatitis;

• infertility in men and women;

• hypertension;

• urolithiasis;

• inflammatory diseases of the oropharynx and the bronchopulmonary system, including pharyngitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, sinusitis;

• poisoning and intestine disorders of various Genesis;

• epilepsy depression, alcoholic psychosis;

• women’s endocrine disorders, including menopause, failure of the menstrual cycle, bleeding, PMS;

• immunodeficiency States.

Due to the wide range of action fireweed is possible and necessary to drink not only men but also women.

Ivan-tea: useful properties for men

The popularity of willow is for healing of problems in the male genital area is very high. Indeed, decoctions of herbs can not only improve the potency due to the normalization of blood supply. The beneficial properties of willow-herb for men is manifested in his ability to help the following diseases:

• prostatitis (acute and chronic);

• adenoma;

• urolithiasis;

• recovery from prostate surgery.

A decoction of willow-herb has anti-inflammatory, soothing, astringent and cleansing properties. Very useful to drink it if you have any male problems. It is important to know how to brew a drink.

Regimens Ivan-tea for men

With reduced potency and sterility on a tablespoon of dried raw materials you need to take one Cup of fresh boiling water, insist one hour, carefully strain. During the day four times, take a quarter Cup before eating. A full course of at least six weeks, after which a mandatory break.

In case of BPH and for the prevention of disease need to drink daily two glasses of decoction of willow-herb. One teaspoon of dried materials need to take a glass of boiling water for ten minutes. Regimen: in the morning upon waking on an empty stomach, in the evening half an hour before a night’s rest. After 50 years, the drink should be included in the diet of every man who wants to preserve the health and virility.

After prostate surgery during the recovery period, this drink will help to recover faster. Moreover, drinking this mixture is able to stop the growth of the adenoma. In some cases it helps to avoid surgery. With this purpose, you need to drink a more concentrated drink. 1 tbsp. l. raw pour 1 tbsp just boiled water, insist no more than five minutes, filter and drink the same way.

In chronic or acute prostatitis, prepare the infusion of fireweed using a water bath. Two tablespoons herb brewed Cup of boiling water, heated over steam for 15 minutes, then insist 45 minutes and filtered. Infusion bring boiled water to the original volume and take ½ Cup three times daily before main meal. Easy to cook multiple servings of infusion immediately and store it in the refrigerator (maximum two days). One course: two weeks, a week break, again two weeks of admission.

In chronic prostatitis it is possible to apply a different treatment plan developed by a folk healer Ogarkov: 1 tablespoon of raw materials to take a glass of boiled water, infuse two hours, filter. A warm drink 20 minutes before eating half a Cup three times a day.


The main problem that can occur with regular use of the drink from willow-herb, is associated with uncontrolled use for long time. Of course, the beneficial properties of willow-herb for men and women pleased. However, we must not forget that any drug (and the fireweed in this case, it becomes a means of healing) is impossible to drink constantly.

The fact that the Ivan-tea includes active substances coumarins, which give the grass a distinctive flavor. Coumarins quickly accumulate in the liver, negatively affecting its work and disrupting the natural digestive processes. Therefore, when any scheme therapeutic or prophylactic use of willow tea through the month to pause for 3 weeks.

The drink has a sedative and purgative properties, and this should be considered during the morning reception. To strengthen the «sleepy» and laxative effect, can’t drink tea together with sedative drugs. In addition, you should not exceed the dose of raw material recommended for one. Should limit the use of fragrant herbal tea 3-4 cups a day.

Direct contraindications, the fireweed is in the following cases:

• hypotension (drink lowers blood pressure);

• individual intolerance.

In all other cases, it is possible to use a healing drink for prevention of diseases or combination therapy.