Eggshell: use of source of calcium, the rules for its use. Eggshell: the dangers of the product

Few have heard that lack of calcium in the body is recommended to use egg shells. Surprisingly, the way it is. This «product» is a valuable source of not only calcium but also other minerals. To eggshell benefit the body has the greatest need to learn how to cook it, to eat.

What part of the egg shell

This «product» is most often just discarded in the trash. However, after reviewing the composition of the egg shell, you can see how valuable she is to the human body.

In an egg-shell contains:

• 90% of the composition is calcium, you can also find carbonate and magnesium phosphate;

• essential minerals – iron, zinc, silicon, sulfur, aluminum, manganese, copper;

• collagen fibers;

• amino acids – cystine, lysine, methionine.

The correct use of the eggshell will allow you to saturate the body with all essential amino acids and trace minerals to maintain his health.

The eggshell product use

Egg shells are useful in horticulture for the preparation of fertilizers in agriculture. Also the product is extremely useful for human health.

1. It is highly recommended to use women in pregnancy, since in this period there is a lack of calcium in the body, important for bone formation of Chad in the womb.

2. When curvature of the spine and rickets eggshell administered to children from an early age, she makes up for the deficiency of calcium, causing marked improvement.

3. The product helps to deal with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, prescribed for ulcers, gastritis.

4. Eggshell is recommended to women as a prevention. It strengthens the nail plate, accelerates hair growth, prevents split ends.

To eggshells to be healthier eggs, you must choose fresh. The best way is to take them «my grandmother in the village.»

How to prepare egg shells

1. Fresh eggs should be thoroughly wash (with soap). Color does not matter. Then within 5 minutes they should boil, cool.

2. The shell detaches from the eggs along with the film, which is on the inside. All laid out on a dry towel to dry.

3. Now the shell must be grind to a fine powder. This can be done both manually and with the help of a blender, the grinder.

4. The resulting powder kept in glass containers. The place must be dry, otherwise it will form lumps.

1 teaspoon of egg shell has about 700 mg of calcium. If it is difficult to use the product in its pure form, it is possible to package it in a soluble capsule and take daily as conventional tablets.

Eggshell in folk medicine: the best recipes

It turns out that the egg shell use were known in the days of our grandmothers. It can help prepare effective home remedies that are perfectly cope with some diseases.

1. Agent in the fracture, stimulating the strengthening of the bones, their early accretion. You need to prepare 20 eggs, 500 ml of the ridge and fresh lemon juice (from 20 pieces). Eggs are placed in a glass jar with a capacity of 3 liters. Then there poured the juice. Well the neck is rewound gauze. The Bank in 20 days is removed in a dark, dry place. When the mixture darkens, it needs to drain and mix with the brandy. Medication is needed after food 4 times a day. This recipe can use girls to strengthen the nail plate, improve the condition of hair. The course of medication is 1 week, then take a break.

2. Ulcer and gastritis powder egg shell is required to take a dry. In the morning before eating 1 tablespoon means 1 minute fry on a dry pan. This procedure on an empty stomach reduces the acidity of the stomach, relieves the unpleasant pain, heartburn.

3. Burns recommended 4-5 times a day, sprinkle the affected area of the skin an egg shell. The wound will heal so much faster.

It is believed that the most useful will be the shell from which the just hatched chick. However, so «fresh» product in the urban environment, it’s impossible. Buying eggs in the store need to pay attention to them were the letter «D». The implementation of dietetic product is only 7 days.

Egg shells: application of the powder in the home of cosmetology

Eggshell harm when used topically can bring only in the presence of individual intolerance to it. This product is considered to be a valuable cosmetic tool. Masks made based on it, will maintain the beauty, health and youthfulness of the face.

Mask with egg shells: universal recipes for all skin types

1. Beet. Half a teaspoon of the eggshell, ground into a powder, must be mixed with fresh beet (100 grams grate on a small grater). There is added fat sour cream (1 tablespoon). All components are mixed, for 15 minutes applied to the face. The mask is characterized by a pronounced refreshing and tonic effect, eliminates blackheads and tightens the skin.

2. Cottage cheese mask is extremely useful to the fair sex at any age to maintain the beauty and natural Shine of the face. Half of orange you need with the help of a blender to turn into a homogeneous mixture. There is added 2 tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese, 1 tablespoon of the eggshell powder. The mask is recommended 2 times a week, apply on face for 20 minutes, then warm water rinse. Effect long a wait make. The face will always look fresh, rested, disappear the bags under the eyes, the skin will remain taut and elastic.

Eggshell: the dangers of the product

Eggshell harm, too, sometimes can cause. It is no secret that even the most useful product has the spoon «fly».

1. Salmonella. In any case it is impossible to use the powder of the shell, if the egg wasn’t pre-washed, boiled.

2. When excess calcium in the body is as the shell for therapeutic purposes use is not worth it.

3. People with cancer product is not recommended.

Eggshell really is an incredibly valuable product. It can be used not only for medicinal, cosmetic purposes, but also in the economy. For example, 1 tablespoon of the powder is recommended to be added directly into the drum of the washing machine when washing white clothes. True clothes when it is placed in the pouch of tissue. It is believed that the shell is the best bleach. In addition, it is still and excellent fertilizer for house plants. You need plain water for 3-4 days to put a few eggs. This liquid is very helpful to water the flowers.

Egg shells (only fresh eggs) is a product which in the house is always useful. A good housekeeper to take care of the health of loved ones, their beauty. Main thing is to thoroughly wash the eggs and boil them before cooking powder.