Flavorful and healthy cilantro on your Desk – the doctor? Useful properties and contraindications of cilantro

This fresh green seasoning is loved by many. This is connected not only with special taste plant, but also its useful properties, the frequent use in folk medicine.

What is cilantro? Its useful properties and contraindications

Cilantro is an annual herb of the Coriander family, which is used as a spice. Interestingly, coriander is called seeds of this plant, and its foliage is called cilantro or Chinese parsley.

A common cilantro resembles parsley, but is rubbed on the fingertips of her leaf, it becomes immediately obvious difference between the two plants.

The smell and taste of cilantro is specific for everybody. Another common name of the plant – bug.

Cilantro has been successfully used in medicine, cooking and cosmetology.

For use in cooking, choose fresh cilantro leaves are rich green in color. Keep it recommended like flowers in a glass of water, which should be placed in the refrigerator. Do not forget to change the water daily and trim the roots. You can still dry them, wrap in slightly damp cloth and put in a plastic container. Shelf life is 3 days. Dried and frozen cilantro for its beneficial properties – it is a useless product. To eat better cilantro fresh, can also be added to salads, ready meals. This seasoning is added at the end of cooking.

Delicious sauces with the addition of coriander. For Example, Satsibeli. For its preparation it is necessary to grind the coriander in a special mortar, add the garlic, crushed in chesnokodavilke, fresh tomato paste, a little adzhika, spices Khmeli-suneli, ground coriander seeds, pepper, salt and a drop of vinegar.

Goes well with almost all products. As the condiments used for salads, first courses and meat and fish. Coriander seeds are added to bakery products. Fans of cilantro really like her flavor in sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, stewed meat. By the way, if you sprinkle raw meat with coriander seeds and pour the vinegar, it will be kept longer and acquire spicy flavor. Cilantro is suitable for decorating.

Useful properties of coriander

This plant is considered medicinal, as it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals:

• vitamin K (310 mg) – helps to normalize blood clotting in the body, it wounds and cuts heal very quickly.

• vitamin R (1,114 mg) – nicotinic acid perfectly dilates blood vessels of the brain. It is used to prevent strokes and cardiac system. Also, if this substance is lacking in the body, develops dermatitis, diarrhoea and dementia (dementia).

• vitamin E (2.5 mg) is appointed by the couples who are planning offspring.

• b vitamins (B1 – 0,067 mg, B2 – 0,162 mg, B4(choline) is 12.8 mg, B5 – 0.57 mg, B6 – 0,149 mg, B9 (folic acid) 62 mg). The largest amount of vitamin B4 and B9, which are among the most important in their group. Choline supports normal functioning of the nervous system, takes part in fat metabolism, cleanse your liver from fat, normalize cholesterol. Folic acid is considered as the basis of the human body. Without it is impossible the normal growth and development of the body and the activity of the blood and immune systems.

• vitamin a (337 mg) – an excellent antioxidant, besides, even with fat-soluble properties. And the benefits of beta carotene (3,93 mg) for vision is known to every schoolboy.

Medicinally useful properties of coriander and indications for use in folk medicine

The combination of all these elements in General has a beneficial effect on the whole body. In particular:

• contributes to the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;

• removes waste, toxins and other harmful substances from the body;

• a positive effect on the absorption of heavy food by the body;

• protect against colon cancer due to fiber content and pectin;

• calms an upset stomach, prevents nausea and lessen vomiting;

• lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood;

• is a powerful appetite stimulant;

• is one of the most effective means in the fight against obesity;

• eliminates bad breath and the smell of tobacco and alcohol;

• for a period of time relieves toothache;

• is an excellent tool in the fight against bleeding gums and also other oral cavity diseases;

• restores the normal health of the cardiovascular system;

• suitable for hypertensive patients as it considerably reduces the pressure;

• helps to lower sugar levels in the blood, making it possible to reduce the daily use of insulin.

• saturates the body with energy and relieves insomnia.

Cilantro is essential-oil crops, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Healthy recipes use cilantro in folk medicine

1) violation of the digestive system, it is recommended to use the following composition: 10-30 grams of coriander seeds to grind in a special marble or another mortar, pour one liter of hot boiled purified water and allow to steep for 10 minutes. A Cup after each meal.

2) Elimination of unpleasant smell from a mouth, including alcohol and tobacco. 1 tsp dried herbs of cilantro, pour two cups of boiling water and cook for 7-10 minutes. If you need to rinse your mouth.

3) Removal of high breakdown. 1 tbsp of coriander seeds pour 100 grams of vodka and leave to infuse in a dark bottle within 14 days. After infusion of strain and take 40 to 50 drops per day within 10 days prior to the normalization of the General condition of the body. This tincture is a very effective anti – depressant with sedative and anticonvulsant properties.

Contraindications to use of cilantro

Despite the huge number of positive properties of cilantro, sometimes its use can cause harm to the body. Consider the main points:

1) idiosyncrasy of this seasoning.

2) Essential oils that are part of this plant can cause an allergic reaction. So familiarity with this herb start with a small dose. It is believed that the optimal quantity of this product which can be consumed at one time, equals 35 grams.

3) Exclude it from the diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

4) Excessive use of seasoning can lead to impaired memory and insomnia.

5) some women Have observed a failure of the hormonal system, which can lead to changes of the monthly menstrual cycle.

6) If the person suffered a stroke or heart attack, as well as suffering from thrombophlebitis, it is also undesirable effects on the body this herb.

7) to Limit the use of coriander is recommended for people who have gastritis with high acidity.

Enter in your diet coriander. In addition, it has a unique range of useful properties, it will give a rich flavor and incomparable aroma to your dishes.