Basil: the beneficial properties of aromatic herbs, the main areas of application. Basil: contraindications to the use

Nice flavor of Basil complements the spicy taste of the many culinary delights, so Housewives often use it as a seasoning.

However, few people know that the composition of plants contains many useful substances, which make the suitable spice and for medicinal purposes.

Basil, useful properties which very much valued in folk medicine and even cosmetology.

Moreover, it is used as fresh and dried.

At the Basilica of the contraindications are not many, so every owner will benefit from an increased knowledge about this plant.

The composition of the Basilica

Why Basil is so beneficial? This issue will not be a problem if we consider the chemical composition of plants. It contains really important vitamins and nutrients.

The set includes:

• ascorbic acid;

• camphor;

• carotene;

• vitamins K, a, RR, A;

• essential oil;

• rutin.

Basilica of the beneficial properties are maintained as in the fresh plant and dried. However, if the person does not know how to collect grass and dry it, better to buy it at the drugstore.

Basil: the beneficial properties of aromatic plants

Basil is an amazing plant, it is sometimes even underrated. Rich composition allows its use both medicinally and in beauty recipes. As for cooking, the unique flavor of the spices fills a special taste to meat dishes, salads.

Basil: useful properties

1. Very useful to use in food Basil men. It has been proven that it has a beneficial effect on potency, greatly increases sexual effects.

2. Normalizes blood sugar levels, supports blood pressure.

3. Decoctions and infusions useful in indigestion and constipation, relieve bloating.

4. Relieves headaches and calms the nervous system, it is often recommended to use the Basil if you have problems with sleep.

5. Improves concentration, very useful for drivers and people whose work requires constant thinking.

6. Reduces the level of uric acid, which prevents the formation of kidney stones.

7. Basil is recommended for those who have a weakened immune system. Decoctions and infusions of plants are prescribed after a serious illness to the body quickly recovered.

8. The plant is used in folk medicine for the treatment of infections and colds in adults and children.

9. Since the composition contains vitamin a, Basil strengthens the nail plate, improves the General condition of the hair and skin.

The use of Basil in traditional medicine

Recipes of traditional medicine based on herbs will be useful to know each person. At the Basilica of the contraindications are very few, so enjoy it’s healing powers will be able and adults and children.

1. Flavorful healthy tea. Washed fresh Basil leaves (about a handful) you need to pour boiling water (1 liter) and leave for no longer than 5-10 minutes, so as not to lose the useful properties. After that, the tea is filtered, for sweetness add a little honey. This drink is recommended to drink 2 times a day for better digestion, stress relief and General strengthening of the immune system.

2. A decoction of Basil. 3 handfuls of fresh leaves of the plant are filled with warm boiled water and after boiling, cook for another 15 minutes. The broth let stand until cool, then it is filtered through gauze. This tool is used to rinse the mouth with sore throat and toothache. The same decoction can RUB the skin to relieve inflammation.

3. When colitis and bloating. 10 grams of dried Basil should be steamed with boiling water (50 ml) for 10 minutes, then drain. The resulting tool is to drink 3-4 times a day for 2 days.

Basil: benefits for beauty, homemade recipes

Basil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, often it can be seen in the composition of many cosmetic products. But why spend more if some recipes can be easily made at home from fresh plants. Basil contraindications particular for outdoor application has not, it does not cause itching and irritation of the dermis.

1. A refreshing daily tonic. 2 tablespoons fresh plants should be well crushed, and the smaller, the better. You can use a blender. The resulting mass with boiling water, zaparivat for half an hour, then filtered. Tonic kept in the refrigerator. They are advised to wipe the face every morning. The tool perfectly refreshes and tones the skin, nourishes the skin, eliminates acne.

2. Mask recovery. With age, the skin fades, to postpone this process with the help of regular use of the mask of the Basilica. Have a deep casserole mixed one egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of liquid honey and 4 drops of Basil essential oil. Everything is stirred until a homogeneous mass. The mask is applied to face 3 to 4 times a week for 20 minutes.

3. Lotion for hair. Beautiful hair is a woman’s wealth. Return them to the beauty, volume and natural Shine will help tool of Basil and rosemary. You need to mix the herbs in equal amounts and pour boiling water so that water covered the plants. The volume of infusion should be chosen depending on the length of hair. Received means you need to rinse the tresses after every wash. Rosemary and Basil nourish the hair, restore the balance of micronutrients, making them shiny and comfortable.

The use of fragrant Basil in cooking

Tart and bitter notes of the plants are highly valued in cooking. Basil fresh and dried perfectly complements the taste of meat. However, restrictions on its use there. The hostess can include fantasy and use the spice when cooking fish, rice and even mashed potatoes.

Delicious get the salad, if you fill it with oil of Basil. Useful properties of spices will make the dish a vitamin.

1. You need to prepare 50 grams of the leaves, rinse them and dry.

2. 4 tablespoons of olive oil and shredded Basil in a blender.

3. To the resulting slurry to pour another 200 ml of olive oil.

4. To the obtained oil, Basil needs to steep about 2 weeks before use.

Basil: contraindications to the use of plants

Despite the huge number of medicinal properties of fragrant plants, there are some nuances of its use.

Basil: contraindications

1. Women during pregnancy and lactation it is advisable to eat dishes with the addition of Basil, because the reaction of the child’s body may be surprising.

2. In the presence of diseases associated with cardiac muscle, the better the plant does not use.

3. To unsubscribe from spice have diabetes.

4. The presence of individual intolerance Basil forbidden for medicinal purposes and in cosmetic.

Basil, useful properties and contraindications of which was submitted is a plant, full of vitamins important for humans. Just remember that all things in moderation, so overused spice in any form is not recommended.