The Atkins diet — a detailed description and useful tips. Reviews about the Atkins diet and sample recipes.

Atkins diet — description and General principles

Agree, it is at least strange to eat fried meat, eggs with mayonnaise and fried sausage, wash it down with coffee with cream, while effective to lose weight. But Dr. Atkins, who has designed his research in the form of diet 30 years ago claimed that this is the most healthy and effective way to quickly shed a few pounds. Yes, not 1-2, as in other common diets, and as many as 5-10. In his opinion, «the root of all evil» is not in meat and animal fats, and sweets, flour and cereal products, starch-rich vegetables, and, oddly enough, the fruit sources of fructose and glucose. All these foods contain large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar, and hence the energy, and the body puts excess fat «in reserve».

Even the debate about the usefulness and harmfulness of deficiency of carbohydrates in the body are not stop many fans of this diet, although in the world press no-no, and slip messages that long limiting yourself of carbohydrates leads to heart attacks and other health problems. Tested the the Atkins diet and celebrities — brad pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Robbie Williams , and quite positive about it responded. That is why it has another name – the Hollywood diet.

Dr. Atkins divided his diet into several stages, more attention to the first and second stages. The first part (2 weeks) can be called the reducing phase, at this time, you can eat not more than 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. The body, deprived of the usual way to obtain energy, is forced to spend its own fat reserves – that is, there comes the so-called ketogenic phase. But still, restrictions on eating there — there should be only when really hungry. Do not overeat, filling the stomach «eyeballs», because the key to any diet in moderation.

After preparation of the body, you can allocate the two phases — when the body ceases to lose weight, the menu introduces a small amount of carbohydrates (about 5-10 grams). You can add a small amount of vegetables, cereals and fruits. The next part is supportive. The author believes that this phase should follow all his life, again not to gain extra pounds.

Atkins diet — what foods can be consumed

All types of meat: chicken, ham, pork, beef, sausage, lamb, etc.

Fish of all kinds: sardines, salmon, herring, river fish. Seafood should only choose those that contain low carbohydrates. From now on, you must carefully examine the composition of products on labels, since a large amount of carbohydrates can be reduced to «no» effort.

Eggs in any form are welcome.

Cheeses, choose only those that contain the minimum number of prohibited substances.

Vegetables leave the radishes, radish, Chinese cabbage, parsley, cucumber, bell pepper, celery. We should also add here the shoots of germinated seeds, butter, fish oils and mushrooms.

Without greenery it is impossible to imagine any diet that is available there is a large variety of herbs. A salad dressing is vegetable oil with lemon juice or vinegar. Some vegetables for the first time should be limited — this eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, green peas, tomatoes and onions. Sour cream is used in the range of protein standards (not more than 20 grams a day). Please note that drinks — herbal teas, green and black tea – consumed without sugar. Alcohol based on the number of carbohydrates can be consumed only after the first two weeks of the diet.

Atkins diet — what foods should not be consumed

First of all, you need to say about salt. It slows down the natural processes, so the number of it in food must be reduced to a minimum, and during the first two weeks and not to exclude. To opt out at this time should from alcoholic drinks. Banned confectionery, sweets, sugar and margarine. For some time, you should refrain from potatoes and other starch products.

The Atkins diet — sample menus

Immediately in the first hours after waking up, drink a glass of water. Breakfast will always be about the same.

First and second Breakfast: coffee with low-fat milk (0, 5%), or a glass of tea without sugar, you can add a little fructose. Low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt. The first time you can take two curds, gradually leaving one. Two hours later an Apple or other fruit, a glass of tea with mint.

Lunch: back to the water 15 minutes before meals. Menu options for lunch:

— ear, black bread, tomato salad, tea, dried fruit, Mandarin.

— Veal, grilled (100 grams), or cooked in the oven, boiled wild rice, cucumber salad and plenty of greenery. To enhance the taste, you can add soy sauce. Dressing – olive oil with lemon juice.

— Steamed fish (150 g) or grilled without oil. Garnish – any of the above.

Snack: 2-3 hours Apple vegetables, yogurt. You can add green tea with mint.

Supper: traditional Cup of water;

— squid salad with egg and corn, fill the form of olive oil, crushed garlic and lemon juice, cooked shrimp and wild rice;

— chicken meat(250 grams), baked in the oven, garnish grapefruit;

cooked fish in the oven, salad (tomato, greens, 2 cucumber, half the pepper and 1 egg).

Black bread in small quantities, and a few pieces of pineapple. You can prepare a protein dessert: any ground nuts(200 gr), sugar substitute, spoon, instant coffee, 3 egg whites. All beat with a mixer, put it on the fire until thick ( 2-3 minutes). To form balls and roll in coconut.

In total during the day you can eat 1200 calories.

The Atkins diet — tips and reviews

Among strict contraindications dieting atherosclerosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnancy, lactation. Especially careful to treat this diet to people with diabetes and kidney disease. In the transition to the second level you need to introduce carbs in small portions. It is useful to have at hand a portable scale and to monitor the dynamics of weight to stay on the individual the rate at which the body will maintain a normal balance.

And most importantly — carefully consider your motivation for weight loss. Think of the reward that you can give after the diet, keep a diary of achievements. Psychologists say that these little tricks help to deceive the hunger and significantly reduce the dependence on junk food. You will be able to live nicely on, observing the principles of healthy eating.

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