What is important to know about the composition and caloric content of sugar. What is the benefit and harm of sugar for human body

Modern statistics confirm the fact that the annual consumption of sugar increases.

For each person has up to 60 kg of this product per year. He is today one of the most common products included in the usual daily food. No one denies the necessity of his presence in power. But the benefit or harm it will bring to the person, depends on the amount of its use.

Sugar: its composition, calorific value, types

Sugar – sucrose of plant origin, in pure form, is a carbohydrate that consists of glucose and fructose.

Name it «sarkara» means «sand», comes from Sanskrit. This means that the product has been known to man since ancient times.

Depending on what raw materials were made of sugar there are varieties:

• cane;

• palm;

• maple;

• beet;

• sorghum.

All varieties of sugar are produced:

• unrefined (brown in color);

• refined (white).

Refining – a process for the complete purification of the product from the presence of molasses, molasses, mineral salts, vitamins, gummy substances. The result of the processing is to obtain white particles of sugar.

Between refined and unrefined varieties have differences in composition. White sugar is almost all carbohydrates, while brown also has impurities. A list of these contaminants and their relative amount depends on the quality of the produced cleansing and raw materials.

Indicators Refined sugar raw sugar

Calorific value, kcal 399 396

Carbs, g. 99,6 96

Proteins, gr. 0 0,67

Fat, gr. 0 1,03

Calcium, mg. 3 22-62,7

Phosphorus, mg. — 4-22,3

Magnesium, mg — 4-117

Zinc, mg — 0,6

Sodium, 1 mg. —

Potassium, mg. 3 40-330

Differences in chemical composition between the two types of product is insignificant. The calorie and sugar content of the protein have essentially identical values.

The small difference observed in the content of protein and fat (they are completely absent in white sugar).

Content of trace elements brown sugar is the leader. But these indicators have different importance in the maintenance of delusions, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and sodium depend on the degree of purification of the product.

Sugar: what is good for the body

Despite popular belief about the dangers of sugar, we should not forget that a small amount of it just need to man. Doctors confirmed the fact of the impossibility of the existence of the human body without its absence.

The benefit is that a moderate amount of sugar provides the body with plenty of energy. Part of it glucose is able to meet the energy requirement of the body.

Glucose helps the formation in the liver and spleen of barriers to toxins. Because of this useful property to her patients when removing toxicity and many diseases of the liver is assigned the administration of glucose. In the pathology of these bodies are appointed «glucose diet».

Sugar stimulates the production of serotonin. It is also called the hormone of «happiness». The product activates in the brain circulation process. In case of rejection will occur with sclerotic changes. The product reduces the risk of formation in vessels of blood platelets, which reduces the likelihood of blood clots, and fans of sweet is much less likely to suffer from arthritis.

With proper and informed approach to this product, it may be helpful for the body.

Sugar: what’s the harm

When consuming sugar in large quantities is applied to a significant injury:

1. is the weakening of bone tissue. The process of assimilation of sugar by the body and the collapse of its carbohydrates is possible only with the help of calcium. When large doses of the incoming product, the required amount of calcium for processing is taken from bone tissue. So «sweet» observed thinning of tooth and bone tissue, increases the risk of fractures.

2. Popping diseases of the teeth and gums. Sugar negatively affects the acid environment in the mouth and harm the enamel condition of the teeth. Under its action she quickly collapses, it becomes vulnerable to bacteria and germs.

3. The rapid increase in body mass is due to the postponement of fat under the skin of the abdomen, the hips. Sweet causes the rise of insulin, which contributes to the excitation of neurons that are responsible for appetite. Their stimulation causes a false sense of hunger, and a person usually begins to eat.

4. Accelerating the process of aging. Able to neutralize the collagen responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. In the result, the number and depth of wrinkles increases.

5. Neutralization of vitamins. For proper absorption of glucose is consumed a large amount of b vitamins In large amounts in the body develops a deficiency, which leads to worsening a number of chronic and new diseases.

6. Develops the effect of habituation to the sweet. Excessive consumption of sweets leads to psychological dependence, symptoms reminiscent of drug.

7. The depletion of energy. It seems a paradox the fact that sugar, as a source of energy, capable of high-volume cause a decrease in the synthesis of carbohydrates in the body, but the rise in insulin — the development of apathy and depression.

8. The disruption of the heart. The development of degeneration of the heart muscle due to the lack of vitamins in the body.

In many familiar products there is a sugar. Its content is «off the charts» in soda, baked goods, sauces, jams, compotes and jams, desserts. With the constant use of these products accumulates an impressive «amount» of this carbohydrate and its beneficial properties are reduced to zero.

For pregnant and nursing mothers: the harm of sugar

The danger of sugar for pregnant and nursing women, their babies feeding lies, first, in the technology of its production. Crystalline sugar is subjected to chemical treatment, after which the number of useful carbohydrates is minimized.

Secondly, the threat of this product lies in the fact that the material spent a lot of calcium. This element is important for proper formation of bone tissue and skeleton of the baby. If the calcium will be spent on glucose uptake, there is a dual problem: the lack of this element for mom and baby.

Thirdly, sugar is several times reduces the protective properties of the body, which inevitably leads to the development of some diseases and aggravation of chronic.

Fourth, the excessive intake of this product improves the process of groovetune. If the expectant mother will not take steps to stabilize their condition, there is a risk of premature birth.

The harm of sugar and the fact that he is able to consume vitamin B. Its deficiency affects not only the condition of the mother’s body but the baby: reduced visual acuity, appear nervousness, constant fatigue, sleep problems, poor muscle tone, reduced immunity, memory and thinking, etc., Such problems will completely disappear if the diet to include the use of natural sugars.

All these effects must be kept in mind moms who want to be healthy for themselves and their children.

Sugar for kids: helpful or harmful

Proper nutrition is considered to be the key to the health of the child. Today, the store has a large variety of sweet and bright and beautiful packaging. It is hard to resist and not to try to give the baby candy, cake. Parents don’t see anything wrong with that. Moms and dads have no idea what can cause a «sweet» childhood of their child.

Less than can harm sugar to kill the appetite. But in fact, a list of the consequences of its excessive consumption big:

1. Sweet causes changes in emotional state and behavior of a child. Headaches, frequent mood swings, fatigue, sleep disturbance, memory loss are the symptoms that are observed in children who consume sugar often.

2. Reduced immunity. Significantly increases the risk of diseases by reducing immunity. It is not recommended to «pamper» sweet babies when they get sick, since glucose helps the development of pathogenic microflora.

3. Sugar deprives children of beneficial microorganisms. Especially strongly reduced the concentration of chromium and calcium, b vitamins.

4. Destroyed teeth and bones. Calcium, which is key to healthy teeth and strong bones that are necessary in large quantities for proper absorption of sugar. Therefore, primarily affects the teeth, bones.

In addition to these disadvantages it is necessary to take into account the fact that the sweets are preservatives, dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers that bring more health benefits. Therefore, to give children sweet or not parents decide on their own.

Sugar: harmful to losing weight

To bring the figure in order through proper nutrition is not enough to calculate the daily number of calories obtained.

In the fight against obesity in the first place there a sharp limitation upon or a waiver of all culinary products, carbonated sugary drinks.

The reason for the limitation lies in the presence of their sugar product, strongly influencing:

• exchange processes;

• the work of the digestive system;

• the process of groovetune;

• develops addiction to sweets;

• causes a false sense of hunger, causing most to eat.

The product has a higher calorific value (in 100g. almost 400 kcal.) and completely contraindicated nutritionists.

Those who are trying your body to put in order, we must not forget that up to 15% of the total weight in cookies and candy have sugar in the juices, yogurt and ice cream – up to 10%, and in a sweet soda its content reaches 33%. Benefits for the body such sugar no.

For successful weight loss amount of calories per day should be limited to 1500, at a rate of 2000 kcal per day. Dietitians it is estimated that a woman can eat no more than 32гр sugar, man – 48гр. This figure includes the sugar that is in foods. Therefore, from eating it in its pure form it is better to completely abandon those who follow the figure.

Today, the sugar included in the daily diet of every human and most difficult to imagine life without him. But in order to maintain your health and the health of loved ones, from this product it is better to give up completely or minimize its use.