Squash diet: simply, safely and effectively, tested on itself. Autumn squash lose weight on the diet!

Fat thorough zucchini will help to return a wasp waist.

That is why squash the diet is so popular among girls.

Fat there not where: the tavern, the closest relative of cucumber, 90 percent of … water! Consequently, calories are scarce: 17 kcal per one hundred grams of raw pumpkin pulp. You can eat a pound and a half and not recovered or per gram.

In addition to low calories, zucchini has a very valuable diet quality: it is very useful. Vitamins b, A, C, E, PP, organic acids, essential for health, minerals (calcium, iron, manganese, copper, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur) – that’s not all.

Zucchini with tenderness can be called «vegetable heart». It contains a huge amount of potassium, which is so necessary to the human heart. Potassium regulates not only cardiac function, but the function of hematopoiesis. In addition, it supports optimal water and salt balance – a key indicator of its health and normal metabolism. Is it any wonder that nutritionists adore zucchini, and fans of this diet was Catherine Deneuve, Margaret Thatcher and Sophia Loren.

For all the usefulness of the zucchini diet based on it is suitable only for those who love this amazing, but absolutely simple vegetable. The special taste of the zucchini no smell, too. Fried zucchini someone reminds mushrooms and some potatoes. Nevertheless, to prepare from it a lot of healthy and tasty dishes very easily. So, squash the diet is well tolerated, attacks hungry hatred of the world is. And it already half of success.

Use pumpkin diet

If a week to sit on squash the diet, you can lose three or four pounds. However, you need to understand that most of this weight will be water (zucchini is fine drives water from the body). Nevertheless, the result in such a short time is quite convincing. After a seven-day period must adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition, then the weight will not return.

Squash diet is not recommended for long periods of time. This Express option, like many others, does not fully reflect the principles of balanced nutrition, but because you long to eat some zucchini impossible. To human body many vital nutrients, amino acids, fats, which are in the pub, unfortunately no.

The pros squash the diet is obvious:

• quick results;

• full security;

• detoxification of the body;

• withdrawal of excess fluid;

• wonderful taste simple and healthy meals.

Zucchini can be baked, boiled, eaten raw. His lungs dietary fiber does not irritate the delicate mucosa of the stomach and have a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis. Eating dishes from zucchini not only prevents, but also cures constipation, binds and eliminates toxins, cholesterol and other unnecessary substances. Miracle-vegetable – natural sorbent, vegetable cellulose a great job with this difficult work.

That is why squash diet not only reduces weight, cleanses the intestines, normalizes its peristalsis, strengthens the heart, but also beneficial to the purification of vessels, that is shown in atherosclerosis. People suffering from edema, can can refer to squash the diet to normalize their condition.

Regular consumption of dishes from zucchini has been used successfully in the fight against cellulite, the treatment of diseases of the liver, kidneys, stomach, gall bladder. Diet food based on pumpkin effective in the treatment of diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases.

Delicious vegetable is almost never cause allergies, therefore to children and for Allergy sufferers it is also shown. And what kind of dishes can be prepared from its flesh!

Who can’t turn to squash a diet trying to lose weight or improve your health? The list of contraindications is small. That people suffering from a disruption of the normal output of potassium and of the body, gastritis and stomach ulcer. Forbidden diet for children and adolescents, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The principles of squash diet

To squash the diet is has worked more efficiently and went only benefit, you must comply with its basic principles.

• Best fruit for diet – young people who do not need to release from the skin. It contains the maximum amount of nutrients. Therefore, to conduct a dietary better week in the season.

• For greater effect, must be consumed young ovary of the zucchini. It’s just a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, organic substances.

• Thermal processing of vegetables allows for boiling, baking, stewing, steaming. Frying should stop.

• Zucchini during the diet should be combined with complete protein: red meat beef and lamb, white meat poultry (especially good is completely devoid of fat chicken breast), fish of any sorts.

• Despite the low total calories of zucchini, the portion is not required to be dimensionless. 300-350 grams are just.

• Drinking plenty of fluids during the diet is necessary. Half a liter of clean drinking water is a norm for body. Mineral and sparkling water will not work.

• Supplement diet can be drinking herbal teas. Sugar should be discarded, at will tea can be pivchaynoyi add a spoon of honey.

• All the harmful Goodies at a complete ban. At the time of the three-day or week-long marathon to forget about flour products, salt, marinades, smoked products and, of course, about alcohol.

Squash diet for three days

Diet for three days refers to the type of discharge and is very easy. Specify the days starts Monday. But this does not mean that it is impossible to start from Wednesday or Saturday to start the diet any day of the week.


• casserole of zucchini (200 grams), a Cup of green or herbal tea. To casserole, mix finely pounds of grated zucchini with the egg, three spoons of flour, bake in greased with vegetable oil form.

• soup vegetables (celery, bell pepper, carrot) with courgette and herbs. One hundred grams of boiled chicken breast, fresh carrot or tomato juice.

• zucchini stuffed with vegetable or mixture of meat, steamed or baked in sour cream. Optional – 150 grams fat-free yogurt.


• pumpkin pancakes baked in the oven or fried in a nonstick pan without oil. Zucchini RUB on a small grater, in about ten minutes, squeeze the juice, mix with egg, flour, a spoon of fructose and bake in a nonstick pan. Herbal tea or diluted with boiling water, broth hips.

• one hundred grams of steam or baked fish with a side dish of steamed or fresh vegetables. Fish can be baked in foil, instead of salt use lemon juice and dried herbs.

• zucchini, stewed with mushrooms or carrots, onions and tomatoes. A glass of low-fat yogurt.


• a salad of fresh vegetables (cucumber, onion, pepper) finely shredded fresh zucchini, dressed with natural yogurt. Green or herbal tea.

• easy mushroom soup with zucchini. You can add in a bowl a piece of boiled Turkey or chicken breast, a half-boiled egg, finely chopped greens.

• beef stew with boiled squash puree, fresh-squeezed juice from any vegetable or tea.

After the diet, the weight may be reduced by half to three kilograms, depending on the initial parameters.

Squash diet for seven days

If you want to continue and achieve great results, you need to continue on the basis of squash dishes.


• omelette with zucchini: two eggs, grated on a small grater zucchini (70 grams), three tablespoons milk, a little salt. Fry without oil in a nonstick frying pan or in a special container for a couple (you can use a steamer, slow cooker). Freshly squeezed orange juice.

• vegetable stew of zucchini, onions, carrots, peppers, tomatoes stewed in water with one teaspoon of vegetable oil. One hundred grams of boiled chicken breast (you can substitute any part of the bird but to cook without skin), vegetable juice (for example, cabbage, released through a meat grinder).

• a salad of fresh vegetables (zucchini, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato), seasoned with yogurt or vegetable oil with herbs and pepper. A glass of nonfat yogurt or tea.


• sauteed with onions and tomato zucchini, 150 grams of unsweetened natural yoghurt, herbal tea.

• a side dish of baked zucchini, broccoli or cauliflower, boiled or baked in foil fish (a piece of 100 grams). Freshly squeezed vegetable juice or stewed fruit without sugar.

• vegetable ragout steamed vegetables: zucchini, onion, tomato, bell pepper, cauliflower, green beans. Green tea.


• fresh fruit salad (apples, pears, oranges together or in any combination) with the addition of 50 grams Melo grated zucchini. Herbal or green tea.

• chicken fillet, stewed with zucchini and onions. Orange or tomato juice.

• 150 grams of boiled rice, 150 grams baked in foil zucchini, herbal or black tea.


• zucchini fritters, baked in the oven or fried in a nonstick pan. Fresh orange or tomato juice.

• stewed in water or baked squash, beef stew with bell peppers. A glass of water.

• salad of fresh zucchini, grated ginger, pepper, greens and cheese with dressing of yogurt or sour cream. A glass of low-fat yogurt or broth hips.

Conclusion squash diet

Salt in the diet should be strictly limited. For cooking meat and fish it is better not to give up, replace the herbs and lemon juice. Anyway, preselvat dishes to be very careful.

Salad can fill with a spoon of vegetable oil, whipped with herbs and lemon juice.

After completing a seven-day cycle, it is necessary to consolidate the achieved results. The weight didn’t come back, we need to continue the observance of the principles of food combining:

• fractional up to five or six times, the power;

• the rejection of confectionery products, pickles, salted and smoked products, pastry and fatty foods;

• abundant introduction in the diet of green and leafy vegetables, herbs, decoctions useful fruits;

• limit portion sizes (no more than 300 grams per serving);

• refusal of food at night;

• a ban on alcohol.

The result is squash diet you can say goodbye to three or four kilograms. The end result is affected by the initial weight.