Hawthorn: the benefits and harms of delicious berries. The composition and use of hawthorn berries: all about the benefits and possible harmful effects

Useful properties of hawthorn known since ancient times.

In Russia, the plant is widespread thanks to Peter 1. At that time, the hawthorn was very popular as a cure for heart ailments.

But during the war, hawthorn replaced the missing drugs for the treatment of the same heart disease.

Nowadays hawthorn is no less popular. There are several types of plants, fifteen of which grow in Russia.

Hawthorn — why is he rich?

Hawthorn is extremely beneficial to health. In its composition contains a large amount of substances that are beneficial acting on the human body.

So, the fruit contains flavonoidy, fructose, essential oil, saponins, glycosides, tannins.

In addition, hawthorn is a mixture of useful organic acids: ascorbic, tartaric, citric, malic.

Many in the hawthorn and vitamins: A, K, C, F, and B. Some components included in the therapeutic blackthorn (also known as plant) are generally rare.

These include ursolic acid, which has pronounced anti-inflammatory, vasodilator action. In addition, this acid has anticancer, cardio, stimulating cell regeneration properties.

The berries are high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc.

The calorie content of hawthorn is small and is 52.5 kcal per 100 g of product.

Due to its beneficial properties hawthorn is widely used as a therapeutic agent in various ailments. But the greatest use is in the treatment of heart disease.

So, a pharmacy tincture of hawthorn is beneficial for the body because of its ability to not only improve the nervous system, but also to get rid of disruptions of the heart rhythm in which the pulse is far from normal 60-90 beats per minute.

Useful and tinctureprepared himself. It is made from the berries (or flowers) plants: pour 25 grams of hawthorn fruit, 100 grams of alcohol.

After steeping and straining drink the healing part in heart disease, vascular spasm, as a tonic after suffering a serious illness.

Tincture of the flowers of the plant is more suitable for the treatment of angina, atherosclerosis, dizziness during menopause in women.

In this disease, as heart weakness, which is characterized by a very weak pulse, poor General condition used a fee-based hawthorn is good for the health of the plant. Prepare it as follows: connect the following components (in powdered form), as the flowers of hawthorn (50 g), horsetail (20 g), witch hazel (30 g).

All are thoroughly mixed and brewed a healing gathering in a traditional way (1 teaspoon per Cup of boiling water). The means infuse, and then strain, take it several times a day.

When heart disease, and neurological disorders use this collection of: take 4 parts of flowers of hawthorn, Leonurus, cudweed. Add in the 1 part of of chamomile and mix well. Brew and take in the same way as in the previous recipe.

Hawthorn is useful for people with headaches. It is used as a separate tool, or as a mixture with Ivan-tea (in equal proportions). To enhance the therapeutic effect of the composition add a bit of mint. Drink this healing beverage before bedtime.

Infusion of hawthorn flowers and used as a cholagogue in diseases related to bile stasis. Cook it simple: a tablespoon of crushed flowers pour boiling water (1 Cup). Half an hour insist, strain and drink three times a day.

Hawthorn is used as a useful tool for health, because it is able to tone and strengthen overall health. After illness, usually apply a soothing tea, which is made either from the flowers or use the fruits of the plant.

The recipe for the «miracle tea»: pour a large spoonful of dried flowers (the fruit) with boiling water (300 ml). Allow the composition to infuse for 20 minutes, after which strain it and drink throughout the day.

Tea made from hawthorn relieves insomnia, calms, lowers blood pressure.

In addition, the berries have been used in cooking. And although the calorie content of hawthorn is not too high, yet the food and energy value in it. Of the fruits make delicious jams, jellies, marmalade, sauces, fruit drinks, fruit drinks.

Useful properties and, as mentioned, low calorie hawthorn allow you to make a medicinal brew and juice. For cooking and medicinal drinks use only the freshest and most ripe berries.

In addition, hawthorn berries and brew in a thermos. If the fruit plants to add another and berries rose hips, you get delicious a useful tool for strengthening the heart and brain.

Recipe of mixing like this: throw in a thermos for about 7 tablespoons of hawthorn berries (or 3 tablespoons of hawthorn berries and rose hips). Pour all the boiling water (2 l) and leave for insisting for days (at least).

After the allotted time the composition of the strain (use a strainer), press, drain in a clean container and store in the refrigerator. Healing drink daily (1 glass).

Hawthorn: what is good for the body?

Ancient berry has no equal in the treatment of heart disease. Useful properties of hawthorn make it indispensable:

• weakness of the heart muscle

• previous myocardial infarction

• the initial stage of hypertension

• angioneurotic

• tachycardia

• insomnia

Thanks to its rich composition of hawthorn lowers the excitability of the nervous system, toning effect on the heart muscle, improves blood circulation in the vessels of the heart and brain, normalize heart rhythm.

It was noted that hawthorn beneficial for the body because of its ability to conquer the headache. But the plant also helps with allergies, epilepsy.

The use of hawthorn for its ability to reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Low calorie hawthorn allows you to use it for weight loss. The berry is able to cleanse the body, improve liver function.

Blood-red fruits of the plants are shooting pains in the sternum, expand the lumen of blood vessels, fills them with oxygen.

Regular consumption of hawthorn improves cerebral blood flow, restores normal heart rhythm with tachycardia and bradycardia.

The benefits of hawthorn is its mild sedative action. If you take the herb along with sedatives (drug or natural), the effect will be strongest.

Hawthorn goes well and brings maximum benefit with such herbs as Valerian, motherwort, cottonweed, oats.

Hawthorn helpful for the body those who suffer from stomach ulcers. The fruits of the plant contain mucilage, which coats the stomach wall, has a sedative effect on the mucosa.

The use of hawthorn helps to get rid of hepatic colic, skin diseases, edema, shortness of breath.

In addition, thanks to its useful properties, the hawthorn is well moisturizes the skin, relieves puffiness, tones and delays the ageing processes.

Hawthorn is useful for stress and nervous exhaustion. Healing berries reduce arousal, dilates blood vessels, improve cerebral and cardiac blood flow.

For the best sleep after a busy day it is recommended to drink tea from the berries of hawthorn before bedtime. To drink you can add honey (of course, in the absence of an Allergy to it). This will only increase the efficiency of the tea.

In addition, to get rid of the irritation and anxiety to a mixture of fruit plants and herb St. John’s wort, taken in equal parts. Tablespoon healing composition is brewed with boiling water and drink as tea.

Other benefits of hawthorn? Its ability to prevent BPH. Regular consumption of the fruit infusion plants relieves irritability and fatigue, and simultaneously normalizes sexual function in men.

Hawthorn: what’s the harm?

Like any other herb, hawthorn must be taken wisely. In the case of the serious disease without the advice of a specialist should not use hawthorn as a remedy.

There are some rules, knowing that you can count on positive results using the healing thorn.

1. The plant can’t drink for too long. Enough after a month of treatment to do a ten-day break. This will avoid unnecessary side effects and addiction.

2. Harm hawthorn in its excessive consumption, which can lead to easy poisoning.

3. Hawthorn can not be taken on an empty stomach, so as not to cause spasm of the intestine or blood vessels.

4. After use of the plant not immediately drink cold water. Such a hasty action causes paroxysmal pain, intestinal colic.

5. In some cases, people with low blood pressure should not be used the fruits and flowers of plants.

Hawthorn tincture is harmful if you are hypersensitive components.

Hawthorn for children and pregnant women: benefit or harm?

Without a doubt, the beneficial properties of hawthorn it is impossible not to appreciate. Folk medicine recommends to eat fruit plants nursing mothers to improve lactation.

Official medicine against hawthorn tincture took pregnant women, especially in the first trimester.

Allowed (in limited quantities) to be taken by pregnant water extract plants, as well as compotes and jams from the fruit.

But a expectant mother need to exercise caution when taking hawthorn in order to obtain a sharp decrease in pressure and abnormal heart rhythm.

In the case of children, the healing berry is encouraged to give from 12 years of age in low doses to reduce anxiety and to restore disturbed heart rhythm (if any).

Hawthorn is rich in vitamins and minerals, so necessary for the normal development of the child. However before using the medicinal remedies one should consult the pediatrician to see if your child to drink «miracle berries».

Any, even the most useful plant will benefit only when used correctly. Before to start treatment of an illness hawthorn, you need to consult with a specialist on the appropriateness of using this tool.

Undoubtedly hawthorn are beneficial for health. Use this plant in a reasonable and positive result will not keep itself waiting long.